The Ridiculous World of CNN’s Jim Acosta: Why we are lucky Eric Trump is so fast to defend his dad

A lot of people forget what the Trump family sacrificed to have Donald Trump president of the United Sates. They have great properties all over the world to manage and they have quite a fortune built the old-fashioned way—and they could have been happily neutral New York progressives for the rest of their lives and nobody would have blamed them. But when Trump decided to do something about the way the world was shaping up to be, and understood that he was in a unique position to do something—he had to pick sides and that isn’t generally good for the family business.  It used to be people thought Trump was an arrogant billionaire but he was on another place and so long as he stayed there, people would see the Trump products and think of exceptionally high quality. Now that he’s president essentially half the world hates him, while the other half obviously loves him—and as a businessman that’s not a great place to be.  I think with Trump he has the long view in mind so history will be very forgiving to the Trump name.  But in the meantime, it’s going to be tough on the family.  So it is very unique to have a guy like him in a powerful elected office and it is ever rarer that his kids are so supportive—such as Eric Trump over how the CNN reporter Jim Acosta has treated his father in the White House.

I found the Tweet by Acosta particularly interesting and I loved Eric’s response to it. This is what new media can do, it can create real-time discussions that are much quicker and less filtered than liberal editors at traditional outlets like CNN would typically permit—and its driving them crazy—the MSM.  Because these new media applications have their strength in exchanged ideas it seriously puts poor philosophies at a disadvantage because they can’t hold up against competition driven by reality. When Jim Acosta says something that in the 90s might have been profound and emotionally driven our new world can scrutinize his position and comment on it often to their disadvantage.  That has put CNN in a bad place leaving them to attempt their liberal activism in the White House briefing room for which Sean Spicer had, had enough.  Due to the constant grandstanding by Acosta to look good for television the White House now makes reporters turn off their cameras while asking questions so that they can’t become “YouTube” stars at the expense of the current administration.

Typically, in the private sector where money is made and GDP is measured from—which is really all that matters—government is a burden to that number so the larger the government the less efficient a nation—nonsense like Jim Acosta showed a predilection to participate in was grossly ignorant. A “democracy” as all these leftist losers keep yakking about is not a good thing—a rule by the majority is just stupid because most of the majority is not very smart.  That is why we have a republic which allows for a partial majority rule process but the effort requires participants at least smart enough to vote and even then regionally. For instance, a crack dealer in San Francisco who likes anal sex with other guys should not be able to vote to send a member to congress who is supposed to also represent a book-worm from Ohio who works 90 hours a week, loves his family, has straight sex with his wife and is mostly friends with farmers from the country.  The two value systems just aren’t compatible—so we have a republic of representative government and we let them fight it out instead of us fighting among ourselves.  But the “public” doesn’t have a right to know everything by merit of ownership.  When Obama and Clinton were in the White House people like me were effectively shut out of the democratic process and the “People’s House” was not representing me—and they made that quite clear.  So now I happen to have someone who does represent me in the White House and the shoe is on the other foot—and people like Jim Acosta can be mad about it—but who cares.  Too bad.  Tough F**king luck dude.  I don’t give a rat’s ass whether or not his little feelings are hurt or not.  Speaking for myself I want proper management of our government starting at the White House and I don’t want a bunch of noise like Acosta spews out there trying to screw it up.  In the private sector, we don’t allow that kind of grandstanding.  Typically, such a person would just be fired.  Obviously, Jim Acosta doesn’t understand the rules.  He thinks we’re a democracy—which we are not.  And he thinks that the White House owes him something—which again—it doesn’t.  All the White House owes anybody is that they do what was promised to the people who voted for their administration.  That’s it.

Part of what makes this White House so different, and so much better is that it is filled with people who actually have experience in the world—not a bunch of political hacks and that is why we are lucky the Trump family as a whole was willing to take all this on. Eric Trump doesn’t need to get involved in a scuffle with Jim Acosta. Yes, it might cause a decline in memberships to their various golf resorts—but they are willing to absorb that hit to do what’s right and that is so rare in the world.  People like Jim Acosta don’t understand those motivations.  Eric Trump confronted Acosta because it was the right thing to do and by the moment it is causing leftists to disintegrate.  The clash of philosophies is just too great.  Acosta all his life along with his contemporaries, thought they were safe behind the veil of contemporary progressivism and now all that protection has been stripped away like a scared young child hiding under the covers.  There is Jim Acosta ranting and raving like a spoiled brat kid citing rules that never existed articulating a fairness that only resonated in the wildest imagination of the very destitute.

So yes, we are lucky that we have these people in the White House and that they are changing things for the better just by bringing proper management to the swamp of Washington D.C. smoking out losers like Jim Acosta who always wanted America to be something it wasn’t—a democracy ran by fools, losers and drug addicts. In the Republic for which we are, we have representational government—not a rule by the mob and for a change there is someone qualified to manage our White House with private sector experience. That means no-nonsense management that pushes loud mouths like Jim Acosta to the back of the line so that clear voices can resonate with important information for those critical management decisions.  If the Trump family had not been willing to do this important work, we’d all be worse off right now.  So if there is anything to be thankful for it’s that they are in position to do great things and the cost to them in spite of what people think is very high.

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “The Ridiculous World of CNN’s Jim Acosta: Why we are lucky Eric Trump is so fast to defend his dad

  1. If the Trump family had not sacrificed for the country, Hillary would be our president. We would have a continuation of the Obama administration and the swamp would have covered the entire nation. I believe people are waking up little by little. The ACA is a thorn in their side that must be resolved. Last night the media did a spot on the care of coal miners in Eastern Kentucky. They tried to scare the miner into believing that the current care would be gone (such as it is). It is interesting how the media picks and chooses people that will support their point of view. Does anyone believe that the left cares about the “poor” that they constantly use to promote full blown Communism. Why won’t people call it what it is “communism?” It is not socialism. It is full blown Communism with a small group of selected elitists in charge of the world. If the left cared one iota about the “poor” we wouldn’t have the total degradation of our inner cities. We wouldn’t have the education of children managed by people who want all brainwashed into believing lies.


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