The Criminal Democrats: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is again in trouble–like all the rest of them


I would have thought that the arrest of the IT guy for Debbie Wasserman Schultz trying to leave the country would have been the top billing on the news cycles—but it wasn’t. The guy was being charged with bank fraud and had attempted to destroy evidence before fleeing the United States once he knew authorities were on to him.  It’s not like the guy was a temp employee with low-level access to sensitive material, Imran Awan was a long-time employee for Wasserman Schultz and was certainly there when she was running the DNC but was fired at the convention last summer for the misconduct that hackers revealed about her dealings.  Why is it that if Don Jr. sneezes it’s a big story and a scandal, or President Trump can say he’s disappointed in AG Jeff Sessions and its wall to wall coverage—but when Democrats break the law in spectacular ways, the same level of scrutiny is not applied to them? That is of course a hypothetical, we know the answer—it’s because Republicans tend to be soft and way too forgiving allowing themselves to be manipulated and even made fools of out of a fear of conflict.  That is why criminal Democrats are allowed to break the law at every decision gate but Republicans are held to impossibly high standards.  In the Wasserman Schultz case I read about the arrest earlier in the day but noticed that the news outlets didn’t cover it on prime time until Sean Hannity came on the air at 10 PM.

I thought the two speeches Trump gave this week to the public were fabulous, first at the Boy Scout event in West Virginia then up in Youngstown, Ohio. Given the weak nature of the Republicans on the Sunday shows ahead of the healthcare vote in the Senate, I wouldn’t trust them either and if I had something to say, I’d go straight to the people too.  Trump is the Republican party now, everyone else either gets behind him or they paint themselves as part of the opposition.  We’re not talking about a world in which everyone has ideas and brings them together in debate under the umbrella of a republic.  Some ideas are better than other ideas—ideas are not equal.  And in this media frenzy environment the exchange of ideas is being tainted by actual criminal conduct—so good ideas are often buried under the antics of illegal activity at the highest levels of government.  And when Senators showed they were so willing to allow for socialized medicine to run its course without taking action against it, it was obvious that we were in trouble.  Trump looked around and saw Robert Mueller hire a bunch of liberal lawyers to expand their investigation into Trump’s family—widening the net because there wasn’t anything so far found in the Russian story made up by the media to explain why the Democrats lost to a political novice.  Republicans were supportive of the widening investigation and for Trump, that was it.  He decided it was time to fight back—and I am personally glad he did.  We all know what’s going on.  But what we aren’t used to are Republicans who will actually push back.  Trump is the first I’ve ever seen who was willing to punch back at the criminals who constantly come forth from the Democratic party.

Why is it that so many Democrats find themselves in such tumultuous scandals? Debbie Wasserman Schultz isn’t the only one—Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and even Barack Obama have done much worse—specifically using the IRS as a personal political weapon against conservative groups.  At this point there is no doubt that it was the activist Obama White House that ordered using the IRS as such a political weapon and that should have been one of the biggest scandals in the history of politics.  Much, much worse than Don Jr. meeting some Russian lawyer for opposition research.  Follow the Democrats around to see how many similar meetings they had with “opposition research” including colluding with NBC to do a hit piece on Trump just a few weeks before the election with the Access Hollywood tapes.  The biggest difference is that the Democrats have most of the media under their control.  On the conservative Right, we have Sean Hannity and a few other radio talk show hosts.  But on television—there’s not much.  Even ol’ Bill O’Reilly who was a moderate at best was too much for the Democrats.  They ran Bill off of Fox News with completely made up crap and like the nice guy he is, he took it.  So there really aren’t people in the media who reflect the masses of America giving Democrats a free pass at breaking the law because nobody holds them accountable in the media.  And it’s been that way for a long time.

How many people like Geno DiFabio are there in the world—the lifelong Democrat who came on stage in Youngstown to hug Trump and show his support of the new president? A lot?  I know a whole lot of people just like Geno.  They are not political ideologists who are dedicated to a party—but they are regionally motivated by the values of their community.  And those values are radically different in Youngstown than they are in Santa Monica. They all might call themselves Democrats but the people in Youngstown aren’t sipping lattes by the pier giggling about their new tattoos their parents don’t know about.  They are trying to make mortgage payments on homes they bought when the steel industry was strong in the “steel valley.”  Now their kids have grown and see no reason to stay in the region—because there’s no economic opportunity for them.  The Democrats were too busy shipping off American jobs to make the world more “fair” than in protecting people like Geno.  So those people voted for Trump and will continue to do so as long as Trump fights on their behalf.  And Trump can’t do that sitting in the White House acting “presidential” or otherwise “above the fray.”

Trump said some very interesting things in his speech in Youngstown. It is more difficult to take his case on the road than to sit around the Oval Office like Obama did complaining about in the ineffectiveness of congress and signing executive orders.  Trump expects to actually do things and he can’t in Washington D.C.  The people there—Republicans and Democrats, don’t want to do anything and they use crime to secure their tendency to be lazy by always hiding behind one scandal after another keeping them in a perpetual state of appearing busy.  So the game continues, Democrats break the law to keep scandal fresh and give lazy reporters soap opera topics to cover, Republicans play the role of the Washington Generals as the “ethical losers,” the valiant servants who are always one step behind the Democrat.  We elected Trump to break that cycle and to do that he has to come out of the swamp often and speak directly to the people through Twitter and these public events.  The game in Washington is well established and is a criminal enterprise—and their anger at Trump runs deep because he’s an attack on their core culture.  But what they don’t understand is that it’s not Trump they have to worry about—it’s the people who elected him—people like Geno.  Trump gives people hope that crimes will finally be prosecuted and that Americans can win again.  If that hope is taken away—then there will be real problems.  The game is over for Democrats.  They can either go to jail nicely, or they will utterly be destroyed.  Republicans are going to have to actually stand for something and expect to win for a change instead of playing the fool.

Rich Hoffman

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