Megan Kelly’s Looks can’t save NBC: The Valdimir Putin interview that was a disaster

I was more than a little embarrassed for Megan Kelly during her big NBC Sunday night show debut interview with Vladimir Putin. I’m not a big fan of her anyway with how she conducted herself at Fox News previously—but I understand she’s a power climber and is on that path hell or high water.  But walking into that interview with Putin on his home turf—on ground he controls—was pretty stupid.  As she tried to push that NBC, New York Times, Washington Post Russian conspiracy story against Donald Trump she came out looking very unprofessional by the former KGB agent who was obviously outmaneuvering her with every question.  Putin knew what she was going to ask and he was more than prepared for her—which worked very much to her disadvantage.

Anyone who has read my book Tail of the Dragon knows I’m not a blind supporter of law enforcement.  To me they are just people and I have a real problem with authority figures because honestly, I’m smarter than they are and I don’t trust my life to people not as capable as I am.  But I’m not an anti-cop dissident like the communist Ferguson rioters either.  Now that Trump is president I’m starting to like the White House again—but for the other branches of government—they have a long way to go before they earn my respect.  So regarding the “Deep State” which is essentially the mosquito infested waters of the swamp Trump wants to drain I don’t trust any of them.  Vladimir Putin may be a ruthless old KGB agent who has spent most of his life working against our own CIA—but I trust him much more than I do people like James Comey, Barack Obama, and James Klapper.  When Putin says that Russia wasn’t involved in the American election and looked at Megan Kelly wondering why she would even ask the question, I believe him over them all day long.  I think our American intelligence has been corrupted beyond recognition and I wouldn’t trust them to tell me that there was a door in front of me even if I had my hand on the knob to open it.  They are pathetically corrupt and the Trump presidency is bringing that into a full light.

I knew Megan Kelly had lost the interview when she tried to assert that the American media was in consensus with American intelligence that Russia had colluded with the Trump campaign. That word, “consensus” assumes that just because a majority of people believe something that the facts of it are altered into the tapestry of reality.  This mechanism is currently being used to justify the religion of global warming—if a majority of scientist (who receive federal grants and will believe like prostitutes anything told to them so long as a check is involved) believe that the climate is changing based on man-made influences rooted in capitalist endeavors—then it must be true. However, such a belief is foolish, a fact is not changed just because a number of people believe it to be true.  Belief has little influence on the physical nature of molecular structures—so physical reality cannot be altered magically with the mind.  It is fun to think of Disney movies where you can have a pleasant thought experiment and reality changes allowing people to fly around—or in Star Wars where physics is altered so that people can move things with their minds—but these are just fantasy ideas lazily built around the concepts of science fiction and fantasy, where reality is challenged by the imagination—which can be healthy.  But physical realities cannot be ignored when serious thought is applied to science.  The power of a mass democratic belief system cannot overtake reality—and essentially the political left—here represented by NBC News, hopes to believe that just because people believe Russia won the election for Trump that the facts of reality would be altered to fit that line of thinking.  It doesn’t, and Putin obviously had a good time making a western journalist look completely foolish.

Yes, Megan Kelly got her big interview, just as she did when she tried that prime-time slot with a Trump interview months ago on Fox. That didn’t work out either—so landing the big gig isn’t the same as being successful in the results.  With all the bad press that Megan is getting out of this Putin interview, she would have been better off not doing it at all.  NBC should have known better, but they are obviously desperate these days to stay relevant in a changing television market—so they spent all their pennies on this big interview only to come away looking pretty stupid.  These are not the days of good journalism that I remember from the CBS Evening News and 20/20 which I used to watch religiously as a kid on ABC.  We used to make fun of publications like the National Enquirer for being all about tabloid news, but now they look like a legitimate organization in comparison to what NBC is producing.  Sharyl Attkisson, Barbra Walters, oven Diane Sawyer—but Megan Kelly—not at the same level, and Putin expertly tore her to shreds.  Such an embarrassment for NBC news.  Their hatred of Donald Trump has harmed them irreparably. They obviously hired Megan Kelly for her feud with Trump during the campaign and they are hoping they will get the same kind of attack dog from her at NBC.  They forgot to check her actual talent level as a journalist.  Megan used sex to sell herself—to climb out on top of the many other women who are equally capable.  But sex can only take you so far and now she is being exposed.  With Barbra Walters, nobody thought about what she looked like.  We watched her because she was competent and asked the kind of questions we all wanted to know—and she was personable enough to get people talking.

Megan Kelly’s interview with Putin only pulled in about 6.1 million viewers which was really embarrassing for her key demos. She should have been able to break through 10 million with her name recognition and having one of the highest profile interviews on planet earth.  That tells me that people really aren’t interested in her or the way she frames her news stories—which is so anti-Trump.  Her entire interview was an attempt to set the stage for the Comey hearings this Thursday where the network producers really think that they will uncover this mythical Russian connection.  Putin certainly didn’t help their case leaving Megan Kelly looking desperate—and then the Trump administration announced that it would not evoke “executive privilege” during the Comey testimony before the senate.  Obama did in regard to “fast and furious,” and other things—which is as good as an admission of guilt.   Trump didn’t which is really a big story when placed alongside these other headlines.  NBC is in real trouble.  Once the legs on this carcass finally stops moving with their life support—they’ll be left with nothing to work with, and Putin could tell.  That’s why it was so embarrassing.

I expect to have the best country on earth represented better in our news media. I have nothing against Megan, until she represents me poorly, and she did.  I’m also embarrassed at our American intelligence agencies.  I have little faith in them to do anything right.  The Deep State has ruined the integrity of all our institutions and that isn’t alright with me.  If the federal government were filled with employees like Perry Mason, or the Dragnet guys with Joe Friday doing the investigations—I might get excited about our team.  But these federal guys these days are a bunch of losers.  I wouldn’t trust them to microwave popcorn let alone handle the security of my life and family.  And it’s obvious to me they were willing to do anything with a compliant media to bring great harm to Donald Trump even if it meant starting World War III with Russia to achieve their Deep State desires.  As I’ve said many times in the past I am something of a very proficient judge of character and after watching Putin in action I think he orders hits on his reporters and rules with an iron grip—but that he’s honest in his involvement regarding the American election.  He didn’t have the resources for it, or the political will.  In some cases, he would have been better off with Hillary because he could push her around the way he did Megan Kelly—not because they are women, but because they just aren’t that mentally acute beyond surface conversation.  But for the good of a sustainable world, Trump was the hard choice everyone had to make—even Putin.  But as far as putting themselves as a country out there—there wasn’t much they could have done.  Hillary did all the work herself.  If we learned anything from the Megan Kelly interview it was that Putin had nothing to do with Trump’s election—and for NBC—that is a bad sign for them over the next four years.  They’ve put themselves on the wrong side of history and Megan Kelly’s looks won’t save them from stupidity.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “Megan Kelly’s Looks can’t save NBC: The Valdimir Putin interview that was a disaster

  1. What I don’t understand is how the interview on Sunday night showed her wearing slacks and the previews for the interview showed her in that very revealing dress. To me she has zero credibility. Yes, she is attractive, but then, so was Marilyn Monroe. I doubt that the. Media in her day would have ha Marilyn do an in depth with Putin.


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