Mad Maxine Waters: A note to Republicans to proceed in destroying the Democratic Party forever

It should be obvious by now dear reader, usually when I write something here you are peering about 24 months into the future.  I’ve explained it before how that works but if you need a review, just search for The Metaphysics of Quality here on this site and the science is explained clearly.  But all this stuff happening to the Democratic Party is occurring right on schedule.  Now it’s time to go for the jugular and eliminate them as a political rival.

The Republicans are already split and it will be between them that all the new politics of the United States emerge.  What’s left of the Democrats now is this insane lunacy that we’ve been seeing from their most vocal activists—and it’s just not going to hold water with the American people.  Of that lunacy Maxine Waters is one of the worst—she is the one calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump and advocating the Russian conspiracy which has no evidence to support it at all because she has nothing else to point to.  The Democrats have taken a sharp turn further to the left because the Donald Trump presidency has pushed them to it and that puts them firmly in the grip of Maxine Waters.  For the sake of America it’s time to just put a dagger in them and be done with the Democrats, and for that this video done by Alex Jones on Mad Maxine is just the right approach.

After some of the dumb things that Democrats like Maxine have done over the last couple of weeks, nobody in their right mind is going to give them money.  Already after just two quarters of fundraising Democrats are down in revenue and they aren’t looking good for having money for the midterms in 2018.  They really need to start putting money in their war chests now but instead they are getting wrapped up in all these conspiracy theories and standing against the new President Trump. Meanwhile the stock market is closing at all time highs and Trump is starting to sink roots with foreign policy success.  Roughly a million jobs have been created and unemployment is way down—so the Democrats are going to have nothing in the tank once it’s revealed that there is nothing to the Russia story.  The Democrats are literally following people like Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters over the cliff and as a Republican, that’s what we want to see.

The liberal media is already in trouble, cord cutters are canceling their cable subscriptions and more people are turning to social media to get their news now than they ever have before. That means sites like this one have more news influence than what CNN and others have enjoyed in the past, so their time is done regarding control of the narrative.  So now is the time to strike Republicans and you must do it without the usual guilt and compassion displayed.  Hit them hard and do it fast.  Democrats are vulnerable.  They are losing elections and moderates have to make a choice against them—Trump has given them that out—so the Democrats can’t recover. And their public relation problems of late will be the end of them.  After losing the elections of 2016 there isn’t any prospect of picking up seats in 2018 because their platform is stale, then of course there is the money problem that they have.

Don’t feel bad in going after Mad Maxine and Kathy Griffin, and all these other liberal losers.  It’s OK to sweep them away from the political discourse because their essential philosophy doesn’t have any relevancy in the kind of America we are going to be. After six more months of Trump these Democrats will be even worse off.  They have to act this way because their ideas just can’t compete.  The Russia story that Mad Maxine is proposing is really their only hope, and that one is a fleeting one.

As we’ve discussed before, this is a war.  In war one side loses and the other side wins.  Having compassion for a fallen enemy isn’t good in the realm of strategy and I think we all have to agree that  the Democrats are the enemy—they stand for death—abortion is still the leading cause of death in America—not guns.  Democrats stand for the destruction of the American family, they support compassion for terrorism and they are against economic development.  Democrats are idiots and they are vile creatures who don’t belong in America.  They are more inclined to be like our European neighbors which is fine if they want to go and live there.  But to change America into some European hell-hole—that just isn’t permissible.

When Maxine Waters is one of the leaders of the Democratic Party that’s when you know that you are out of weapons, so now is the time to pounce.  Don’t hold back—destroy the Democrats and their liberal media.  Suck up their ratings, knock them off the air and don’t let up.  Look what they did to Bill O’Reilly and are continuing to do to people like Sean Hannity.  They’ll do it to you too if you let them.  They have been playing for keeps so now is the time to do the same to them.  Letting these idiots stick around means danger in the future. Hollywood is on the ropes, all the people who have come out against Trump are finding it hard to sell their movies—ticket sales are way down.  All the networks on television are struggling—and that means donations to Democrats will continue to drop in the coming months exacerbating the situation for them.  There is no hope short of a major mistake by Donald Trump and the Republicans that can save the Democrats now.  It’s like a football game where the score is 72 to 3 in favor of the Republicans in the fourth quarter with 2 minutes left on the clock.  If Republicans could get Trump’s agenda done before Labor Day there would be no legislative accomplishments for Democrats to run on in 2018 because all these things, Obamacare being repealed, and tax cuts are popular with people—more than 50 percent of the country.  Then there is the deregulation that Trump has implemented through Executive Orders and the assurance that stepping away from the Paris accord would save American businesses from their crippling effects. So there’s a lot to like and all the Democrats have are failed policies and conspiracy theories.  They are far worse off than Republicans ever have been—and they have no money to change their terrible situation.

Hillary Clinton’s meltdown this past week was somewhat justifiable from the Democratic point of view.  She had been the major mechanism for fundraising for Democrats and the entire party was built around the connections she and her husband built during the 90s.  Essentially all these liberal media types are the creation of the Clinton White House from 1992 to 2000.  The Hollywood machine is part of that same creation which is why so many of them are liberal now as opposed to how it used to be.  Democrats and their supporters planned this long magnificent presidential run for Hillary starting the moment her husband left office. She moved to New York so she could become a senator.  Then she tried to run for president on time in 2008 but she lost to a person of color because the party felt that was more important at the time.  She signed up as Secretary of State for the experience so that she could run in 2016—so this was a long time and coming.  The investments by the Democrats was always a double whammy, a black president then the first woman president—built with 16 years of nearly pure socialism.  The nation would be unrecognizable by the end of that—and that was their plan at all levels.  But then Trump happened and in just three months he erased all the gains progressives had made over 24 years of holding the White House and the champion of Democratic fundraising was now a vanquished soul roaming the woods distraught and clueless—and all the Democrats have left in the tank is Mad Maxine.  What we are seeing from Democrats, especially this week after a very successful foreign policy trip by Trump is listless desperation on their part to stay relevant.  However nothing they are doing is working and they know it.  The more they try actually the worse it is for them.

So do them in, end the Democratic Party and let’s move on.  There is enough political division among Republicans to quell any concerns about being too one-sided politically.  I really think Trump represents the new left whereas real conservatives will emerge as the opposing party—which is likely how it should be in the United States given the kind of demographic variety that we do have—the essence of our nation is one that is rooted in capitalism and the appreciation for life—all life.  The means to get there is where the differences come from, but I think the nation as a whole can agree on those basic fundamentals once Democrats are out of the way and moving back to Europe.  With that in mind Republicans, put them out of business for good—because they’d be happy to do it to you.  And there’s more at stake than just taking the moral high ground.  We have to destroy the enemies at our gate and on that list of insurgents is Mad Maxine Waters—not because she’s black, or because she’s a woman—but because she’s an idiot.

Rich Hoffman

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