There Are a Lot of Dead Birds Today: The brilliance of Trump’s strategies

Who wants to be on the front lines of combat with some dude who wants to wear a dress? Or spends their time in R&R doing their nails?  This whole notion of putting sexual predilections into the military together to fight on the front lines has been pure insanity.  What foreign force will respect troops dressed like Bruce Jenner—prepared for a crazy night on Duval Street rather than ripping off the heads of the enemy and sticking it on a pike with a nice American flag sticking out of the forehead?  War is not a game and neither is the military and sexual preferences have no place in it.  You can’t mix men and women and not expect some monkey business and you certainly can’t include people who don’t know what sex they are and put them in a battlefield scenario—and expect success.  Trump was right to make things clear.  Trump is in charge of the military and he has the right and obligation to set things right, and he did.

Of course the progressives have always wanted to weaken the American military because their goal has always been to bring down our borders, to remove our sovereignty and diminish our global sales pitch for capitalism so that a central government led by the United Nations would then run all the countries of the world. One way they planned to execute this task was to get Americans involved in every war possible so that the world would push back and refuse the help of the United States—killing our people and using the negative public relations to further hamper our involvement in places rife with discontent—like Syria, the Middle East in general, all of South America, Mexico, Asia, Africa, all of Europe—virtually everywhere.  Progressives have sought global collapse created by chaos which they planted, then they wanted to be the ones to offer a solution of leadership.  It is essentially the exact same plan they had with our American healthcare system.  Load it with top-heavy costs, collapse it with impracticality, and then resurrect it with a single payer system.  It’s the progressive playbook and the whole nonsense of putting a bunch of he/she’s in the military was meant to destroy it as an institution.  It was never about equality, it was always about destroying the American military with even more bureaucracy and the essence of the fighting spirit it takes to maintain such a role.

When Trump said on the campaign trail that he would support the LGBTQRSTUV community he wasn’t talking about destroying things just to show fairness to specific groups. It’s one thing to protect people like Boy George from being beaten the hell out of on a public street for looking like a freak, it’s quite another to give him a machine gun and stick him on the front lines in North Korea to force them to the negotiating table of nuclear disarmament.  American forces need to be lean, mean, fighting machines meant to evoke fear and compliance—not to attend dance parties and smoke pot.  Sex should not be a part of military culture in any way.  When asking people to put their lives on the line we should not also ask them to be politically correct.  Those two things just are not compatible.

Then of course as there always is in good strategy multiple achievements to reap from such an action as Trump conducted.   The liberal people who have been hammering Trump for months with phony scandals and terrible press really care about this LBGTQ crap—and Trump took a punch at it likely on purpose.  Doing so not only builds the morale of the troops, but it really pissed off the liberals in the media and that’s what they get.  Trump tried to be a nice guy and be inclusive.  Since it didn’t work why not just do the right thing and piss everyone off?  The left pushed, and pushed and pushed and once all these investigations drug in Trump’s family into the mess he fired back starting with this LGBTQ issue.  Why try to work with the other side if they are just going to spit in your eye?  They did it to themselves and guess what, the media spent the next two days outraged over the issue and covered pretty much only that while the Senate worked on healthcare legislation and Jeff Sessions started the crackdown on leakers in our intelligence branches.  A good strategist knows how to kill many birds with one stone, and Donald Trump is a great strategist.  There are a lot of dead birds today.

I’d go so far to say that when Trump speaks he deliberately tries to get people to underestimate him.  The guy is very intelligent; you can tell that by reading his many best-selling books.  He has deep introspection on a situation and is magnificently observant.  I would go as far to say that everything he does is strategy and he’s great at it and many people are being played who don’t even know it yet—in the Republican Party, on the Democratic side of the political spectrum and in the media.  I think if the media had been nicer to Trump—he might have let the LGBTQ issue go for a while even though the military obviously hated the idea.  But why not make the military people happy and piss off Trump’s enemies at the same time—and get everyone talking about one thing while the other important things scoot by unmolested by stupid millennial fresh out of college who make up most of the new media these days fixated on a progressive idea they were taught in school which was so important—when its really not.

I am personally insulted that these LGBTQ people seek so adamantly to impose themselves on my life. I mean its one thing to be weird and have a mental illness and have compassion for people like that.  It’s quite another to bring down our entire society just to make those people feel OK about themselves.   I think The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the dumbest and vile works of art that has been produced in the 20th century and it is essentially that culture that is seeking to destroy the things that I personally value about American culture.  If those freaks want to dress up like girls and have sex with each other—have at it in the privacy of your own homes.  But if you flaunt it in my face which is built on the basic Christian model of America’s founders—then there are big problems.  When two lesbians are in line in front of me at an amusement park with their hands down each others pants kissing—it’s an assault on my basic premise for existence—and I take it personal.  I don’t behave that way in public with my wife because little kids might be watching and it’s not good for them to be thinking about sex at a young age.  They should be thinking about other things.  And these gay rights parades with all their rainbows are simply assaults on traditional America—a traditional America which I love.  We always hear what’s fair for those people, but what about what’s fair for me and people who think like me?  I’m not OK with a Rocky Horror Picture Show America and I sure as hell don’t want those people in my military representing my country in a life and death situation.

Trump achieved a lot of things by denying LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ people from the military but probably better than anything he solidified his base. It made people like me love him even more.  It’s about time someone does the right thing decisively and without a whole bunch of meetings and testimony and just made a decision.  The people who are mad about it I’m glad because those idiots have been shoving this shit down our throats for entirely too long.  We’ve had to take it and pay for it with our tax money pulling us into an essential evil for way too long and it’s nice to get a little revenge.  I wouldn’t feel that way if progressives had not been so aggressive in attempting to destroy a country I love to begin with—and a traditional value system that’s I represent and believe in.

I’ve known a lot of weird people and have been friends with quite a few of them. I do not advocate beating people up or harming them just because they are different.  But they are not allowed to destroy the values of our society so that they can operate without guilt among their peers.  If you show up at a convenient store all tattooed up and looking like a pin cushion with a hot pink spiked Mohawk, people are going to look at you strangely—because the appearance is something foreign to the value system of our Christian based culture in America.  Legislation to prevent people from looking at such people as weirdoes won’t stop the thought because dressing in such a way is weird.  So are desires for anal sex with a man or woman.  There is nothing good about it.  It’s a perversion on values that might be fun in the moment but leads to regrets latter—like tattoos.  And that’s what we are talking about with LGBTQ people—it’s a phase of their lives, a sexual decision and it’s meant for the bedroom.  It’s not meant for public policy.  In the military where soldiers forfeit their individuality there is no private space—so the institution has to have guidelines to keep everyone in the right frame of fighting spirit.  It doesn’t matter what other militaries do elsewhere in the world, because nobody is as good as the United States.  We are the pace setters.  And Trump made the right decision for that institution to do what it’s supposed to do—win fights wherever they occur.  The LGBTQ people can live their lives elsewhere, but they don’t have a right to destroy our values just to do their thing.  That is why we have to be careful who is in the military and keep our mind on the objective of maintaining a status as a successful country—and not get sidetracked with progressive attacks on our traditional values.

Rich Hoffman
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