Bravo Donald Trump: Standing up to the cult religion of climate science communism

Pride is the primary emotion in reaction to my representative in the White House, Donald Trump, withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. It had to happen and was one of the reasons I fought so hard for Donald Trump to win that election.  Climate change is a fictional religion that the political left has adopted to replace Christianity and they are really more of a cult than science.  Mankind’s impact on the environment is negligible.  It was only 15,000 years ago that the sea levels were so low that you could walk from where London is now to Paris on dry land.  Then at times even more distant, huge parts of North America were at the bottom of the sea—which is why we have so many fossils in Ohio that are of sea creatures.  You can’t save the cities of Miami, New York and Venice by throwing token sacrifices of environmental concern to the gods of the sky and hope that sea levels will always stay the same.  Nothing stays the same regarding climate which is why if mankind is to survive, it must move to space.  This little geological window that has given rise to all humanity opens and closes quickly and no Paris agreement will stop that.  Climate change is a cult and nothing more which is why I am so proud in Donald Trump for starting the process of getting America away from it.

I applaud the efforts of people who want clean air and energy—particularly at Tesla and other Elon Musk endeavors. But their grip on science in the case of climate change is really infantile.  The way that the political left melted down after Trump’s announcement can only be described as a group of people who had their religion stripped away—because nothing about their reactions were rooted in science.  The Paris agreement as Trump said was always about crippling American industry and redistributing its wealth to other counties which is why Obama signed up for it—and now that the reality of that not happening has set in, those countries hoping to receive that wealth are upset about it.

As I’ve said many times over the last few months, I just came back from Paris in February of this year and the place is a dump. They have no right to even have their name on anything instructing the world on how to behave. Paris is a joke of a city—dirty, broken and stuck in its ancient past.  They have some nice art—but that’s about it.  There is nothing bright and new about Paris so they are in no position to lead the world toward anything.  It was arrogant of them to even assume such a role—they are a socialist country not that far behind Venezuela in complete collapse—and now they seek to appease the nature gods with this silly climate cult.  Give me a break!

It really isn’t about science or even politics, the global climate people are just another religion competing against Christianity for the philosophic position of universal relevancy. Is mankind the instigator of all thought and all the resources of the world at their disposal, or is man just another animal of nature under the rainbows of Mother Earth—and it is the task of humans to worship the goddess the way that Hindus have cherished Shiva?  The Paris accord was always a gateway to a new religion that is in direct competition with Christianity—which is also why the same supporters of climate change support methods of destroying Christianity through radical Islamic terrorism, or by becoming atheists in a way themselves so to allow for people to seek out their new religion to replace the old crusty one from Rome.  We were never talking about science—we’ve always been talking about a cult with figures like Al Gore being the modern version of Joseph Smith.

To step against the Paris agreement is to separate church and state—because that’s all that leftists have been trying to achieve—religious impression not much different from the Catholic rule of Europe during the Middle Ages. The political left wanted a new aristocracy of church clergy running the world from government positions using the huge umbrella of Earth Mother worship as the foundation of their cult and that was to instigate a transfer of wealth from America back into Europe and the Asian countries all the while crushing the only capitalist country left on earth.  It was a military insurrection all in the name of religion—just like the Crusades—but this time it was set in modern times without swords—but with new laws and a promise of imprisonment.  The radical aims of the cult were no different from any religious crusade throughout history.  This time however, the cult was busted before it could take full effect.

The Hollywood actors and even entertainment producers like Disney’s Bob Iger are the mindless spokesmen for this new age religion. They don’t think—people think for them which is why they are in entertainment.  And their reaction to Trump’s speech was violent—the way any cult followers would react once the cord attaching themselves to their foundation material was cut leaving them feeling vulnerable.  These are people whose understanding of science is about five minutes deep.  It is unlikely any of them can even fathom events that occurred four thousand years ago let alone 15,000 years ago when the English Channel was a vast meadow with flowers, trees and wildlife—all of which is now underwater.

I also recently visited the very nice little city of Brighten, England which is a kind of tourist destination at the south looking out over the Channel toward France. It’s common for Hollywood actors homesick from the beaches of L.A. to go south from London to Brighten to play on the weekends while filming movies up at Pinewood.

  As I sat sipping on a beer near the pier I watched the people and they had no clue that in a relatively short period of time geologically that there was no water brushing up against the coast of Brighten, but only a long hill that went about 10 miles out then back up again into what is now France and that under all that water was likely many ancient towns from people long gone, erased from memory because they had built their entire civilization along the coast, just as Brighton was now—only to be displaced because of rising oceans—and back then there were no factories, coal plants, or cars creating contaminates dangerous to “Mother Earth.”  The people of Brighton I doubt even knew that the entire coastline of south England was a recently new phenomenon.

Climate science is simply an ignorant cult sponsored by modern political activists who lean left and quietly support economic communism using the goddess Mother Earth as a deity to sacrifice our economic means to. It is an intrusion of religion into state affairs by seeking to sabotage science to sell communism pure and simple.  That is why the Paris accord favored the communist state of China while penalizing the United States economically.  It’s a scam, and I’m so glad that we finally have a president who was willing to do the right thing and stand against this cultish global incursion.  In the fight for American sovereignty, this is just one step—but what a big step it was.  Bravo Donald Trump, you did good.

Rich Hoffman

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