Melania Trump is the key to Trusting the President: Jeff Sessions and a new kind of Washington operative

As Jeff Sessions testified before the senate on 6/13/2017 it was clear that politically we have certainly turned a corner in America.  And it didn’t begin with the Sessions testimony—that was simply a reflection of a political shift that was noticeable to anyone looking—it started with the Comey testimony of the previous week, which turned out to be a huge belly flop for the political insurgents against the incoming Trump administration.  Now looking back over the last five days I am quite proud of the CNN piece that I was a part of after the Comey testimony.  (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW)  We got it right while the rest of the nation was still working through what they had heard and that is directly reflective to our perspective at the front of the train.  Trump didn’t slow down through the media surge against him hoping that Comey would reveal something damaging to the new president—and by Monday he had what CNN called the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever, where Trump’s picks were in the same room at the same time for the first time since he took office.


The statists of the old political structure—those who have made a swamp out of Washington D.C. hated the Trump Cabinet press conference.  Trump broke all the rules by stating the accomplishments of his administration thus far, then allowing his Cabinet to speak one by one going around the big table in the White House.  Obviously most of his picks were unique in that they were like a dream team of political movers and shakers.  In the past most of those appointments would have been political hacks given jobs because of campaign contributions and favors otherwise owed.  But not this one—with the exception of Mitch McConnel’s wife—these were professionals, experts in their particular fields who were bringing a competency to Washington D.C. that just hasn’t been seen before.  Trump had outlasted the hardest part of the storm his political rivals could throw at him in just five months and the sun was starting to peak out. 


Supposedly Trump and Jeff Sessions have been at each other’s throats and the new Attorney General was about to be terminated.  But after the Cabinet meeting where Sessions spoke and Trump was engaged with his members individually, then after watching the Sessions testimony, it is obvious that we are dealing with a new caliber of political activity that radiates competency in ways previously undefined.  It won’t take long for this administration to simply outpace the Washington swamp creatures and rise about the murky waters for which all these lackluster political activists have made expensive livings for themselves at being entirely average.  No longer, and that’s where things are culminating in the Sessions testimony—an event he easily breezed through—are average results going to be tolerated. 


That returns my mind to the night of that CNN piece that a group of southern Ohio Trump supporters—myself included—provided.  I took a lot of notes on the Comey testimony and I felt I had a bead on what was happening, but my opinions were dramatically different than the story CNN was trying to frame.  I knew when I gave my statements that it provoked outrage from the political left because they had been hoping that the Comey testimony would put the last nail in the coffin of the Trump presidency.  But that’s not what happened.  Instead, Comey showed himself to be less reliable than we were led to believe and there were aspects to his testimony that pointed toward very evil actions—evil in the sense that Comey was deceiving himself of the boundaries of right and wrong.  That much was clear when he revealed himself as one of the intelligence leakers we’ve all been hearing so much about.  Once that happened the obstruction of justice criteria that leftist political insurgents were trying to establish now turned back toward the Hillary Clinton and Lorretta Lynch case explored and dismissed in 2016.  Now there was all kinds of fresh news to add—if these anti-Trump people held the same standard they were imposing on Donald Trump to Lorretta Lynch and Clinton—then there were major problems for those two, and for Comey.  They had wrecked their own case.


My soundbite given to CNN played all weekend and into the events leading up to the Sessions testimony, and as I look back on it, I am proud to have been so far out in front of the story with my gut instinct.  It’s not easy to go against the grain with something like that and to say things that might be used against you later.  The general feeling is that Trump is a liar and that Comey is Boy Scout honest when in fact the opposite is true.  Trump is reckless with his Twitter and his statements not because he’s a liar, but is innocently honest the way a young person might be who hasn’t yet been burned into extreme caution.  Comey on the other hand was calculated, manipulative and even deceitful and hiding all this behind a façade of goodness.  CNN wanted to find something wrong with Trump so they took what Comey said at face value when they shouldn’t have.  They obviously thought me and the other Trump supporters with me were lunatics who supported Trump blindly. After all, how could anybody say that Trump isn’t a liar given all the accusations leveled against him. 


The key to trusting Trump is in his business record of success, and his marriage to Melania.  If he were so inclined to deceitful practices, I am convinced that she would pressure him into a correction which makes her marriage to him vitally important and a major difference between the Donald Trump of old, and this new one who is president.  Melania is Trump’s hobby and he obviously loves her very much.  And she keeps him honest because she doesn’t put up with much of anything.  She is a good person and good people just don’t put up with bad people in their lives unless they allow themselves to be broken—and Melania is not a broken person in any fashion. Trump wouldn’t lie about the Russian investigation because she wouldn’t put up with it.  But Comey is a collectivist—he’s a person who obviously doesn’t care about merit, but about preserving the swamp—and he would do anything to protect it—including lying.  I don’t know his sweet little wife—the person he said he regretted not having dinner with that night he was invited to the White House to dine with Trump—but she obviously doesn’t hold Comey to the same kind of authenticity as Melania does Trump.  So I have no problem looking at Comey and considering that he lied—because I think he did.  Sessions on the other hand wanted to clear the air and willingly testified, and guilty people don’t tend to rush toward the truth, or the acquisition of it.  And if Trump was “guilty” of all these things, he wouldn’t be Tweeting and creating a written record of the exchanges.  Yes, this is truly new territory—we have not been here as a nation—ever.

After watching Jeff Sessions in his senate testimony and comparing it to Eric Holder and Lorretta Lynch it is obvious that we are dealing with a better caliber of people coming from this new White House.  Then watching how the political left acted when Jeff Sessions and many others in Trump’s Cabinet showed so much respect and passion as members of the Trump team we are seeing something very different—and I think the real credit goes back to Melania Trump.  I think it is she who makes the President a better man—better than he ever has been before.  And at this stage in his life I think he is extraordinarily trustworthy—and his fearless actions show it.  Trust worthy people trust other people—which Trump trusted Sessions to do a good job at the senate so he left for Wisconsin to do his job as president—which says a lot about how Trump operates as a manager.  With Melania she is not only a beautiful woman—physically, but she’s got it on the inside too—and that has the President’s heart.  So as CNN asked me, do you think Comey lied, or do I think Trump lied—I of course believe Trump and not Comey.  Why—because Melania is married to Trump and Comey is sketchy.  Therefore, Trump is the guy I trust and it’s obvious that I’m not alone.  Finally that administration is turning the corner and the left is losing ground—and now we’ll get to see something truly good coming from Washington D.C.  And it couldn’t have arrived a moment too soon. 

Rich Hoffman

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