The Failed Mental Health of Hillary Clinton: A Democratic Party that is technically insane

In a lot of ways, as an American society, we were a lot more curious about maintaining our mental health in the 1980s than we are in this age of 2017. Quit Riot the rock group wrote songs about it and Dr. Scott Peck was at the top of the New York Times best sellers list every week throughout the 80s with his Roads Less Traveled books.   I read all his books back then and many whom I dealt with pushed me as a young man to get into psychiatry because I was naturally good at it.  Everyone I knew used me in some form as a psychoanalyst to help them sort through all their problems.  The primary reason I didn’t was because of Dr. Peck as he was not shy about discussing how revolting it was to treat some of his patients.  You see, he was making a case in the 80s for diagnosing evil as an actual mental illness—which was intriguing.  And as he stated, most of the people suffering enough to need his help were obviously proportionally evil by the nature of their mental health—and it bothered him to always have to be in their proximity.  So I eliminated that as a career choice very early in life—but I’ve always had an inclination toward psychoanalysis.  I read accurately the motivations of people by watching for their non verbal communication matched with all the things they say which they think are hidden from detection—and I can pretty much nail down anybody under any circumstances.  If I let things slip by unspoken, it’s on purpose—because I don’t miss anything.  Sometimes once you pin someone’s motive down before they are ready to admit things to themselves, you can destroy them intellectually, and I’m not in the business of doing that—even to people I think are functioning from pure evil.  So that natural inclination made for me an infinitely fascinating viewing of Hillary Clinton talking about why she lost the election of 2016—which exploded upon the news cycle this week.  It was extraordinarily fascinating.

Not only is Hillary Clinton functioning 100% from what the late Dr. Peck might refer to as clinical evil, she is excessively mentally very ill. During the campaign, many of us who don’t like her and would never vote for her joked about her mental health, but after watching her talk openly about the pain she felt at this stage in her life, we should all breathe a sigh of relief that we didn’t end up with her in the White House.  She is sick and completely delusional to reality. By her own testimony, she took no responsibility for her failure as a candidate.  She blamed the DNC which was completely her creation.  She blamed the media which was as behind her with full support as a free press could possibly be, and she ultimately blamed Barack Obama for her failures as a candidate when ultimately it was her own criminal acts which did her in.  The bad work of the Clinton Foundation couldn’t be hidden from a tough election and her email scandal should have kept her off the ticket completely if the DNC had not been fully behind her.  It was astonishing to hear her talk about these issues devoid of complete responsibility.  Even amateur psychiatrists could write a 50-page paper on her clinical failures as a person of extraordinary mental deficiency.

Obviously, we are dealing with bad, evil people when we deal with Hillary Clinton, her DNC, Barack Obama and his abuse of the NSA spying on Americans for political use—using American intelligence and the IRS as a political weapon against their opposition—and all the people willing to turn a blind eye to these actions—we are dealing with the dregs of society. It’s no longer a partisan debate between political philosophies—it’s a fight between sanity and insanity—good and evil foundation thinking.  I think at some level we were all aware of how bad Hillary Clinton and her Democrats were, but now that we have her opening up and speaking the way a patient might speak to a psychiatrist we see what was only hidden before behind media handlers and professional spin doctors in full compliance with a supportive media obviously addicted to evil intentions.

If you compare Hillary Clinton’s statements to Kathy Griffin’s, where she thought it wise to hold the fake severed head of Donald Trump up to a camera for all recorded history—we can see clearly that all these people are functioning from clinical psychiatric evil spun way out of control made worse because there hasn’t been any competition of thought to keep them intellectually in check. Like I said, back in the day when Dr. Peck was writing books, mental health was much more of an open discussion—where actions were connected to reality.  What we have now is an entire society raised by our public education institutions that has disconnected action from responsibility and it has been people like Hillary Clinton who have created that culture from our political top—with eight years in the White House during the 90s, then with her stints as a senator, then a failed Secretary of State before predictably running for president.  People have watched her over the years and supported her—and she validated their own failures which then perpetuated the behavior further on a global scale.  If you sit down with a Hillary Clinton supporter and really dig deep into their motivations of support you will find varying degrees of mental illness as it was classically prescribed by psychiatrists like Dr. Peck.  Behind the average Hillary supporter is likely a person who grew up in a poor family structure, people who suffer from insecurities, various phobias and eating disorders and their support of a big daddy government is their ticket to redemption—in their eyes.  Villains like Hillary drunk for power use those sick people to fuel her own proclivity toward evil—the crushing of life in favor of death—such as support for abortion, reckless sex practices, and failing to identify radical cults like Islamic extremists as terrorists.  Even her support of gun control is evil because it fails for instance to properly solve the many deaths that are happening in places like Chicago—which are more creations of the liberal left—the slums of Chicago where drugs and crime are part of their currency.  Failure to solve the problem or advocating more of the same is sheer evil—and Hillary Clinton is at the front of the line in advocating for the spread of evil in the case of Chicago and many other places.  We are dealing with people who are dangerously mentally sick.

What we saw in Hillary this week we all knew was there, but the confirmation was what was extraordinary. To see it with our own eyes was truly revealing.  I personally think Hillary Clinton should be condemned to an insane asylum and I’m not kidding.  I had a friend years ago who was suffering from a complete mental breakdown—and it wasn’t his fault ultimately.  It was his job to fix it, but his parents delivered him massive amounts of intellectual weight that a 13 through 15-year-old just wasn’t prepared to handle and he ended up in the mental ward more than once.  I’d visit him and had a chance to see people who were really broken—swatting at things that weren’t there, and had lost their grip on reality completely.  Hillary Clinton is worse than those people—let me tell you that.  She is a caricature for a liberal reality that is being squeezed by an actual reality and she is standing in defiance of it—which is terribly dangerous not only for her, but for everyone who knows and supports her.  We are dealing with a massive mental illness that can only be described as the entire Democratic Party.  And from what we’ve seen this week, that is not an inflammatory statement.

Rich Hoffman
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