Fighting Back: It feels good, doesn’t it

It’s always been a war; the only difference is that some of you out there are just coming to realize it. Welcome to the battlefield, many of us have been waiting for you.  I’ve known it was war for a long time and have been often mystified why other people didn’t see it.  Most notably for me personally was when I was in the situation that Sean Hannity is in now at Fox News and people associated with me were having their businesses boycotted by fat-assed neurotic activists who called themselves moms looking for a free baby sitter in public education because I was leading the effort to keep tax money out of the pockets of a school system that had been mismanaging it.  Now eight years later they all know what I was trying to tell them—the school wouldn’t miraculously make their children great by throwing more money at them.  Those kids are now on par with the rest of the world—most of them are losers, and with all their bullying, that leftist playbook of boycotts and hitting the political opposition in the pocketbook have yielded nothing positive since Saul Alinsky started teaching those techniques to his slack-jawed followers.  I know how it feels to be Sean Hannity and these other voices who today have a big platform, but it could all be ripped away in a moment’s notice—like what happened to Bill O’Reilly.  I’ve always taken an aggressive stance against leftist insurgency—particularly the economic kind.  But now, finally with Sean Hannity standing his ground at Fox News—people are starting to learn to fight back.  And it feels good, doesn’t it?

As Sean featured the efforts of the group, Media Kathy Griffin saw major blowback from her political stunt which featured her holding the severed head of Donald Trump. As a liberal comedian and part of that disgusting other side of the war—the war against traditional American values, she thought she was immune to ridicule.  If any conservative had done what she did there would be calls from the political left for their execution on the spot.  Instead, it took several hours for the good Christian people who make up a large part of the conservative viewpoint to become enraged—which they eventually did.  Griffin quickly apologized and hoped that was the end of the story.  The media tried to take the light off her by pointing to a Trump tweet featuring the word “covfefe.”  But it didn’t work, Republicans are now learning that they have to at least fight fire with fire.  I would suggest they fight fire with complete conquest, but for now I’ll settle for fire.  The lesson that everyone has had to learn is that you cannot leave evil unchecked.  And regardless of the vantage point, the political left is evil because the premise of their existence is against life itself—pro abortion, anti-family, support of terrorism, not defending the values of American morality supported by competition through capitalism—I could go on and on, but the essence of them all is anti-life—“evil.”  We cannot yield to evil in any form.   We must fight it!

My sister-in-law and my father-in-law live in a very expensive area in the east of Louisville off Brownsboro Rd where the homes range on average between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Visiting there often I can personally report that I don’t see a lot of lazy terrible people there.  Everyone has a job, everyone is working hard at life taking care of their lawns, cars and families—it is a very productive place to be and I enjoy going there for family visits.  The political left demonizes these wealthy people essentially because these hard-working homeowners make the lazy people on the left feel bad about themselves and through wealth redistribution, the leftists want a piece of the action off Brownsboro.  For my father-in-law’s 73rd birthday we gave him Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln book and he was so happy to get it that he literally read the first three chapters there in the kitchen where he unwrapped his present.  He has been sad that Bill was off the air—and over the many years I have watched the political left take severe shots at him because he’s always been well off financially.  He’s always been too nice to fight back, so it has always pained me to see him have to endure the idiots who simply hate him because they don’t want to match his efforts at life.  I mean the guy has several degrees, particularly a masters in geology.  He’s been a school teacher for several decades after he was as successful businessman.  He worked hard all his life and he deserves to live in a million-dollar home if he wants to.  But who is a guy like that going to watch on television—some idiot like Racheal Maddow—and other socialists on CNN, ABC, and NBC?   No, he’s going to want his news from other savvy people much like himself—someone like ol’ Bill O’Reilly. But you see, the left wants to smoke out people like my father-in-law, and my sister-in-law who also lives in a million-dollar house—because she and her husband work hard at living, raising their family and doing the right things.  They have nothing in common with the people on CNN—but the left wants to choke off information to people like them so that they can advance their own liberal positions without the fear of competition to slow down their message.  Slums are created by the political left, go into any neighborhood with a high crime rate, drugs and a disproportionate number of people on welfare and you’ll see the work of Democrats—and that is something that should be punished, not rewarded.  People like Kathy Griffin should be running for the hills in shame, not holding up the bloody head of Donald Trump simulating an assassination attempt and expecting her liberal friends to send her cookies.  Complacency has empowered these vile, evil people.  Kathy Griffin is evil for what she did.

Conservatives have been too quiet, they let ESPN cut off Curt Schilling last year and now this year it’s the great Bill O’Reilly. They attack conservative movie stars like Tim Allen and they attack publishers who put out conservative titles in exactly the same way that they attacked my business partners in No Lakota Levy many years ago.  When the left can’t beat the message, they attack the pocketbook which is coercion of force—and is the epitome of evil.  All I can say is that I thank God we have Donald Trump as president finally pushing back from the White House and now Sean Hannity who is fighting for his very life on Fox News.  So don’t feel bad about using Media to go after the advertisers of Racheal Maddow, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and the entire network of CNN.  Go after their throats.  Sean Hannity doesn’t want to use those words because of his large platform—but I will—go after the political left’s jugular.  Don’t go see their stupid movies.  (Wonder Woman is the exception because Warner Bros. does supporter conservative filmmakers.)  But otherwise, take the money out of their pockets.  If an advertiser supports liberal programs—don’t buy their products.  Give it to the political left for a change and let them once and for all feel the pain we have been feeling.  It’s OK to stick them in the eye.  It’s not good to always allow yourselves to be picked on.  Allowing evil to increase in power through complacency is the same as being evil yourself.  Don’t feed its spread and support efforts to attack it—starting with their own pocketbook.   The reason it feels good to fight back is because it’s the right thing to do.  So do more of it dear reader—for the benefit of the United States and all it has stood for

Rich Hoffman

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