The Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia: “Drive them from the earth”

After Trump’s fabulous speech in Saudi Arabia I watched the news and even those who don’t like the president, and wish him ill will at every turn, have to admit that everything that happened over the weekend of 5/20 2017 was history making.  I was incredibly impressed with the Trump visit to Saudi Arabia, in many ways the speech he gave sounded like something I’d write.  His focus on the word “evil” was appropriate and he used proper metaphors regarding the human soul in the correct context while setting the stage for negotiations between Israel and Palestine.  I’ve been waiting all of my life for an American president to do what Trump did in the heart of Islam.  If you didn’t see the speech, watch it here.  Then send it to a friend.  It was historically an incredibly relevant declaration of authority.  “Drive them out!  Drive them from the earth!”  That is big stuff.

Rich Hoffman


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