Knowing the Difference Between Good and Evil: Definitions that need to be understood

It occurred to me after some feedback on an article we all explored here together on the topic of designating evil as a proper psychiatric disorder to explain the common behavior of Washington D.C., that after all this time many people may not have a proper definition of the word evil for which to use as a foundational reference.  Of course such things cannot be allowed to happen.  For our cause dear reader the definition of evil is as important to understand as it is to reference the word “hot” in a cooking class.  Without a proper reference there simply isn’t a way to comprehend the material.  So let’s define evil properly so that we can all advance this treacherous topic forward for the betterment of mankind.

Many of my readers have taken note over the years that I love a lot of things—I love McDonald’s on road trips.  I love music, movies, Mello Yello soft drinks.  I love accomplishment, I love video games.  I love family.  I love television documentaries.  I love little children who aren’t yet five but can say three syllable words fluently without struggling to find the proper applications.  I love, I love, and I love.  It is never hard for me to find some reason to live no matter how bad a day may be because there is so much that I love about life that it’s really never a challenge.  For me, it is that love that makes it so easy to spot the villainy of evil as it seeks to spread among us unmolested.  I think for many, especially those with poor reading comprehension who clearly associate evil within a Biblical context that is discussed on Sunday church services, they tend to regulate their understanding to just religious discussions but are shy about making such judgments in everyday life.  We are all taught these days starting in our public schools not to judge others.  Our media then carries that torch and declares that judgment is something that we shouldn’t do so thus, evil doesn’t get a name so many people wonder through life never really loving anything because evil is present and molesting their thoughts without anybody really saying anything about it.  Those authorities will point to someone like me and say, “Rich Hoffman declares himself to be “good” yet he doesn’t turn the other cheek as the Bible insists or that he has a history of violence when things don’t go his way—so how can we trust what he says and does on the subject of goodness?”  And it is in that way that evil camouflages itself against the chaos and confusion of daily life so that without clear understandings of what it is, we throw our hands up in confusion and hope to navigate ourselves into an afterlife where a supreme being will eventually spell all this out for us.

So here is the easy way to understand evil and it’s workings at the most fundamental level.  Good is life and the desire to live.  Evil is bad and the desire to strip away life, love and natural passions.  For instance, I would say that Democrats as a political party represent evil because they are against human life.  While standing for equal rights, women rights and economic level playing fields they are foundationally committed to death in their support of abortion, drug use and attacking excellence because it takes human beings away from the premise of Mother Earth dominance.  The equal rights portion of their political platforms is a mask used to cover up the evil of their primary objectives which is a commitment toward death.  Put simply evil is “LIVE” spelled backwards.  Anything that is against life is evil and Democrats are against human life in favor of collective life.  Their morality might be in their preservation of “mother earth” so they’ll justify the killing of millions of human babies so to take away the pressure put on earth’s ecosystem.  In their minds they value the life on planet earth as if it were so special and unique that the sacrifices made by the human race and their personal comfort are justified.  Yet their entire political party is built on the foundation of death—of loathing, of jealously—of anti-life.

A simple cricket might go through its whole life and never contemplate good and evil.  It just lives, it eats and it dies without ever knowing the difference.  If it happens to be hopping along a driveway and one of our cars run it over not meaning to, nothing but a human mind might consider the entire exchange as a possible evil.  Democrats might say that if not for the invention of the car by humans the natural life of the cricket might have continued and life on Earth would be enhanced if not for those pesky humans.  But the Bible thumping conservative would consider such a thing as unfortunate but that all of God’s creatures are placed here for man’s use as the highest possible life form created in six days before God put up his feet on the seventh and watched a football game with a nice beverage in his hand to reflect a job well done.  Humans, unlike the cricket do contemplate that by losing life that such a thing would be evil because it robs the life form of all potential trajectories of life which comes to a conscious mind.  But only once a mind thinks does it become manifested into the fabric of reality.  If something just lives and responds to life under the umbrella of biology then such a concept of evil cannot be applied.  Only when considering a love for life can a thinking being evolve into separating acts between good and evil.

The mystic sage from the far East attempts to step beyond these pairs of opposites toward an enlightenment which holds the mind firm when disappointments rob people of the joy that life offers.  In Buddhism they call it the “immovable spot” and it is a good technique for not losing one’s mind when disappointment floods our lives with sorrows when joy was expected.  Democrats tend to point to the East and say, “ah, they know where they are doing over there.”  But they really don’t. Women, especially in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and all the way to India use the immovable spot narrative in their lives to endure terrible evil that is cast upon them.  Too many young children are abused by tourists, too many women sell themselves to the sex trade just so they can buy bread—evil is soaking the Eastern cultures of the orient to an extent that many people live every day miserable and praying for the day when it will all end.  They look toward Buddha’s immovable spot, or some other transitory explanation as a way to endure evil—but their culture doesn’t do much to combat evil other than hope that the “gods” might spare them from the intentions.  So they are slow to name evil in much the same way that Democrats refuse the judgment.  That’s not good.

To love life is to be good. To respect living to the point where you can say you love it—then you are espousing  goodness—even if the love is so trivial as to loving a Big Mac from McDonald’s.  The love of life, the creation of a new hamburger by human minds, the marketing of it and the convenience of experiencing it while traveling are all things that make them good—we think, therefore we are.  The cows at the slaughterhouse lost their life so that we could eat them at McDonald’s and hope to get a nice Happy Meal for our kids with the latest toy promoting some new movie.  Life was lost so that we could eat it and live at their expense.  Only the cow has no ability to love life or fear death—it just exists as part of a biological machine.  Human thought brings meaning to that life.

By saying that something is evil it by definition it works against life either by kicking up dust so that we can’t properly see our subjects, or in maintaining their camouflage by preventing judgment from identifying their workings in modern society.  But the motivations are always against living.  If it goes against the human desire to appreciate life, it can be said to be evil.  Getting drunk is evil because it goes against human thinking—the desire is to turn off the mind instead of turning it on.  Abortion is evil because it kills life.  Being a workaholic is evil if it prevents you from enjoying life in service to some faceless institution.  Collective based sex—orgies, multiple partners, and mass consumption of pornography is evil because it cheapens the individual experience that was always supposed to be reflective of procreation with an emphasis on life.  The guy who rapes an inebriated young woman passed out from too much drinking at a college party commits terrible evil because he takes the sex without the emphasis on enjoying it with another human being willingly.  What’s the point unless the exchange was mutually beneficial and a celebration of life?

By understanding the nature of the word, “evil” as being “live” spelled backwards we find that it is much easier to understand it.  If something stands against life, it is said to be evil—not necessarily cosmic life, but human life in that as an intellectual being meanings are created that evoke either love for life or the thought of it being gone the next day.  Just yesterday a bunch of people who work for me occupationally, had a party.  My intention was to celebrate a little bit of living life because things have been tough for the last few weeks—so dozens of people brought food and drinks all with the intention to have a little fun and celebrate just being alive. There was a lot of very nice food, some of it very exotic, but even with all those selections someone thought to bring a bag of Grippos barbecue potato chips which I just love and they obviously had me in mind when they did it.  They did it because they know my passions and love for that specific brand.  Because I “love” so many things it was fairly easy for these guys to think, “Rich Hoffman will love these,” and then to act on that impulse in the name of goodness.  There was nothing evil about the exchange—goodness was the centerpiece of the event. After it was over I was walking back to my car and across the parking lot I spotted a little worm that was squirming around under the hot sun cooking against the black pavement.  As I looked around I saw hundreds of similar worms that had been cooked after the recently heavy rain so one more worm wasn’t going to have much impact cosmically.  I could have easily have gotten in my car to drive away but instead I picked up the little guy and took him over to some high grass.  It might have still died, but at least it was cooler in the grass.  The worm has no consciousness to thank me for such a thing just like the people who brought Grippos to the party didn’t do it to get a raise or some special benefit.  Those types of things are done in recognition of a love of life and to respect it enough to give life a chance is always good.  To be good is to want to live.  To be bad is to want to commit evil by working against life.  And that is how you can tell the difference between good and evil.

Rich Hoffman


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