Confronting Evil in Washington D.C.: Establishing a proper psychiatric diagnosis for the “swamp”

I think the great psychiatrist M. Scott Peck M.D. had a good point in his fantastic book about human evil titled People of The Lie when he thought that evil should become a proper scientific diagnosis for people emitting thinking disorders.  Evil people just don’t think properly about things and there are a lot of people out there who should be titled as such.  Many more than there should be.  And I think that what we have seen in Washington D.C. for a long time could best be collectively summarized as an evil embodiment of human degradation.   The cause of that degradation was summarized quite brilliantly in that mentioned book.  The evidence of its merit can clearly be seen in how various evil groups have challenged President Trump in the opening days of his new administration and as far as I’m concerned this is the biggest topic on the market and why I cover it almost daily.  What we are seeing in America is evil being exposed like a demon from a possessed host and that evil is screaming in fear from the top of their voice.

The tendency to view rich people as evil is what has allowed this terrible evil to foster so undisclosed. To the anti-capitalists for which this evil use as hosts Donald Trump is the definition of the word because he is diametrically opposed to their ominous objectives.  After all, the Devil rejected God in every way and is not shy about his hatred mythologically of the Supreme Being.  Donald Trump in our terrestrial sphere is good because he is the embodiment of capitalism and a love for it.  We’re not talking about moral precedence as viewed through Biblical doctrine, but the honesty of ego based ID which drives individuality and the competition that drives all life forward into the best emerging for society to enjoy.  We would term this good in America because it means the best products, the best people in their field, and the best ideas emerge for the necessity of value driven profit as opposed to the evil intentions of the moocher who desires to live off the exploits of others so that they can live in stardom as second-handers robbing merit along the way.

With that little qualification of evil out of the way we can then proceed to identify with clarity that evil is fully at work and that we must destroy it without any compassion. We’re not just talking about draining the swamp here in a political sense, we are talking about eliminating evil from the political process and restoring to the United States a sense of decency indicative toward the morality of capitalism.   Under such a morality people hold the door open for each other because you never know when you might have to work with them somewhere—because competition forces you to always consider the ramifications for your actions—whereas in a statist society there are never consequences because actions are committed under a collectivist cloud and nobody is responsible for anything.   It is that tendency which propels evil to emerge—under collectivists clouds where responsibility is often shunned without competition present to keep everyone honest.

Washington D.C. is a long way away from what the Founding Fathers embodied as people who were attempting a thought experiment which challenged aristocracy and even the concept of slavery to allow a nation of free people to emerge with all the difficulties that 18th century thought prevented.  The evil of our day would want you dear reader to focus on the evils of slavery and not the means of eliminating it.  Slavery was very much a part of the aristocracy movement of the time—but these Founding Fathers of America during their lifetimes stepped beyond that status symbol to eventually see people as individuals—even slaves.  So looking at Washington D.C. in that light, and the man from whom the place was named—it should be a very special place.  However, the evil that has dominated there for so long wishes to cloud the facts and to chain people’s minds to guilt, fear, and loathing so to elude a thinking mind from the miracle for which America is.

As a president, Donald Trump is the embodiment of the American miracle. True he has had too many wives, he’s had business ups and downs, and he’s certainly had his share of mistakes.  But what is morally righteous about him is that like all great Americans, he never caved to pain or pressure and always emerged better than when he was knocked down.  You can look back on his long-storied career of deal making and see a person who never cried over silly things or used personal tragedies as an excuse for not making the most out of every day.  Trump lost both his parents yet he never had a day where he loaded up on anti-depressants, or had stints where he was crawling around drunk and inebriated on a sidewalk into a taxi. Trump has always attempted to excel in everything he did and there is a lot of purity in that high standard.  The expectation has a great morality about it as opposed to the slack-jawed loser who uses everything as an excuse, takes no responsibility for their bad condition in life and seeks to tear down other people because achievements make the evil person look bad for their lack of them.

What I see in the criticism of Donald Trump by virtually everyone in the media are evil people shaken to their very cores by the sudden expectation of performance establishing itself as the very definition of good and evil in a way that was always intended in our American system. Our politicians should have always been such people—accomplished capitalists who have achieved the most among us through the honesty of competition—so that our society could accelerate toward unknown optimism for the first time in all human history.  This anger at Donald Trump from the entire Washington establishment is more than just political theater, it is the entity of evil which has captured so many minds, and its illustrious desire to remain in power which is now being challenged by this current White House.

This is precisely why those most wrapped in the blankets of evil wish to have no judgment cast upon them. That’s also why M. Scott Peck’s books used to be on the New York Times bestseller’s list for entire decades in the 80s but you can’t hardly find them in a bookstore at this present time—because evil wishes to do its ignominiously corrosive work undetected—in the shadows.  As an example, James Comey as F.B.I director was evil.  He obviously picked and chose laws differently depending on different people of political power and used his office as a way of sustaining party manipulation while hiding everything behind a Boy Scout like honest appearance.  But his actions deceive his intentions.  When he gave a speech not long ago declaring that he would remain F.B.I director for a long time he was challenging Trump with political pressure not based on merit for a job well done—but for the optics of his various investigations and how it might look to a media inspired by the same kind of evil to become his weapons in case of backlash.  When that backlash came Comey’s evil surrogates did what was always expected and they came at Trump and all his supporters with the fury of an exorcised demon.  The right fight was to do what Trump did and that was face down the evil onslaught because the purity of goodness wasn’t in the discussion, but in the fact that evil was upended and was angry for the first time in ways most of us have only dreamed of.

Evil is a very real thing. It is in people you know.  It is in institutions.  It is lucrative in every way that weak people find enchanting.  I’d go so far to say that most people have evil in their lives in various degrees and they are unaware of it—until they wake up one day and wonder where their lives have gone and why they are so miserable.  Evil as M. Scott Peck advocated for should be designated as a psychiatric disorder because it is.  It is the result of a depleted state of thinking and indicative of poor mental health.  Mental health just like other forms of health can be lost if it is abused.  Collectivist thinking is terrible for mental health the way that cigarettes, booze and too much soda pop can be for physical health.  If you think wrong about things you can destroy your mental health and evil will govern your actions.  And until Donald Trump came along in Washington D.C. most of the culture there was functioning from evil and were content with it.  But now a new value system is being established and evil is upset about it.  For that we should all be happy—those of us who strive to do what’s right—even when it’s the hardest thing to do in the world.  We should always do what’s good, and hard—because it’s what’s right.  Then as just an extra bonus is that is pisses off evil to its very core—which is always a good thing.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “Confronting Evil in Washington D.C.: Establishing a proper psychiatric diagnosis for the “swamp”

  1. Amen! Great perspective. Neva, Neva, Neva Give up!
    I’m reading “The Jefferson Lies” again, along with “Fallen Founder;The life of Aaron Burr.
    I often ponder what our framers would say today. The Federalist Papers tell us exactly what they would think.
    Didn’t know that about his parents. Was he young when they died? He talks about his fathers’ importance a lot, but not about his death…that I’ve heard.
    This is a fantastic article from the red diaper baby and recovering liberal Daniel Horowitz. His story is is a tough one and he’s a great conservative writer and patriot, like you.
    He nails why there would never be a successful revolution and why self-governance is no longer possible. He doesn’t believe as Churchill did. He touches on a few things here germane to this essay.
    Well done killer!


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