The Doomsday Cult of a new Religion–Climate Change: Using hoakey science to hide sheer laziness

I thought it was astonishing.  In America you just don’t hear these kinds of things, but the view of productivity around the world has changed and their poor economies show it.  However increasingly, especially on college compasses and public schools everywhere the next generation is adopting this mentality.  In dealing with a company overseas recently I learned that they had to shut down their facility for four days due to a need to preserve power—they had an energy crisis and just didn’t have enough energy literally to operate their manufacturing plant.  Obviously their commitment to solar and wind power wasn’t cutting the mustard and they didn’t have enough energy to conduct basic manufacturing.  So their employees went home and conserved power for a majority of this previous week doing nothing to move needed actions on behalf of our business together.  And while explaining it to me they didn’t even have the predilection that there was any possible imposition to the matter.  Buying into all the greenie weenie diatribes that the new communist green movement has put forth, these people were committing economic suicide under the best of intentions—and the entire premise was completely false, artificially created to preserve nature at the cost of human productivity and it’s quite a disgusting phenomenon.   The people I was dealing with were not stupid people, but they have adopted all the nutty European standards on emission reduction that have essentially crippled them as a productive society—and it is astonishing to see.

It was only a few weeks ago where I wrote quite an elaborate, and unique article about the nature of people who silently seek to do as little as possible.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  They are the type of people who are disconnected from productive enterprise and have lives separate from their work.  They are the TGIF people who dread Mondays, put “hump day” on their Facebook postings and on Fridays celebrate by declaring that they thanked God that the weekend was upon them so they could go home, stuff their fat faces and watch other people live lives on television.  Many of those people are the first idiots who are inclined to listen to Al Gore rattle on about the new communism “green” religion of climate change which articulates quite specifically all the sins of productivity as something to avoid.  For lazy pieces of shit, the green movement is quite an attractive prospect.  Not only do they get the excuse to sit on their ass and bitch about everything but they can hide behind the shield of non productive output to do it and feel like they are saving the earth in the process.   It is the latest rage of the lazy and stupid and it is taking over the world rapidly because of the many soft-souled losers that are out there to solidify the thoughts of non productive behavior.

It’s not the earth these losers are protecting—it’s their own laziness—let’s make that clear right now.  As California recently voted to impose massive regulations on themselves all in the name of “climate change” which is a completely made up falsehood designed to limit the productive output of America to match these other countries who have allowed the lazy losers of their societies to stop productivity all in the name of saving the earth from human beings.  Gov. Jerry Brown is just another Jim Jones cult leader speaking in terms that touch the human desire to regress back to the Stone Age—to build monuments honoring the winter and summer solstice, to make animal sacrifices to the gods for food supply and to dance like idiots under the sun hoping to make it rain.  The new “science” of climate change is just another voodoo cult of idiots casting lunacy toward reality and hoping for some kind of positive result.  But behind every one of those people is a lazy streak that looks to get away from work so that they can hide their tendency behind some social effort to conceal their lazy inclinations.

Climate change is in the same category as religious mythology, the new devil is capitalism and the new God–the Earth, and all its family of planets spinning around the sun waiting for the day that the fuel runs out and destroys the entire solar system.  The lazy Al Gore types and the loud mouthed Jerry Brown’s of the world preach with the Jim Jones charisma of a maniac to turn off our productivity as human beings and turn inward toward the gods of compliance—and to pray for rain, to pray for food and to pray for our everlasting life.  All the while, those of us who work hard, smart and are always thinking know that all those things are improved through productivity.  Everything is fixed in human existence through hard work and productive output.

Imagine going to Disney World and learning that they had to shut down for the day due to a need to save power.  Or think of New York City—a place that never sleeps having to turn off some of their lights to accommodate the limits of wind turbans and solar cells struggling to put out enough power to supply their needs because there were a number of days when it was cloudy.  That’s what we’re talking about here.  The greenie weenie push to get away from “dirty” “sinful” energy and to move toward less effective “green energy.”  What you end up with is a production plant with no power and a bunch of people who have to take a mandatory vacation just to save the planet from an unseen menace, unseen because it doesn’t exist.   People like Jerry Brown and Al Gore are just the new death doctors of doom preaching the apocalypse as they pass the offering plates around the congregation to pay for themselves to have a wild nights with strippers in Vegas after everyone goes home.  They don’t care about life; they want to do as little as possible and to indulge in vile conduct with a cover story of some majestic cause.

The earth doesn’t give a rat’s ass if we humans live or die.  The earth will die in due time, its climate will change, its oceans will rise and fall, and it will continue to be pelted every few billion years with catastrophic space debris.  Braless bitches and stringy haired hippies with body piercings and their acoustic guitars can stand in the mud and sing about how wonderful the earth is and they can hide their lazy behavior behind climate change and worship the goddess Mother Earth and it won’t change a damn thing—earthquakes will happen.  Hurricanes will still occur.  But mankind’s salvation is bigger than the earth—and it is there in space for the productive and the ambitious to explore.  The religious cult of climate change has been created to hide the lazy from the judgment of the ambitious and that has left good people standing around waiting for the sun to come out so that they can work an eight-hour day—or be sent home until the situation improves.  Meanwhile, nobody was there to answer my God-damn emails because they were too busy smelling flowers and worshipping the earth while their f**king phones charge.  They foolishly sat by candlelight like a bunch of Neanderthals during the Stone Age around a fire wondering what animal might come along to eat them, or why lightning was so scary flashing across the sky.  Meanwhile in America for those who don’t sleep so much and work 16 hour days—and on weekends—we are planning to return to the moon and to mine materials to advance our civilization toward a Type I utilization.

We are not one world.  There are the lazy pieces of crap that live and seek a new form of communism in this green movement to stop production, seek out technology to make it so they can play video games longer in the day and get paid for sitting on their ass.  They are parasites of the earth feeding off it like a barnacle because they essentially don’t want the responsibility for self initiation.  They want someone to blame for their lack of success in life and climate change gives them an excuse to do very little in life and still have a cover story to feel good about themselves over.  Then there are the productive people who don’t want limits on their imaginations or their effort—and those are the people who will carry mankind into the stars to live for billions of years long after the earth has been consumed by the sun as that gassy celestial centerpiece of our solar system dies.  The lazy will die with it.  The ambitious will move on to procreate in space with thought and enterprise that are specific to the human race.  But the two sides will never  get along on earth.   It is sad to see that the influence of the lazy losers have migrated into politics to shut down entire countries with bad policy and sheer stupidity.   We are fighting that trend in America with a new kind of President.  However, by the way things look around the world—many of those other countries need to be doing the same thing.  If you don’t have enough energy to stay open for business, you are doing something very wrong.

Rich Hoffman

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