The Loser John McCain: We need 11 seats in the Senate for 2018

John McCain has to go.  Obviously suffering from brain damage due to the tumor he’s carrying around in his head, the loser was the deciding no vote on defeating the still very liberal version of the skinny repeal of Obamacare.  He and the two RINO chicks, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski showed themselves to essentially be Democrats.  There is not a Republican majority in the Senate as RINOs don’t count toward a strategic holding.  Those three people are just absolutely shameful in what they’ve done and the fate of what happens next will be the result of their error.

We used to have pretty good healthcare before these idiots stuck their noses in it and screwed it all up.  But with the costs of doing business today within the medical industry we have fewer doctors than ever-moving into the field giving us all fewer choices which ultimately result in skyrocketing costs down the road.  People like McCain have taken it for granted that the health care industry would always be there for us and they have grossly miscalculated the abuse that goes on in Medicaid—where the bottom percentages of healthy conditioned people overuse the system driving up the costs.  Those people tend to be poor, and most of the time they are poor for a reason.  They either smoke too much, drink too much or they are inherently lazy people who have in their minds that wealth is created by winning a lottery ticket from the local convenient store.  Rather than encouraging these people to do better and to pull up their boot straps to live better lives and maintain better health McCain and his liberal counterparts seek to weaken them further by pouring government looted service directly into their mouths making them perpetually reliant on the government liberals’ control.

McCain has been screwing up for many years.  The worst thing he’s done was lose an election to Barack Obama.  It is hard to believe that John McCain was the Republican nominee for president of the United States back in 2008.  I mean that was our choice!   We had McCain to pick from or Obama.  A liberal or a socialist.  It should then come as no surprise that within only eight years of that fate deciding election that ushered in the Obama regime which presented us with this Obamacare mess ,that we now have Trump in the White House.  But obviously, we need more reform in the House and Senate.  We need more conservatives.  McCain certainly isn’t one.

The two chicks who failed the Republicans aren’t off the hook. But they were never considered Republicans—and were from the beginning RINOs that we knew couldn’t be counted on.  But McCain actually ran for president of the Party.  On such a crucial vote it was expected of him to at least provide leadership.  Instead, he voted to essentially destroy the remaining options that we have in the medical industry.  Yes, it will implode, as it is well on a trajectory to do.  But it didn’t need to.  All this was unavoidable.

Trump’s reaction was the right one.  He cheered on a repeal of Obamacare to fulfill a campaign promise.  Many of us for a long time have sought freedom from the Obamacare imposition.  In Ohio we passed a Healthcare Freedom Amendment but Governor Kasich who is of the same kind of liberal mind as John McCain expanded Medicaid, went against the people who elected him and claimed that Jesus told him to do it.  A few years ago people like Kasich were considered stalwart Republicans but obviously due to their actions the definitions have changed dramatically.  Trump’s answer to the McCain mess was to just let Obamacare implode and out of the ashes we’ll rebuild—which is now what’s going to happen.

Healthcare is too expensive.  It costs too much to have because the options are so limited.  Government has stuck its nose into the lives of all of us under the banner of “helping the poor” with the subtle tactic of making more people spend most of their money not on expanding the economy with home purchases and new cars, but in paying doctors to keep them sick and in a dire state.  As healthcare is now, that’s what we have—and it’s absolutely pathetic.

We are still one of those families who have full cable as well as Netflix accounts and Amazon Prime.  We carry in our household all those options because I like having multiple opportunities to select my entertainment.  If I want to watch professional football, I can.  If I want to watch the news, I can.  If I want to watch CSPAN from my garage all weekend, I can.  But it costs a lot of money—especially for cable because there just aren’t enough entertainment providers.  The infrastructure for the cable system is usually maintained by one company, maybe two if you’re lucky and they can essentially charge what they want for service.  It basically costs me $200 dollars a month just for cable now where it used to cost around $45 dollars.  The costs went up as there were fewer and fewer options, just like healthcare.

I don’t go to the doctor, it costs too much money and it takes too much time.  I’d go if it were not so expensive and took less time—and if they weren’t trying to always pump you up with drugs.  Stupid people don’t know any better and they blindly take the advice of some doctor padding their pockets with all this government intrusion to refer patients to their local pharmacy where they get addicted to prescription medicine.  If you want to trace the opiate crises to a single villain look to the medical industry where they prescribed people on pain killers for every little ailment rather than actually treating the condition—and that’s how so many people became addicted which persists to this day.  That culture of being perpetually sick and dumping all our money into a terrible government-run health care system has destroyed so many lives and people like McCain beat on their chest claiming to be trying to help the poor.  They are making more people poor by supporting Obamacare—and they are supporting making more people sick to support the struggling industry so their pharmaceutical lobby can cover their margins—which is what all this is really about.

I mentioned the cable bill crises, where many people are cutting the cord to that industry which is sinking channels like ESPN and many others.  Most people have to make a choice between health care and their entertainment and if they are sick—obviously the quality of their life is in decline not only from poor health, but in loss of enjoyment of life. They have less money to pay for things like cable, vacations, or even new cloths and there just isn’t any reason to have these problems in America due to artificial inflation of the health care industry due to government tampering.  John McCain isn’t protecting the American people, or even the poor.  He’s protecting the pharmaceutical lobby—make no mistake about it—and due to that terrible decision, he is destroying an industry and keeping countless people sick, or robbing them of their expendable income just to stay alive.

So don’t forget who did this and make sure to get rid of them in the next election.  Obviously there is not a Republican majority in the Senate.  Until we get rid of people like John McCain and the two hippie chicks from Maine and Alaska we won’t be able to get much of anything done on Capitol Hill legislatively.  And it doesn’t stop with them.  Republicans need at least 11 seats in the Senate by good hard-core principled Republicans in 2018 so we might as well get started on finding those people.  As healthcare spirals down the drain John McCain and his liberal buddies need to go down with it.  Meanwhile the need for votes to pass proper legislation will not go away and that needs to be where the focus resides.  Americans should not have to pay so much for basic healthcare.  We need competition to drive down the costs so that we can spend our money on other things that improve our quality of living.  John McCain wants to take money from us and give it to the poor so that they can stay crippled and dependent and make his pharmaceutical friends wealthy off our misery.  And that has to stop starting with pushing the RINOs out of the Senate.

Rich Hoffman

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