They Have it Coming: Trump and his supporters tried to make peace–but the other side picked war

Donald Trump tried to play nice. He started his presidency not wanting to prosecute his political rivals, in allowing Democrats to join Republicans in legislative actions.  He even wanted to make good with the press—he sat down with The New York Times—a newspaper he has always loved, and tried to offer them an olive branch of peace before his inauguration even started.  All those idiots swiped away that offering and chose to aggressively prosecute Trump and his family in a desperate effort to save the swamp in Washington D.C., the K-Street money, the bribes, the sex, the massive corruption that goes on unimpeded—and has for years.  That is until we elected a president to put a stop to all that.  And now after watching the testimony of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and the way that Republicans have drag-assed the healthcare debate trying to hide behind the phony Russian investigations to avoid dealing directly with the president at the head of their party—it is obvious that its time to doing some firing—and prosecution and to take this fight to those who deserve it most—and not to look back.

That clip by Sean Hannity demonstrates the problem pretty clear—have you ever been to Russia or anywhere near that land mass dear reader?  They do not have the power that Democrats are tying to give them.  They are not a superpower any longer and they certainly are not superior to American means of global conduct.  Anyone who is hiding behind this made-up Russian story of collusion is part of the problem. Russia can barely build a road let alone influence an American election.  They have their spies and their manipulations—as everyone does, but these are not James Bond villains from the 60s.  They are a country struggling to find their voice in a noisy world and they just don’t have the money to be a major player the way that Democrats are trying to portray.  Trump won the election because he was the better candidate and using a Russia story to cover up what a bunch of idiots they have been won’t help them.

It’s not Donald Trump’s fault that most of the people he’s dealing with are idiots—and criminals. And its time for his administration to start cutting off heads and firing people left and right—especially the Obama holdovers—Washington as a culture does not want to work with this president, so fire them all and bring in people who do.  The time for playing nice is over.  Trump tried, but he has been turned down, even by those in his own party.  It was pathetic to watch Republicans struggle with a healthcare debate vote—which for them it should have been easy.  The reason it wasn’t is why most of them need to go.  For the same reasons that many were upset that Trump ended last week a CIA program to fund terrorists in Syria—people like John McCain were against the move because they want a mess in the Middle East.  They don’t want to solve any problems, they want to make them so that their financial backers will continue to support their campaigns—it’s usually as simple as that.

Their financial backers have business in the chaos—that’s why they want politicians who create chaos in the first place.  That’s how the swamp was created.  Trump pulled out of the program because that essentially kills ISIS.  Do you know dear reader how much the bullets cost that you see those towel headed idiots shooting in the air in the Middle East?  They “ain’t” cheap, let me tell you that, and the terrorist aren’t paying for those bullets.  What are they going to buy them with—bread, dirt, and soiled baby cloths?  They have no economy in those regions to buy such things with—so who gives them the guns and bullets?  Trump knows what’s going on and to keep him from doing anything about it the Swamp has created this false Russian story to keep the chaos going.  The weapons are provided to them—in many cases by our own government to plant the seeds of chaos to have some leverage situation in the region.  Because Trump is doing things like that, opponents from both parties are getting behind this made up Russian story to attempt to stop him from doing more—and for the last six months it has kept the new president from getting to the meat and potatoes of the Beltway problems.

It’s time to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton—Eric Holder, Barack Obama and all their staffs and supporters and to put their asses in front of the senate and to get to the real crimes that have been committed for which they are attempting to hide with all this chaos against Trump. And let’s not forget Lois Lerner.  Trump offered them all the olive branch and they chose war—so give it to them.  At this point nobody can call Trump a war monger, or an emperor of our republic because he sincerely tried not to be.  But the swamp took the first swipe and in order to do his job properly, he has to get aggressive.  I know he wanted to avoid that—but the other sided chose their path so now its time to pay.

Its one thing to play fair and to be “presidential,” but it’s quite another to take a compassionate stance while real villains filled with fangs intent to draw blood come at your family and drag them through the mud to prove a point and send a message.  Trump isn’t about to take that and I support him one hundred percent.  If he fired everyone in Washington D.C. I’d still be with him.  If he cut every budget by lobbying against this congress to get a better one in 2018, I would still support him.  It would anger me too if I were their father to see Don Jr. and Jared Kushner treated so terribly as they have been in an attempt to paint them into a defensive posture regarding Russia. They certainly don’t deserve it—the only crime they have committed was in being successful.  Successful international businessmen typically have relations with people all over the world—Russia included.  That does not define why Trump won the election.  The Democrats lost because they were terrible, corrupt, and just plain stupid.  And their Saul Alinsky tricks no longer work so they are completely lost as to what to do next.

The press picked their part in this and they too deserve what’s coming. They have sided with literally the villains in American politics and have positioned themselves for a complete failure.  That isn’t Trump’s fault, it’s theirs.  The Hollywood crowd has additionally placed their ideology outside of American sentiment—and they are paying for it at the box office.  If anyone was paying attention to the Comic Con 2017 in San Diego last weekend the mood was a retrofit of the 1980s again, people want to feel positive about things and the 1980s were a time of feeling good about America.  People crave to feel good about the team they are on and so far only Trump is offering that path in the 2020 period—forty years later.  Two projects, one from Steven Spielberg, and another from Netflix, Stranger Things II feature plotlines set against the back drop of the 1980s optimism for the future.  People in Middle America and elsewhere in the world do not want the dystopian vision that the Democrats have attempted to project in their grabs for a single payer option in health care and a society regressing back to nature.  They literally want to reach for the stars and if there is any single reason that Trump was elected over Democratic options it was that message of optimism behind the fighter that was struggling to explode forth.  It had nothing to do with Russia!  It was all about a vision and approach for the future.

We have a president of the United States right now who has written more best-selling books than anybody who has ever been in that office. He is a more complete person than has ever been in the executive branch and the people who have lived off chaos for so long know that the game is up.  Their only defense was to keep him on the ropes defending every little piece of nonsense they could think of daily.  But we’ve reached that saturation point.  Trump isn’t going to allow for all this to consume him and his family.  Once the media drug his family into it—it was over for them.  Trump doesn’t need the presidency to define his success as a person.  He already has that.  He became president over the traditional do nothings because of his accomplishments—so it’s a whole new game in politics—forever.

It may be painful for some, but Trump has to prosecute and terminate the employment of the Obama era holdovers and not worry about what the congress and senate thinks. Trump sincerely tried so now he can take an ax to it all and feel good about it.  The inability to do anything with healthcare while Republicans held all three houses was the final straw—and now its time to pay for everything.  And that starts with the Attorney General position prosecuting the real crimes that took place during the 2016 election.  It’s not out of spite that this must be done—it’s because the Democrats framed the argument and now that same measure must be applied to them.

Rich Hoffman

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