The Good Work of Sean Hannity: Why Buck Sexton is wrong about the Seth Rich murder

Sean Hannity has been doing good work at Fox News for a long time.   But I have noticed a huge difference in him over the last few years as he has become more involved in martial arts—his reporting naturally has been more fearless.  As a person he is functioning from a position where he’s just not afraid of the mass pain that the collectivist lefties use through peer pressure to manipulate things in their favor and that has put Sean Hannity out in front while some of the old big dogs like Bill O’Reilly have fallen to the ankle bitters.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish for everyone to study some “martial art” so that you can make your life as fearless as possible.  Nobody should make decisions out of fear so by having some way to defend yourself against those who wish to use force to drive your opinions—you can be free of their intentions and do justice to the truth if you learn something in the martial art professions.

In my life I have not only had martial art experience as taught in the eastern philosophies, but I have been a bull whip expert for my entire adult life and I have used it often to keep villains away from my existence.  It has been very useful. And these days my Ruger Vaquero along with my fast draw rig is my very best friend in life.  I’m older now and can afford a hobby like fast draw shooting and I love it.  But in the back of my mind it is just another form of “martial art.”  It is nice to know that if someone has a gun pointed at me and my gun is still in a concealed position—that I can draw and fire before they can even react to my movement.  Those kinds of things allow people to be straight with each other and use honor to govern their interactions—and I think every human being alive everywhere in the world should experience such things.  By learning something that can defend you and your family from the force of others, you inspire the world to be more honest.  And that is what I see different in Sean Hannity as opposed to virtually everyone in the news business.  He has only gotten better over time and I think it’s because of his dedication to martial arts which then carry over into other aspects of his professional life.

As he is doing great work in defending President Trump, Julian Assange and the conservative movement in general, the political thugs out there are trying to knock him off the air the way they did Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes—by attacking the advertisers. Sean being keen on martial arts thought has learned how to block and while reporting on the explosive Seth Rich story, managed to get out in front of those efforts by reminding everyone what the left is up to behind the scenes which is great.  If I were running Fox News now that they have screwed up with what they did with Bill O’Reilly losing the 8 PM time slot to Racheal Maddow of all people—I’d put Hannity at 8 PM, Tucker at 9, then that Five show at 10.  The Five just doesn’t do it for me in that prime spot.  As I’ve said before, I don’t want to hear from the political left.  I get that during the Bret Baier news hour—I don’t want that during the prime-time hours.

I can say that now that O’Reilly is off at Fox I watch Lou Dobbs at 7 during dinner then go into my shop to work on reloads and shooting practice until Hannity comes on at 10.  I listen to Bill O’Reilly on his podcasts during this time so I’m not watching Fox—which is why they are now losing to the other networks.  I’m sure there are many others who feel the way I do.  I don’t want to listen to a bunch of lefties.  I have a special place for them in my day, but once that’s over—I’m done.  For entertainment purposes, I want to be around my own kind of people not hearing the wasted efforts of the progressive left who hate everything and have taken an alliance with the very nature of evil in this world.

Sean Hannity is really the last man standing and his coverage of Seth Rich has been phenomenal. The DNC has real trouble, they are down on fund-raising, they have no candidates who aren’t socialist losers and their future is bleak.  I think they know the only way they can stay relevant is to drive people like Sean from the airwaves so they can completely control the message and if any of their own step out of line, they kill them—which is what I think happened to Seth Rich.  They are a desperate party with a lost message that this new President Trump is going to outshine and they know it.  They are like mobsters and back when Seth Rich was killed, they thought they were going to win the election and maintain control—and that they’d get by with it the same way Hillary got by with her email crimes—or Donna Brazil got by with cheating during the debates.  Cheating and killing is what they do—and they do it so that when you are dealing with them that you fear for your own life and will yield to their demands if you want to continue living.  Let’s face it, that’s what the Democratic Party stands for.

I was doing some cowboy reloads for my .45 Vaquero after Bill O’Reilly was done and was listening to Buck Sexton whom I like well enough on The Blaze. He’s pretty good with Trump coverage so I catch him here and there but I couldn’t disagree with him more over the Seth Rich case where he doesn’t think there is any fire to the smoke.  I know Sexton has experience in “intelligence” but from my experience in actually knowing “hit men” I am sure that the DNC put out the request and that it was executed to the specificity of their desires.  In my teen years—a long time ago—but not enough to not be relevant to this discussion—I was friends with three hit men.  None of them were friends together but they all knew each other and me through a special relationship with a very respected judge in Southern Ohio.  They killed people and the judge knew about it and all the members of the various political parties knew what was going on.  The press knew it, the business owners knew about it and the old Cincinnati Bengal players that I hung out with knew it.  We all knew what these guys did and if your name came up on their request list, they’d come after you.

These hit men were really just normal guys except that they liked to kill people and they needed the law enforcement buy-in to do their work. As a 17-year-old I had several dinners at a big round table where one or two of these guys were there along with the judge and other important people and they all spoke on a first name bases knowing what their roles were.  The reason I was there was because they liked me and I had a personality where I liked to compete and they respected that.  I endeavored to have more nerve than those guys so they enjoyed teaching me things.  In many cases they had destroyed their personal families by living on the edge so their relationship with me made them feel like they had some value to their lives.  I married my wife two years later, which was good for me, and I don’t think that any of those guys lived five years beyond that.  Life in the fast lane usually ends much quicker, and I doubt they had any regrets.  But Buck Sexton’s premise that the DNC wouldn’t put out a hit for fear of going to jail—that was grossly naive.  I’ll give Buck a little credit, he’s probably a very nice person, but he’s certainly, obviously naive to evil—which surprises me given his previous profession. But let me say this, I have no doubt the DNC would want to kill anybody who was trying to wreck their plans of putting Hillary Clinton into the White House.  Their very existence depended on it—which we now can see clearly. And they had law enforcement on their side—look at the many crimes Eric Holder covered up—and Lorretta Lynch at the Justice Department.  The times that the “fifth” was invoked by Obama era bureaucrats—and executive privilege. I’ve seen such hits ordered and I was there when the strategies for implementation were created—with the help of lawyers and the justice system. So I 100% believe the DNC functioning at the highest levels of government would be using hit men to eliminate trouble.

But understand this, the use of force is meant to change behavior so whether we are talking about actual killings such as in the Seth Rich case, or the assassination of a talk show host on Fox News like Sean Hannity, the intention is the same—to use force to change behavior. With O’Reilly out of the way all guns are pointed at Sean Hannity—and in spite of that Sean is doing some of the best work I’ve ever seen out of him.  I attribute that not to any special skill that he’s newly developed except for the tendency to trust that he can defend himself against anything.  The key I think for Sean Hannity in this really tough time is that he knows he can defend himself against anything—which then disarms that political left and the villains who sit at big tables and order hits on people to shut them down.  One thing about those “hit men,” the truth of the matter was that they weren’t like the James Bond villains you see in the movies.  They weren’t very sophisticated.  They were just people who lacked a certain amount of natural fear and they would do things that most people wouldn’t even think of.  If you caught them off guard they could be beaten pretty easily.  The only real power that they had was in intimidation, but if you weren’t scared of them—they lost a remarkable amount of power quickly.  After all, anybody can shoot somebody in the back—it doesn’t take anything special.  And if you can take that option away from them, they really have nothing to work with.

Sean Hannity is a well defended person, he’s a concealed carry holder in New York City and now he’s rather proficient at martial arts. He knows how to take a punch and to deflect the energy into a good offense which is much more powerful than most people think.  And having that position, he’s prepared to do a great many things at Fox if they’ll stick with him.  We are fighting pure evil here and some of that evil is finding its way into the Fox management by way of fear, fear of the wrath of the murderous DNC—a dying American political party out of ideas—and bullets.   As we speak they are losing their friends at the justice department and in the courts and soon they won’t be able to have those round table discussions because the judges will be loyal to Trump, not Hillary.  Now that they are afraid for a change, we conservatives must to be willing to take the eye and the heart out of them forever—to step on their neck while we have them down and pop that head completely off.  And we must do it out of respect for justice.  Knowing the difference is the key to everything and you can learn it by knowing a proper martial art, whether it is traditional melee combat or gun fighting.  These days I prefer the gun fighting.  For most of my adult life it’s been the melee stuff.  But having something helps keep fear from your mind because you know you can handle anything they throw at you.  And that is the way to truly disarm evil.

Rich Hoffman


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