The Benefits of Julian Assanage: How the dynamic intellectualism of pirates save the world

I was very happy to hear that Sweden had given up on its rape allegations against Julian Assange taking one burden away from the international fugitive. As everyone here knows I am a law and order guy who has a very black and white view of justice.  In the great parody of pairs of earthly opposites, I always side with the good, the pure, and the blind efforts at justice, fairness, and honorable civility.  But I’m also the first to recognize when the other side isn’t playing by the same rules and in such cases I’m willing to do whatever it takes to pummel them into oblivion.  And from what I’ve seen, I do not trust the United States government in its current form and I certainly don’t have any love for the Deep State—the American intelligence community dedicated to the Skull and Bones creed of global governance through constant panic and war.  Further, it is my strong conviction that without Julian Assange’s “WikiLeaks” organization, America would have fallen deeper into despair than it already has been.  WikiLeaks has done us a tremendous favor.  I’m happy that Pamela Anderson is taking care of Julian Assange—but honestly, the guy should be working for our American intelligence department—not being a fugitive from it.  Save Pamela some airfare and constant harassment through the TSA by letting her visit Julian in Washington D.C. or perhaps even at Langley.  Free Assange and put him to work for the good of everyone.

I’m sure it was more than just a fleeting sensation—I do get to travel around and see things, but by far the most exciting place I can remember seeing in this decade was the Ecuadorian Embassy in London just down the street from the great Harrod’s department store. I normally don’t pose for pictures but on that day I did, and it was one of my best days in London to date—because behind those windows just above my shoulders Julian Assange was captive under diplomatic conditions.  And Assange and his WikiLeaks was doing the job of holding off giant international governments without troops, or even the bureaucracy of a country to challenge everyone to stay honest. While we were there my family was a little mystified at my intense desire to see the place and after I explained it after they sort of “got it.”  I am convinced that if not for WikiLeaks our American media would clearly be gone.  There are few if any reporters who are willing to do any hard investigating without a bias, but through WikiLeaks we at least get raw information for that same media to chew on.

People who know me best also understand that I have a natural love for pirates—which confuses them, because I am a law and order guy. Pirates by their very nature break the rules and make new ones up as they go.  I see that process as healthy because under the terms of dynamic intellectualism we need dynamic forces to challenge static forces in order to institute healthy societal growth.  Put another way, the best way to not have too many mice contaminating your food supply is to get a cat that hunts down and kills the mice.  We want to have a certain level of mice as a species, just not enough to destroy our society with disease.  So cats even though they can be uncaring, selfish little bastards that spray smelly piss everywhere are necessary to keep down the varmint population. The Introduction of cats is a dynamic to the static population and behavior of mice.  The same holds true with our media, without competition, or intellectual challenges such as what we see with one party clearly dominating the kind of thinking that the press articulates, we have a very static situation.  So to keep them honest, and controlled we need a dynamic force.  Piracy in this case has a moral element that might be brutal to watch but the results are beneficial.  Julian Assange is a kind of pirate in many ways that Henry Morgan was during the golden age of pirates.  We don’t want the lawless behavior but what poured forth from the Morgan pirates was the freest country on earth—the United States roughly 100 years later after many thoughtful people took note of the kind of society Morgan created in Jamaica spawned the idea for America.  The United States wasn’t formed from law and order, it was created from a lawless leap for freedom—a dynamic force challenging the worldly “static” orthodox.

Under normal conditions in life, law and order is fine, but when you get too many mice—otherwise—too many disease infested varmints that roam through life unchallenged, you get an unhealthy stagnation that is detrimental to our existence. Pirates even though they live as lawless bandits serve as a challenge to static institutions that are about to fail under their own weight for lack of external competition.  The original Pirates of the Caribbean led by Henry Morgan under direct supervision of the King of England at the time invented something new.  It was rough and a lot wild, but ultimately it was healthy and we celebrate it today with romanticized movies and books on the subject.  But when it comes to international intelligence gathering for which the United States is the biggest player and has become over time—“too big to fail” and see themselves as “bigger” than the elected presidents of our republic—then a dynamic challenge is certainly in order.

Being a modern pirate doesn’t mean you have to wear a crazy hat or rape women during pillaging missions. It doesn’t mean you have to kill anyone or even be a villain dressed all in black.  But it does mean you are a dynamic force challenging the static patterns of our society and for that we all owe Julian Assange some thanks. That is precisely why I was excited to see the Ecuadorian Embassy in London out of all the cool things there is to do there—because behind that glass just over my shoulders was one of the greatest dynamic forces of any lifetime functioning for the first time in human history without any major troop network with minimal resources that was openly challenging the static corrosion that has infected all of our institutions around the world.

Many will say that Julian Assange is a criminal, that he’s “unpatriotic,” and that he’s a villain. I say he is a pure human being looking for honesty among a bunch of plague infested rats and he is the cat that has determined himself to catch and kill them for our benefit. It takes guts to challenge the world the way he has.  With his talent, reputation, and resources he would serve everyone better if he were sanctioned and not kept a fugitive.  Who cares what the media thinks about the issue.  They are part of that static problem—and they need to either be challenged and cured through competition, or they need to be utterly destroyed.  I mean if there wasn’t a Juilain Assange just think how terrible newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post would be left unchecked.  We’ve witnessed how Comey’s F.B.I ran as a partisan machine for the Democratic Party.  In many ways things are far worse than anybody imagined, but we only know that because WikiLeaks is there as a threat to expose the truth when these guys get caught.  And if they weren’t there, what cat out there would be around to catch these mice?  The answer of course is that there wouldn’t be.

Rich Hoffman


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