Time to put the Democrats in Jail: Illinois is bankrupt and the cause was that liberal political party of criminals

Doesn’t anybody find it odd that most of the people involved in the 2016 Election are under some kind of criminal investigation except for Donald Trump. It is quite clear now that the only reason Trump’s administration has had a host of investigations leveled against it were to take the attention away from the real crimes being committed.  Now we have learned that even Bernie Sanders and his wife were part of the mismanagement and financial ruin of a little upstart college.  Likely all they are really guilty of is being stupid socialists who don’t understand money or how to manage it—but like their other members of the Democratic Party—they have shown a desire to run our lives even though they have proven they can’t run their own.  Specifically, I’m talking about the immense problems in Illinois which I articulated several years ago announcing the bankruptcy the state is facing largely because of the mismanagement of money in the city of Chicago.  All these problems are coming from the Democratic Party and they use crime to hide their stupidity over and over again essentially until Trump’s presidency took away that excuse and started fighting back.  Now they have been opened up and exposed for the criminals they always were and the payday is upon them.

That is why as Republicans, no person who calls themselves such should turn away from this vast evil revealed to us by Democrats during that same 2016 Election.  As soon as they thought appropriate they went after the Trump administration with all the teeth and claws they had—and really for the first time our Republican representative in a sitting office did not back down—which exposed them.  Now we see that it was Loretta Lynch who obstructed justice during that same campaign.  We also know that Eric Holder committed many crimes as head of the Justice Department under the direction of Barack Obama.   We know Obama spied on the Trump transition team and that we had an activist FBI director who was leaking sensitive information to news outlets—particularly The New York Times.  We have already established the many crimes of the Clinton family, but when you add to that the DNC collusion to keep Bernie Sanders out of the primary, and then the sad actions of Bernie Sanders himself what we end up with is a serious bunch of misfits who shouldn’t be anywhere near an elected position.  Most of them should be in jail.  These aren’t just bad people, they are criminals and they deserve to have the full weight of justice leveled at them.

Failure to punish these people is to invite further debate and a lot of wasted time lost fighting with them over the critical issues of our day.  If left alone to roam about freely, they will insist to bankrupt our nation into the poor state that Illinois currently finds itself in.  There are really only two ways to deal with the bankruptcy of Illinois—you have to have explosive economic growth to pay down all the debts, or you have to go bankrupt.  There isn’t any middle ground because the interest payments alone will destroy the state with fiscal liability.  And there aren’t any Democrats out there who are legitimately offering to solve the problem with a proper economic philosophy.  They are the “socialism or bust” Party, and reality has determined that they—bust.

The most tenacious of the Democrats out there who refuse the reality of their broken philosophy have taken up the plight of crime to profit from their political careers—because unlike Democrats from the past who gave away money to various unions and mismanaged their cities like Santa Claus on Christmas—the payments are coming due in our current time and someone has to pay.  That has pushed the Democratic leadership toward crime just to survive and now they have all been caught.  There isn’t a one of them alive today from Chuck Schumer to Nancy Pelosi who doesn’t know the true situation and all they have is schemes of deceit to inflict their propaganda.  But they are exposed and as Republicans the time to act is now.  Nobody should hesitate to utterly destroy the Democratic Party because if left to their peace, they will try to destroy ours.  There is no reasoning with them and we cannot all co-exist.  What they want for America is economic collapse and unification with a world government.  And Republicans want fiscal responsibility and sovereignty.  Those ideas are not compatible with one another  So one must lose and one other will continue on to become the governing philosophy of our nation.

It is important to observe the trajectory of events to arrive at the proper strategic conclusion, Trump has only been in the White House for six months as of this writing and because the Democrats came after him so hard, the same rules if applied to them which is what has them in so much trouble now threatens to destroy their Party.  Another six months of this activity will seal the deal and Republicans must do their part to make it so.  Don’t extend out a helping hand at the last moment, and don’t offer them a reassuring assimilation.  Have the heart to destroy them so that we can get onto the proper management of our country with a unified general philosophy.  Obviously from there another two-party system will emerge but the party of insurgency—which the Democrats became do not have a place in the discussion of American ideas so long as their basic definition is change from a traditional nation to a more European progressive one.

The way to win all the needed regional seats, the state seats and of course the critical seats at the federal level is to take the crimes the Democrats have been caught in and pound them into the ground until there is nothing left.  Forget the debate, just go for the metaphorical jugular.  Trump has demonstrated this effectiveness, so now it’s time to do the same at every level of our governing population.  There isn’t any reason that Republicans should fight each other so long as there are Democrats to destroy. Get rid of them then have the subtle debates about how to go about governing business within the framework of the Constitution.

A failure to do this will only result in more states like Illinois and cities like Chicago to go bankrupt over promised pension obligations and further liberal policies which destroy economic growth.  The situation is critical presently and the only way out is either radical cutting of budgets or absolutely explosive economic growth.  We can’t have it both ways as insurgent Democrats propose.  Their aim was never to fix problems in America, but to use problems to change our nation into something more like Europe and this just is not an acceptable reality.  When it didn’t work policy wise, they turned to crime and now several at the top of the Democratic Party food chain have been caught and it’s time to make them pay.  Hillary Clinton should be in jail.  Loretta Lynch should also be in jail.  The proof is extremely convincing and that’s before we do any digging.  Eric Holder as well—Barack Obama—they all deserve to be raked over the coals much worse than Donald Trump has—Democrats set the criteria and now they must live with it.  Bernie Sanders—the communist—he needs to be given the letter of the law and put in his place for everything he has done to speak out of both sides of his mouth and create a climate of insurgency that he has fostered over the last few years.  These people have done it to themselves and now it’s time to go after their jugular for all that’s right and moral.  Do them in and don’t look back or feel the least bit sorry for them.  They have been bad people and their deserve what’s coming.

Rich Hoffman

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