The Washington Post Declares War Against America: Being the “Last Man Standing”

I knew we were going to arrive at this “pivot point” for several years now. It just wasn’t clear how we’d get here.  But even so, the results are astonishing–so far down the rabbit hole of liberal control America has been on as a country. Probably the most obvious shot across the stern of conservativism has been the removal of two major prime time shows for which perceived Trump supporters might enjoy, The O’Reilly Factor and the ABC comedy, Last Man Standing.  The obvious move by the heads of both networks was to unplug the Trump base from nurturing information in the form of entertainment for the exclusive objective of converting them to liberals—which isn’t going to happen.  I have until very recently never seen Last Man Standing but now that it’s been cancelled I’ve caught clips of it and was astonished that it was even on a Disney owned network.  However, the behavior of The New York Post and The New York Times regarding President Trump has been over the top.  Each day of this past week, since the firing of James Comey and the passage of the Obamacare repeal in the House has emerged stories from those two papers designed to tie up the cogs of government preventing Donald Trump from achieving anything more—and I thought it astonishing—even for these liberal radicals.  Because each of their stories involved really nothing of any substance, yet the wall to wall coverage didn’t fit the accusations.  Then there is this constant talk of impeachment.  Really?  After what we’ve become used to under the Obama White House these idiots in the liberal media actually think that type of thing will take root? If the media wants to talk about impeachment then they should look at their lack of action on the items discussed at this link then understand why nothing under Trump is going anywhere.  He hasn’t even been in office long enough to merit such discussion—yet this media thinks it can pick and choose law to support their political agenda and that makes them not just a nuisance, but dangerous.


If liberals think that by removing Tim Allen and Bill O’Reilly from television is going to defang the conservative movement, they are grossly misinformed—and I suppose that is what is most shocking to me. I mean, listening to their very small issues for which The Washington Post is making so much rhetorical comment when they were completely silent in regards to actual known crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the motivations behind their actions are obvious.  They are in insurgent mode seeking to destroy and reshape The United States into some third-rate country and they expect to do it in full view of people like me—and that’s just not going to happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the constant reports from that same media about the possibility of North Korea shutting down the American power grid for months or years with cyber-attacks—which I don’t think is possible, but you never know. If such a thing would happen who would survive in America, the Berkley kids protesting everything in favor of communism or the rugged American individualists that Tim Allen played on television—the demographic type for which the show reached out to?  Within a week of a major power outage food will become a problem and people will start killing each other over it, so what would happen to that leftist utopian society under those conditions?  Obviously, it would fail quickly and all these stylish moves made by our technological society would revert back to primate behavior nearly over night. All the female CEOs of media companies would soon find themselves having to reprioritize their entire existence where food acquisition would become their number one concern—not whether or not ABCs lineup involved immigrant sit-coms as opposed to white men over 40 who cling to traditional American values.  All the tenets of progressive society where women have replaced men and those women have babies then turn them over to the state for their upbringing and education would fly out the window in less than a month.  The people who would survive most would be the gun carrying farmers of the Midwest.  Cities would fall to depravity and cesspools of murder quickly.

A society cannot credit itself as being successful or advanced if one little thing such as power loss could throw it into an unstable condition so fast. Yet the people fighting to erase the Trump Presidency want and expect to do exactly that—even down to attacking the entertainment options that such people enjoy.  That dear reader is a declaration of war and I take it that way.  What I’ve seen from our mainstream media is nothing less than a complete government take-over.  The Deep State was always much deeper than anybody thought and they are making themselves seen really for the first time.  I wanted this to happen and it was always my intention that the Trump presidency would expose these villains, but the depth of their activity has truly been shocking, which was revealed in all its glory over this past week.

So here is a little message to the people who run The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC—all these leftist’s organizations—your media groups did not invent “conservatism.”  Even the great westerns which Hollywood produced in its finest years did not make American society conservative.  The people of this country were already that way by nature of the Constitution for which we function.  The media outlets of entertainment and news back then simply provided the kind of content that those types of people wanted.  What is happening now is that those same outlets believe that they are the creators, which is a mistake.  “We”—the Tea Party types, the NRA members, the farmers, the steel workers, the coal miners, the cowboys and the monster truck drivers—we put Trump in office as a last chance to fix the country from the lefty insurrection.  By taking away conservative news, television shows, books and movies, you think that this utopian folly of liberalism is going to take root–you have a hard lesson coming to you.  Conservativism is a philosophy derived from the essential ingredients of society whereas liberalism is a utopian theory untested against reality.  It exists in places like college campuses and big cities like New York where reality is often pushed away from people’s minds—but it doesn’t hold up to feeding the basics of foundation societal thinking.  Liberalism is one power outage away from being extinct from all human thinking and that is the hard truth.  Yet people like me—and there are millions who think the way I do—are not going to let things get to that point.  Trump was our preferred answer, but we can take it to violence if that’s what leftists want.  I can say this, I’m not going to put up with liberalism any more.

For years conservatives have looked the other way and been very inclusive in regard to people who think differently than they do. Even when we knew that there were crimes committed by Hillary Clinton we were angry, but we didn’t try to shut down reality the way these Washington Post writers are doing.  They expect to sell themselves as respectable journalists while everyone can see that they are just conducting hack jobs.  You’d have to be a complete idiot to think otherwise.  Liberals may in fact be that stupid, but I certainly am not and neither are many of the conservatives I know.  Conservative ideas are forged from the fires of reality—not theory.  It’s one thing to be compassionate toward other people’s opinions—even if they are stupid opinions.  But it’s quite another to yield to evil and turn away from the truth feeding villains to destroy our society.  I’m not going to stand for that—and it doesn’t matter if Bill O’Reilly or Tim Allen are on TV to tell me so—if the Trump experiment doesn’t work—the next step is violence and the liberals won’t like that.  They won’t last in that fight.  Before Trump was elected I was very close to organizing my own group to restore America back to greatness any way possible—and likely the 2nd Amendment would have been needed.  Yielding to liberals is simply not on the table.

Then there’s Trump, I know enough about him to know this—in this current fight in Washington D.C., he will be the Last Man Standing, which is likely the real fear that liberals have in regard to the white wealthy males they seek to destroy in order to change America into their progressive utopia.  Execs at ABC blame themselves for creating Trump, and the voters who elected him with shows like the Tim Allen comedy, but they give themselves too much assumption of power.  They don’t make us, we make them.  We decide if a media company is successful or fails.  It used to be they didn’t always come out and say to half the nation that they hated them.  They wanted people to watch their networks and read their newspapers so they kept politics as light as possible.  But now, now they’ve went and done it.  They’ve declared their hatred for us, they’ve not treated our guy in the White House with the respect that we at least showed their people over the many years, and now the gloves are off.  And it’s an insult to those of us who really are tough, and forged from reality to be cast into a stew with these liberal idiots and have them expect that they should rule over us in any way.  Even if they could manage somehow to impeach Donald Trump—what do they think would happen?  That we wouldn’t take revenge for their assault?  No, I figure they are lucky that they have Donald Trump—because he protects them from us.  We have hope that Trump can fix things in the D.C. culture.  If he can’t, then we’ll have to do it ourselves, and liberals certainly won’t like that.

Rich Hoffman


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