Kathy Griffin’s Lunacy: Remembering the cross-hairs of Sarah Palin

Kathy Griffin did make me laugh, which is what she says she aspires to, but not for the reasons she desired.  I laughed because her press conference was so insane that it was out of this world funny.  Griffin and her ridiculously idiotic lawyer, Lisa Bloom made absolute assess of themselves which provoked in me more laughter than I’ve had in years over their astonishing claims of victim hood.


It was Kathy Griffin who put herself in that situation by filming a scene of her holding the severed head of Donald Trump—a sitting president—obviously attempting to provoke enough anger among her base to trigger someone into committing an assassination attempt. If the political left’s standard of social responsibility is to be gauged the way that they did when Sarah Palin used gun targets on her website as a way to indicate elected positions that needed to be challenged by Republicans and was blamed for instigating assassination conjecture against Gabrielle Gifford—then what Kathy Griffin did can in no way be taken as anything but a direct threat against the President of the United States where jail time is mandated at the very least.  Yet here were these two lunatic women—people I traditionally refer to as latté sipping prostitutes because of my own experience with people like this who hide their crazy terrorism behind a social shield of femininity, actually held a big press conference and attempted to play the victim.  It was amazingly ludicrous.

You remember all that don’t you dear reader-the situation with Sarah Palin. Well, the social norms for this kind of thing were established by the media on the political left during that debate which really hurt Sarah Palin.  She never did really recover over what was technically an innocent use of a graphic to draw focus onto political districts up for grabs in future elections—yet the left insisted that what Palin did was wrong and grossly immoral.  So using that same standard what other bases do we have to go on over the pop singer Madonna’s threat to blow up the White House and now this celebrity comic seeking to incite an assassination attempt ISIS style against a sitting president because she doesn’t like the election results which literally just happened a few months ago?

How can we take what Kathy Griffin did as anything but a direct threat? It wasn’t funny in the least and she looked quite serious when she did it.  There are a lot of crazy people out there and all we can conclude was that she was trying to set one of them off with this reckless publicity stunt to kill the president.  So yeah, the Secret Service has a right to investigate her and probably prosecute her.  What she did was not only in bad taste, it was technically illegal.  The Trump family had a right to be upset about it and they acted with a lot of class in response.  The fault of the entire situation rested with Kathy Griffin and her handlers which Lisa Bloom was obviously part of and they all deserve what’s coming due to their loss in credibility.

Comics, actors and liberal lawyers don’t get to swipe at a lion then wonder why the lion eats them by screaming for the 1st Amendment to protect them.  Comics are not a protected class.  If it’s good for them, then they can get it coming back.  Kathy Griffin did destroy her career this past week when she held up that head of what was supposed to be Donald Trump.  If anybody had done something like that during Barack Obama’s presidency the person who did it would have been the subject of Ferguson style riots and they likely would have been lynched on the spot by the political left and their street level minions.  I remember being on 700 WLW radio with Doc Thompson several years ago when Obama launched a website called Attack Watch which people like us were on just for showing an opposition toward the president’s policies.  Listen below for review.  We remember how it felt to be the opposing party of a sitting president—and we remember how close we all came to tyranny in America.  Using the political left’s own criteria Kathy Griffin should be in jail right now, she certainly shouldn’t be having a press conference espousing victim-hood.

And that’s what’s so funny about this case, it truly shows how loony the political left really is.  I mean we’ve seen it for years and conservatives have sort of laughed it off—we certainly did when they went after Sarah Palin over the website controversy already mentioned, and we did when Obama showed how insecure he was with the Attack Watch threat to put people like me under the threat of government enforcement for just having a different political view.  I was always very careful not to do anything that could be construed as a threat even in my own home because I knew they were always listening waiting for me to make a mistake which they could twist into a prosecutable offense. If Kathy Griffin felt she could hold up a severed head in front of a camera imagine what she and her friends talk about at dinner parties and other places where they think nobody on the outside is listening?  I’m sure they’ve said things that would put them on a watch list for the Secret Service

We put up with the losers the left has given us for many years and occasionally I would speak with people who wondered why nobody had tried to kill Barack Obama—because we all hated him.  The guy didn’t represent us and he was constantly trying to use the power of the federal government to weaken our nation and intrude on our lives.  If you look back to that period where the political left made such a big deal about Sarah Palin—which was only 5 to 6 years ago as of this writing, we are a completely different nation now.  Even when I had my famous “latté sipping prostitute” scandal in that 2012 time frame we are not the same kind of nation now than we were then.  Many more people would agree with me today than they were prepared to admit even back then.  That was about as far as any of us on the political right would have went—none of us would have held up a severed head of Barack Obama and thought it appropriate.  Even the craziest Alex Jones antics on the air would have refused to have made a direct threat against a sitting president because we at least were that civil.  Instead we focused on using the election process to replace all these idiots—which is what we’ve done—and how things are supposed to work.  Making threats to kill someone is not appropriate under any condition.  And you can’t hide behind “art” hoping to provoke some loser out there into doing the dirty work for you.  Kathy Griffin should have known better and her crazy lawyer Lisa Booth shouldn’t have even been near a camera trying to defend what the comedian had done.

At some point the political left and right will cease to be—one side is going to win and one side will lose.  The Overton Window will move in one direction and stay there as a reflection of American culture and the left can see that they’ve lost their ground made psychologically over the many years of their insurgency.  I didn’t even know who Kathy Griffin was two days ago—but now she put herself on the radar of many conservative people—that vast red space on the political maps of our country that voted for Donald Trump. Kathy is only funny in her groups of liberal friends or with people just as dumb as she is.  At least half the nation doesn’t find her brand of comedy funny in the least.  I thought it interesting that Jim Carry came out in defense of her—notice he’s not in movies anymore.  Nobody wants to see him since he did his hit piece on the memory of Charlton Heston over gun rights.  That event pretty much ruined his career and what Kathy did was so much worse.  Yet these idiots keep doing these things thinking that they can take shots, but that the shots won’t come back at them.  No, that’s not how it works.

For those angry that Donald Trump is the president I have news for you.  He’s there because we put him there.  He represents people like me.  I got sick of the insanity and I wanted a politician in the White House who represented me and the type of people I know to fix the mess that the political left infected us all with.  I don’t want to live in their world with their rules.  I don’t want to associate with Jim Carry or Kathy Griffin’s wrinkled up old ass in any way.  I don’t want them on my television or in my movies and I certainly don’t want their advice. And like I said over seven years ago on a video I did, I don’t think they should even be in America.  If they want the kind of society that is typically found in Europe, then move there and live that life.  Leave us alone.  But Trump isn’t president because of any other factor than that we put him there as the other half of the nation that was just tired of people like Kathy Griffin being in our elected offices.  We had enough and voted for someone different and the political left doesn’t have an answer—and we know that.

We didn’t threaten to kill any of your people—not to your faces anyway—and we remained pretty civil even when we had a right to take many things very personal.  But we never did what Kathy Griffin did.  She did a lot more than cross the line—she showed just how terrible the political left is—and how normal lunacy is on her side of the political aisle.  She not only ruined her career, but she inspired many people to snap out of the spell that the political left has on their minds and made them see the light.  There are more people leaning right today than left because of Kathy Griffin—but that’s not what’s funny.  What made this whole thing such a laughable enterprise was that she actually expected to get away with it revealing the true insanity that was always there but hidden behind social convention.  But then to defend it as if she were a victim—now that was hilarious.

Rich Hoffman

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