The Media Dunking Booth: But Donald Trump isn’t playing and that’s a good thing

Clearly the people outraged over how Donald Trump has handled the constant bashing that Mikia Brezinski from MSNBC has conducted on the air toward the presidency are part of the problem.  As president in the type of White House that I voted to project to the world, you cannot let all these silly ankle biters have a field day at your expense and still be expected to be taken seriously around the world in Russia, North Korea, China and Iran.  And you can’t hide that maliciousness behind the fact that Mikia is a woman.  Just because she’s a girl she doesn’t get to take pot shots at the presidency every day to boost her ratings and not expect to have justice plunged back at her to feel the wrath of bad decisions.  For all the people like Charles Krauthammer and Diane Feinstein who think it is beneath the presidency of the United States to address all the masses like Mikia who want to criticize the president but from the safety of some invisible line of protection from retaliation—that is as bad of advice as I’ve ever heard.  The American presidency is not a dunking booth where some clown sits above a pit of water and has people throw a ball at a target to dunk the person sitting over the water—and not have those balls thrown back.  The presidency is a strategic seat which the world watches closely and when they see that Trump isn’t taking anything—even from a silly girl on MSNBC, they have to imagine what he might do when something really serious occurs, and that is what Trump’s Tweets and his push back against critics is so important to keeping the world safe.  It’s about time that we have someone in the White House who understands that strategic importance.

The concept of the dunking booth is one of those things designed to make the masses feel comfortable toward people who are typically in power over them.  For instance, at a big corporate event the boss that everyone is afraid of might be the one who sits in there and allows employees to throw balls at the target to raise money.  In some citywide event like a festival it might be the local politicians.  Again the desire is to ease the minds of the controlled by the people who act in life as their superiors.  Thus, in the media we have told ourselves that it’s OK for comedians and cable news personnel to criticize our president but he’s not supposed to throw the balls back.  He is supposed to just be dunked in the water like a fool and assure people looking on that the most powerful office in the world could easily be controlled by the mob of democracy.  That’s essentially the outrage here.  By attacking Mikia small-minded people worry that the most powerful office in the world might turn their sights on them and harass them in life for no reason at all.  So we’ve invented this stupid tradition that sitting American presidents had an office above refute and were suppose to show that they could take criticism, but that they wouldn’t issue it back.  Clearly that was a stupid idea and I am very happy that Trump is changing that notion.

I don’t fear anything about the executive branch.  When Obama was president I was on every watch list that idiot could come up with and I never worried about troops showing up at my house to arrest me.  I’m a law-abiding person for the most part and I do good things in life so I’m not going to put up with some unjustified arrest to make some silly politician in the White House happy.  I have enough personal firearms and ammunition to withstand any incursion which is my right under the Second Amendment so I sleep very well at night.  I don’t need to throw balls at a dunking booth to reassure myself that I have control over the political landscape.  But when Obama was president, I did not feel like part of the political process.  I did not have a representative in Washington D.C. My senator, Rob Portman might as well be a walking vagina the way he votes and my state governor John Kasich anal lube for prison inmates—and those are the good ones.  People like Diane Feinstein from California aren’t even in my political spectrum of thought.  Donald Trump certainly is and he’s there because there are more people like me than there are who have put those idiots in power over the years—because for the first time we had an option.

To do the same things we have done over and over again all through the years is ridiculous.  Personally, and this has come up in the past—I would never sign up to be put into a dunking booth.  I just don’t do things like that. I don’t dance.  I don’t participate in activities that show I’m “one of the people” by making a fool of myself. Because in so many ways I’m a leader of so many at various aspects of life that I know it would let them down to present myself as less of a person.  And Trump as a well-defined and successful leader understands that you have to be that type of person—a leader—in every aspect of your life.  You never compromise yourself by paying prostitutes to piss on a bed or letting small-minded people ankle bite at you without swatting them away and showing them whose boss.  And you don’t abuse your power just because you can—because real leaders understand the grand scheme of things.  Small minded people don’t of course so they invent mechanisms like dunking booths and other metaphorical applications to assure their minds that powerful people can be kept in check.  But that burden doesn’t fall on the powerful; it falls on the weak to deal with it.  If you want to feel in control, buy a gun and arm yourself with the great equalizers of our society.  Don’t look to laws by comb-over politicians to save you from aggression—just do it yourself.  That is the American way.

Honestly I expect Trump to do what he did to Mikia on MSNBC.  Watching the way she has behaved since Trump became president when obviously she was turned away from his Florida resort and is now out for revenge on the air—she deserves what she received and more.  It doesn’t matter that she’s a woman.  If she’s a bitch, then she deserves to be called one just as if some guy like her little boy toy Morning Joe could be referred to as a “dick.”  Because he is.  Saying such things isn’t beneath the presidency.  It might be if Trump wasn’t doing his other work but he does all that and more.  The guy works around the clock and he still has time to mix it up with some cable news hosts.  No problem.  And it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he did a lot more of it.  It’s about time.  Those who think he shouldn’t are the same people who have helped created the state of affairs that we currently find ourselves in—a bunch of pushovers that the world can walk on at will—and for people like me, that just isn’t acceptable.

Rich Hoffman

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