The Press and “Dirty Laundry”: Trump literally body slams CNN to become the greatest president in history

It was September 15th of 2015 when I predicted that if Trump were ever elected president what kind of effect he would have on the nation when I said this:

Out of all his accomplishments, the sentiment that Trump is an inductee of the WWE in the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame likely makes him most equipped to be President of the United States in the years following the embarrassments of Obama, Clinton and Bush more than anything else.

You can read the whole article at the link below because it is directly relevant to the tweet that Donald Trump put on his account Sunday morning July 2nd 2016 which ignited the world ablaze with bewilderment.  I am very proud of the President.  Extremely proud, because this is what it takes to make America great again.  It’s not his skill as a great leader, or his knowledge of business and deal making—or even his tireless work ethic.  The most valuable thing that Donald Trump brings to the White House is his induction into the WWE where he learned how to communicate with people in every spectrum of the known universe.

I know moderates on the conservative side of things think this whole Trump twitter thing is disgusting-but that is only because they are part of the problem.  You show me a man who is in his sixties—which Trump was at the time of that video body slamming his friend Vince McMahon to the floor of a wrestling arena–without throwing their back out and you’ll see a more qualified person for the White House.  Because there isn’t one.  Sure the whole thing was staged between Trump and McMahon but the stunt was real and it is an added level of communication that has changed our American presidency for the better.

Gone are the aristocratic leanings of the Oval Office and thank God.  Nobody should care about the tea that the president drinks and from what room, or any of the ornamental elements of the office pageantry.  I recently came from Buckingham Palace and witnessed the formality of that culture and you can keep it.  I prefer a president who can body slam a 225 pound man flat against the ground and still get up and walk any day over some legal mumble jumble and slack-jawed wine banging over protocol.  CNN has been hard on the White House and Trump has a right to make his feelings known.  Holding back thoughts is what caused us to get into all these messes to begin with—it’s time to put everything out on the table and let everyone know how we feel about each other—because in not saying it—we have created immeasurable evil in this world with what was previously unsaid.  There are far worse things in life than in not stating what’s obvious because it allows for a pretense of civility where there clearly isn’t.  So we might as well get things out in the open so we can function from the truth.  Do we hate each other—yes.  What do we do about it remains to be seen, but at least we are being honest.

I find it astonishing that clean thinking conservatives think it is actually appropriate to continue on letting people think that lying to people is a good thing—that the presidency should be “above” the squabbles of political theater.  Since we are saying that these news organizations want press passes to the White House under the guise of “free speech” so they can broadcast anger on the airwaves at the expense of the really good positive thinking that Trump has tried to bring to Washington D.C. culture—then why shouldn’t Trump give them more to talk about in the manner of theatrics such as what we often have seen in the WWE over the years. Isn’t it all the same thing?

What these complainers of Trump’s behavior really mean when they criticize the antics of the president is that they want it one way.  They want to take their shots but they don’t want anything coming back.  But isn’t that, and hasn’t that been a large part of the problem?  We’ve had these wimpy American presidents who yielded to the masses and they were effectively complacent place holders allowing every kind of intellectual insurgent to change our culture from the inside out?  And if Ronald Reagan was the great communicator who talked tough and had great one-liners through his terms—even he knew of the plans to insert communism into our public schools after the Department of Education was officially created in 1979.  Reagan knew about it all that time and did nothing—and it has always bothered me.  These other presidents from Bush to Obama lately have just been terrible.  They were all pushovers who invited the world to pick on us and take our money at will—and it is so nice to see that we are finally at a place where we have a guy in the White House who isn’t afraid to put a stop to it.

There is nothing wrong with thinking out of the box, and Trump was certainly doing that when he played his part in the WWE.  It was good theater and nothing more but for a businessman like Trump who made a lot of money legitimately—it was quite something to do.  The physical nature of it alone is something to talk about.  It was more than an act—it showed just how far Trump was willing to go—and it also shows his range of communication ability—even to the point of physical stunt work.  When you are the whole package—which he is—why not show it off or why not use it when needed?  After all, Project Veritas showed what goes on behind the scenes with the CNN producers and what they really think about people.  Why not go for the jugular if you are Trump?  I would say that one of the main reasons I voted for him was because I hoped that he would behave like this in the White House and wouldn’t take any lip from the world, or our domestic enemies—people who speak against the culture of America as it has been.

We are not talking about the rights of the press to cover Trump.  We are talking about the show and that show is getting in the way of Trump’s agenda.  Don Henley wrote a song about this very problem many years ago called “Dirty Laundry.”  Trump is by nature an extremely positive person and anything that keeps him from communicating that reality to people is a target for his wrath.  His goal is to get everyone—no matter who they are into a positive reflection of American sentiment and right now the media is the part of our government which refuses to cooperate—so he’s attacking them in the same way they have been attacking him.  What he has exposed over the last several months of his first year in office is essentially what Don Henley sung about way back in the 80s—that news as they have been are mostly concerned about entertainment and through this conflict with Trump—they have finally been exposed.  By putting out that old WWE video on his Twitter page, Trump just put an explanation point at the end of his grand sentence which everyone clearly heard.

If Trump stopped being president right now he would clearly go down as the greatest that we have ever had—but folks—he’s only six months into it.  We have a long way to go and the media is not going to survive the journey.  And for that I am very glad.  The media likes dirty laundry, but I don’t.  I want leadership from the White House that will make America great again.  Not a bunch of neurotic news people who are really just failed actors in entertainment. Remember where you heard it first.  I called it way back in 2015 and now I’m telling you now—Trump is and will be the greatest president of this current century, perhaps forever and we are seeing it all happen right in front of our faces.  It is a privilege to witness up close and personal!

Rich Hoffman

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