Trump’s Budget Plan: Like Noah, we can all live over 950 years–new industries blooming under this White House


The only problem with Donald Trump’s budget which was recently presented to congress for consideration is that it is too big in scope for the limited people who are typically elected, and they just don’t get it.  In Trump’s book Think Big: Make it Happen in Business and in Life readers get some lessons from Trump on how to frame a thought to pursue as a target to take things from conception to reality.  Trump as a person has done this to a great degree and now as a politician he’s elaborating those expectations from the Executive Branch.  Loser types who think in such limited ways of course are angry with the budget, mainly because they can’t envision a growth plan of more than 2% GDP since they’ve been committed to wealth redistribution in America for a number of years where that growth was always supposed to happen in poor countries.  So 2% growth which is what this budget assumes as a foundation is devastating to the liberal cause of both political parties.  However, even if it didn’t go against their political strategy of stagnation, many right thinking Republicans doubt that such a feat is even possible.  Well, it is, and even more–which I’ll cover specifically in three key industries.  But first let’s examine the goals of this budget the way it was written as seen below:

Our moral commitment to replacing our current economic stagnation with faster economic growth rests on the following eight pillars of reform: Health Reform. We need to enable Americans to buy the healthcare they need at a price they can afford. To this end, we must repeal Obamacare and its burdensome regulations and mandates, and replace it with a framework that restores choice and competition. This will lower the cost of care so that more Americans can get the medical attention they need. Additionally, Medicaid, which inadequately serves enrollees and taxpayers, must be reformed to allow States to manage their own programs, with continued financial support from the Federal Government.

  1. Tax Reform and Simplification. We must reduce the tax burden on American workers and businesses, so that we can maximize incomes and economic growth. We must also simplify our tax system, so that individuals and businesses do not waste countless hours and resources simply paying their taxes.
  1. Immigration Reform. We must reform immigration policy so that it serves our national interest. We will adopt commonsense proposals that protect American workers, reduce burdens on taxpayers and public resources, and focus Federal funds on underserved and disadvantaged citizens.
  1. Reductions in Federal Spending. We must scrutinize every dollar the Federal Government spends. Just as families decide how to manage limited budgets, we must ensure the Federal Government spends precious taxpayer dollars only on our highest national priorities, and always in the most efficient, effective manner.
  1. Regulatory Rollback. We must eliminate every outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective Federal regulation, and move aggressively to build regulatory frameworks that stimulate—rather than stagnate job creation. Even for those regulations we must leave in place, we must strike every provision that is counterproductive, ineffective, or outdated.
  1. American Energy Development. We must increase development of America’s energy resources, strengthening our national security, lowering the price of electricity and transportation fuels, and driving down the cost of consumer goods so that every American individual and business has more money to save and invest. A consistent, long-term supply of lower-cost American energy brings with it a much larger economy, more jobs, and greater security for the American people.
  1. Welfare Reform. We must reform our welfare system so that it does not discourage able-bodied adults from working, which takes away scarce resources from those in real need. Work must be the center of our social policy. Education Reform. We need to return decisions regarding education back to the State and local levels, while advancing opportunities for parents and students to choose, from all available options, the school that best fits their needs to learn and succeed.

After reading the bill I think it’s rather conservative and Trump went well out of his way to not blow everyone out of the water with over aggressive thinking.  This bill should be passed as is, and Americans lingering on welfare programs needlessly should get off it and aim to become much more productive people.  As a nation we need to stop hating the rich, but aspire to become that way ourselves—even the lowly fast food worker who works hard but doesn’t get paid very much.  Work harder, read a lot of books and make yourself more valuable so that people will eventually want to pay you more money.  Everyone can do it if they want—stop wasting time playing on your phone or planning to get wasted on a night out with friends. Make every day count, and stop hating people who are productive—and rich.  Everyone will be much better off if they do those basic things.

During Trump’s terms in office the United States has the potential to have much greater economic expansion than what is projected in this budget.  Three key industries are seeing a complete re-invention of themselves and those expanded services will equate into magnificent opportunities for explosive economic growth.  After reading many of Trump’s books over the years I have no doubt what is on Trump’s mind.  It’s just a matter of time before others join him in thinking big and properly about these issues articulated in this budget plan.  The key to understanding all this is to see where the United States will be based on information provided now—not where it is now after 16 years of socialist infusion by the government types who have wrecked things over that span of time.

  1. Transportation is one of those industries that are changing as we speak. With the Hyperloop having its big completion again at Space X, California on August 25th through the 27th of 2017 that industry alone has the aptitude to revolutionize personal transportation and shipping instigating explosive economic growth.  Adding to that the explosive potential of the Skycar market which is now being formulated into realistic conception as the drone market has opened people up to the idea of personal flight transportation.  We’re talking about a complete overhaul of how we currently transport ourselves from one place to another being intermingled with our already booming personal transportation markets so there is the potential for explosive growth in this sector.
  1. As I’ve been saying for over a decade, the solution to Medicaid, Social Security and the current health care cost problem is in the regenerative growth fields. Science is now on the precipice of solving the age problem making the challenges primarily religious rather than technical.  People are now at a stage where they have to come to grips with human kind’s mortality and the ability to solve it for much longer lives—on a Biblical scale—where humans can live for a thousand years or even longer—like Noah did in Genesis.  Noah was 950 years old when he died; he lived for 350 years after the Great Flood, according to the story.  The way to solve health care is not to treat people who are getting sick, but to make people no longer sick.  Diabetes, cancer—old age are all diseases that can be cured through regenerative growth—essentially keeping the body turned on to the methods it uses as a young person to continue renewing body tissue. That technology is available now and is about to go mainstream.  When it does, there will be trillions of dollars in new economic development that will outgrow the current limits pressed upon us by the pharmaceutical companies.
  1. Space over the next decade will offer many more trillions of dollars of economic expansion not just from tourism, but the manufacturing industry. It will cost less to manufacture big things in space and there are opportunities for mining on the moon, Mars and several asteroids that will literally create new economies over night.  With the United States leading the charge, there will be the potential of yearly GDP growth of over 10% just from space industries alone.

The only reason we haven’t done some of these things yet is that our politicians have not thought as big as our entrepreneurs and they are slow to the objective—but even that is changing under Trump’s administration.  There’s a lot of kicking and screaming going on now, but all these things are happening quickly—month by month, and it won’t take long for even the most sluggish John McCain type of politician to catch up to these explosive opportunities in market expansion which will unleash such tremendous GDP growth.  So while this budget is realistic for 2017 what potentials come after it are even more epic so it’s a good plan and a realistic approach that can be done now as those industries mentioned prepare for full expansion in the 2020 time frame.  When that happens we will be looking at completely paying off the national debt and enriching the lives of every person on earth who doesn’t mind working.  Literally the sky is the limit in human achievement and it all starts by thinking, “Big.”  I’m just glad we finally have someone in the White House capable of thinking so big, because essentially that’s the only thing lacking.  Now, instead of dreaming about these kinds of things, we can now do them—which will result in explosive economic growth the likes that we’ve never seen in human history—ever.  And that is exciting!

Rich Hoffman

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