No, Donald Trump Doesn’t Need to be more “Mature”: There is no way to live in harmony with the political left

I gave up on Glenn Beck a long time ago. The only time I listen to his show is when he puts on Bill O’Reilly during Friday broadcasts because I like to see how the former Fox News star is doing.  But even with Bill, there are just things that he and Beck have always agreed on that just drove me nuts. And for the purpose of this article, their broadcast together on June 30th discussed everything I don’t like about either one of them.  They just don’t understand the whole Trump tweeting thing. They don’t get the need to fight back and are looking to the presidency for some kind of aristocratic leadership that just doesn’t belong in the office.  And as smart as they are both supposed to be, they seem to forget how we all got to the point where we are now in America—on the brink of a new civil war where both sides bitterly hate each other. They think its Donald Trump’s job to bring everyone together but they are wrong.  One side needs to be destroyed while the other flourishes and that is essentially the end of the debate.

Well before there was ever a Trump in the White House the political left made a very calculated incursion on American lifestyles.  To understand how dramatic that incursion of lefty philosophy was just watch any John Wayne movie from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  The values reflected in those cowboy movies were what essentially made America great and many generations grew up with the essential ideas exhibited in our American westerns.  Even if the audiences didn’t all want to grow up to be cowboys, a general understanding of right and wrong existed openly and we were clearly a better nation for it.  It doesn’t have to be entertainment that displays this issue, lately I have been re-reading some of the books by M. Scott Peck—the psychiatrist from the 80s who wrote a bunch of New York Times Best Sellers along the lines of The Road Less Traveled series.  It doesn’t seem that long ago to me, but to some it must be ancient history, the 80s were a very optimistic time in American history and if you read Peck’s books on psychiatry and the type of things that people were concerned with back then—then you could clearly trace a line from then to now to display how far we’ve all fallen as a civilization.  And anybody with half a brain could tell you that the course we’re on cannot continue.  Presently about half the nation sees that and to varying degrees wants to do something about it, and the other side is essentially hell=bent on their own destruction as well as everyone they know.

A lot of this change came from the political left and they were very aggressive about it.  When I was a kid the Department of Education became the central authority figure in public schools and the changes were sharp and quite clear—my mother was a room mom who volunteered at my school for everything—and the other kids in my class soaked her up desperately for any attention she could give them.  Even the meanest kids in my K-5 classes would melt to butter when she came to help with a Halloween party or a Christmas event.  Some of those kids back then would tell me I was the luckiest kid in the world to have a mom that was waiting for me to get off school and spend time with me. I grew up in a traditional household that worked. My dad worked hard.  My grandparents worked hard and everyone was very fiscally conservative—if they went out to eat—it was for a damn good reason.  So I was a little shocked that so many kids—all of them in the 70s and into the 80s had busy parents who were gone from home and just weren’t there to do the essential parenting that the kids needed.  Because I did have a traditional mom which was quite common just ten years earlier at home every day to talk to I had a front row seat to all this intellectual destruction that was going on.

My very first girlfriend—a real girlfriend who wanted to talk to me on the phone all the time was in the fifth grade.  She was very cute and very popular.  She was interested in me because it looked like I was going to be a star athlete so she was making her mark on the social ladder.  Back then I rode a bicycle everywhere, even over vast miles of country roads.  It drove my parents crazy but they let me do it because Liberty Township was a  very sparsely populated area then and you could drive down the road without worrying about people running you over or stealing you as a kid.  My parents let me ride over to her house to visit assuming there would be parental supervision—because they were naive about how far American culture had fallen themselves.  I was shocked to find that this girl didn’t have any parents who were home and wouldn’t be for several hours.  She didn’t have any brothers or sisters so she essentially took care of herself.  In fact, the neighborhood she lived in was quite a progressive utopia—it was a new mode of thinking that was being introduced.  It had a little community center called the White House where everyone gathered for social events which the parents spent a lot of their weekends using and all the kids were essentially growing up without parents.  The parents were too busy at their jobs and the socializing in this neighborhood to properly raise their kids and it showed. I was stunned to discover that this cute little 5th grade girl was already having sex and that she had let most of the boys in her neighborhood experiment on her.  From grade 4 to 5 she had gone from just play kissing to the real thing because really there wasn’t anything else for the kids to do.  They were bored and lonely and puberty was just starting to kick in.  We all had just learned about sex education in school so kids wanted to do it—and in that neighborhood they did.

My second girlfriend was in the sixth grade and she was a cute little thing who lived in another developing neighborhood.  My parents were suspicious of her because the homes were Homearoma homes that were very expensive.  She was a very smart little girl who I thought wouldn’t be near as wild as the first girlfriend.  I was stunned to find out that she was even more sexually experienced.  I couldn’t believe what she knew at such a young age—and like the first girlfriend, the parents were never home.  But one time on the weekend I was invited over to a pool party that her parents were hosting for some of their favorite neighbors.  So I rode my bike over there to attend only to find everyone in the back yard naked and skinny dipping in their pool—parents, neighbors, older brothers and of course my girlfriend.  It wasn’t lost to me that a pattern of behavior was emerging—first of all my taste in girls—and the situations I continued to find myself in and they all had in common these crazy girls who were hungry for attention because their parents had effectively abandoned them as children.  Using the power of sex, they were just learning how not to be alone—but the real problem was the parents adopting progressive lifestyles which had been placed socially over their value system.  In fact in the previous neighborhood I later discovered that it was quite common for homes there to have “key parties” among the adults—so no wonder the kids were so sex obsessed.  I decided that far back that I wasn’t playing.  Even at my young age I had seen enough and knew I didn’t want any part of it—which I knew better because I had traditional older people in my life that I could speak to about these things so I was able to avoid getting sucked in.  Every time I visited my grandparents on my mom’s side there was a John Wayne movie on and I’d watch them as a baseline of thought with my grandpa so I had a means of comparing the two value systems at a critical point in my life.

Now we’ve watched this situation get worse and worse every year since then.  Kids growing up today don’t even have a point of reference from a previous time—for all they know it was always this messed up—the way we socially engage each other and the value systems that drive us.  Many who have had the innocence of their childhoods robbed from them don’t know any better, and luckily there are enough people still alive in the world who remember the times before my childhood recollections where a loving parent was home to greet a child from school and they at least watched the Andy Griffin Show together.  They have held on their entire lives to a different kind of America that changed under their feet and the people who have been doing the changing have crossed the line many times to push the agenda which people resent.  For a long time due to the Christian nature of our country people minded their own business but the progressive incursions kept coming.

My wife and I are extremely unique these days to be doing what was once quite common in America—we raised our children traditionally.  My wife does not have a job outside the home because it has always been her role to make sure all the kids have whatever they need.  If they need to talk, she was always there and I made sure there was plenty of money in case the kids needed braces or a new saxophone for music class.  If we were short on money then I worked more.  There were times where we could only afford one car but at least there was always a parent around and now that they are all grown up the differences between them and everyone else in their age group is drastically obvious.  If more people did things the way we did—they’d be a lot better off and our country would be much, much stronger in every regard.  So when I hear things to the contrary, I know better—and it makes me really angry to see liberals insist on a course of social action that I know ruins people intellectually at first, but eventually destroys them in every way possible.

Donald Trump knows a time before all this happened—as I do.  When he was a kid even in New York City where all these changes in our nation started, he had similar experiences so he knows how to call it out now.  Even though he participated in that destruction as he moved into his adulthood he at least had a perspective that allowed for comparative analysis.  Now in the very mature years of his life he wants to do something about it and he’s fighting back and he has my full support.  That’s why I voted for him. But to assume that what he is doing is somehow not “mature” as Beck insisted to Bill O’Reilly is to not fully understand what is going on.  Who cares about the office of the presidency and its place in history if that history is being destroyed right in front of our faces?  What’s the point in White House honor if the world around it is crumbling from a lack of values?  There is nothing wrong with Donald Trump lashing out at virtually everyone who criticizes him from my standpoint because it is deserved.  There isn’t any honor in being “mature.”  Porn is meant for “mature” audiences—people who are above a certain age and assumedly no longer feel they must defend themselves from attacks in the peeking order of life.  Most “mature” people know their place in life and no longer strive to gain in it—they are defeated people who have given up.    That is the case with most “mature” people.   Donald Trump is not mature and neither am I.  If I had a penny for every time someone told me to be more mature I could have bought all of Manhattan by now.  What people really mean when they say such things is “why don’t you make it easy for me to beat you.”  They don’t want to get along with you, they don’t want to live in peace with you—they just want you either out of their way or they want you naked in a back yard pool comfortably numb.

Our media and entertainment culture has been very aggressive in pushing our society more and more toward the kind of culture I described with the girlfriends from my early years.  I was often criticized for wanting to marry so young, but I had already decided after those first two experiences that I wanted to live a traditional life—not these messes that I met through girlfriends in my school days.  I said it back then and I say it now with more conviction because I have a lot of knowledge to back it up—those parents of the girlfriends were idiots.  They ruined the lives of those little girls and most of the people they’d interact with for the rest of their lives and that is not something that people can live in harmony with.  I wanted off the train and my wife did as well so we stepped off and lived our lives traditionally and I am certain everyone would be far better off if they followed.  I elected Donald Trump to fight back—not to get along.  There is a lot more at stake than just living and letting live—we are talking about fighting an obvious evil at its roots.  We don’t want to make friends with it, and we don’t want to understand it.  We want to destroy it.

There isn’t one person reading this who will say that my opinions about the young girls having sex in the fifth grade and parents who taught them by having key parties, isn’t wrong.  But there are plenty of those same people who will justify those actions and even participate in them because they have learned to be “mature” and to just get along for the sake of peace.  Most of them weren’t as lucky as I was to have a mom at home as a kid, or traditional grandparents to learn from.  Most of them grew up bored at home with nothing to do from 4 to 6 pm every night so they experimented sexually with a neighbor.  They drank from their parent’s liquor cabinet and learned to become drunken fools and laugh about it to justify all that behavior to their failed lives—they gave it a name—they called it “mature.”  Well Glenn Beck, no thanks.  You may be a recovering drug abuser but you are unqualified to comment on this topic because you have been compromised as a person and are only trying to make good on it late in life.  If you aren’t fighting back against it like you used to—but are now trying to live in “accord” with it—you are useless.  Bill O’Reilly I give a little bit of a pass to.  He’s a nice guy who is smart and is a good reporter.  But his passivity essentially destroyed his life.  He didn’t see it coming and he allowed them to knock him off Fox News disgracefully.  Trump has never been knocked down like O’Reilly and Beck have—never in his life.  So why in the world should he listen to critics who say he should tone things down just because he’s president of the United States.  If anything, the opposite is true.  Fight everyone and do it often for the betterment of civilization—because a course correction is needed.  And the need to correct that course is more important than giving the appearance of “maturity” as the world burns itself into extinction.

Rich Hoffman

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