You’re Fired in the White House: The good done by the 2% while the 98% watch

Why is it so surprising that Anthony Scaramucci was fired from the White House communications director job? Given the fact that he only did the job for 11 days, he was effective and assisted on bringing in General Kelly at the chief of staff position.  Scaramucci shook things up during his short tenure, he did a good job and now other people get a chance to do work in his wake.  Yet the perception of these government jobs is that they should go on forever and that the measurement of success isn’t in effectiveness of job performance but in how long a person can manage to hang around in the Beltway.  Trump has brought a business ethic to his White House based on performance—for which the media calls “chaos” and there will be many other firings before all is said and done.  Don’t people remember The Apprentice?  This is that same guy—Donald Trump, who made his mark on celebrity by firing people.  What did people think was going to happen?

What’s different in Trump’s case and virtually everyone who came before him is that this new president is part of that elite 2% club of people who essentially support the entire 98% portion of the human population in productive output. That’s not the same as declaring that Trump is “rich.” Not everyone in that 2% club is “rich” yet, but they typically become that way by their very nature. When anarchists used the Occupy Wall Street group to protest the wealthy 1% they were attacking the visible portion of that 2% who essentially do everything in our economy—who have the inner drive to move mountains of opposition for the sheer pleasure of it—for the boon of being productive.  They are not like the sheepish 98% who are happy to just live life and graze like cattle in the fields of dreams waiting for the inevitable end.  People like Trump are driven by their own energy—and it never ends for them.  That energy is now in the White House and has been misdiagnosed as chaos by those lazy 98% types.

That is why I have no concern over the lack so far of a legislative slate of accomplishments because I never thought congress would work with this president until things got rough—and they are about to. I have no doubt that Trump will end the subsidies on the congressional health care plans putting them equal with the rest of us and that the Obamacare money would be block granted back to the states.  Experts would say that if Trump did such a thing that all his other legislative objectives would be in jeopardy, such as his infrastructure plan, and his tax cut—but that is only thinking from the perspective of 98% of the population.  Thinking like the 2% types, you take it to the objectivists and make them feel the pain, and you pour it on until they break or an opportunity to fire them emerges.  That is the way of Trump.  His legislative agenda will happen one way or the other.  Inactivity won’t be acceptable not under a 2% oriented president used to accomplishing things.  Trump will not stop until he gets what he wants like a lot of driven people are—the 2%.

That was what the plot to The Apprentice really was—discovering the 2% out there who would do almost anything to be successful and having them compete for the right to win.  Most people are content to ride through life and watch these 2% people fight it out.  But then that is the major problem with democracy—is that the 98% feel they have legislative control over the natural drive of the 2%–and that will never work.  In America we have found an economy that frees the hands of the 2% and lets them build industry and invention to the limits of their imagination. The 98% benefit completely from these efforts but they do very little to contribute—except maybe work a job.  They aren’t like Elon Musk who is inventing the Hyperloop on a napkin or Jeff Bezos who is now the richest person in the world who continues to push to new levels of productivity.  As I mention these people they are not conservatives—but they are part of that 2% way of thinking—they are driven internally to always reach for success in any form they can find.  Anthony Scaramucci is another one of those 2% types, and no, he doesn’t have time to dance around an issue just to make the flock of sheep that make up the 98% of the population happy. Trump hired him, used Scaramucci’s efforts, to sniff out the leakers, fired the leakers and then ushered in a new chief of staff who then fired Scaramucci—that’s life in the fast lane.  Scaramucci will still be rich because it’s in his nature to be rich.  You could strip that guy of all his belongings and drop him off on a deserted island and five years later he’d be rich again after having built a thriving sea port on that island.  It’s the survival nature of the 2% and the American system to give them a voice above all others that is most responsible for the country’s GDP.  98% work under contracted hours to perform some of the tasks, but the essential elements of achievement occur by the 2% who seldom ever sleep, love their work and are always thinking and pushing for excellence.  To have a discussion about the proper nature of productivity, these factors must be considered.

The Washington Beltway culture that has emerged for over 200 years has proven unrepresentative of what America actually needs.  It follows a roughly European model of aristocratic behavior that just isn’t conducive to our needs as an economy.  The arrogance of John McCain to theatrically put his thumb down on the critical healthcare vote just a few days before Scaramucci was terminated demonstrated beyond doubt that the Senate is not a representation of what Americans want in their government.  Through natural evolution of observation during many trials and errors of voting patterns we finally elected a 2% type into the White House to break loose the elements that have not been working—ever, on Capitol Hill. Things will not go back to where they were just because John McCain is refusing to adopt to those changes.  Waiting out the clock from the power players in congress will not stop the forward trajectory of our economic expansion because most Americans recognize the necessity for a major change, and Trump is just the first step in that change.

The essence of that change is that it is the 2% who make America great and always have.  The 98% just go along for the ride.  They benefit from a great America but they don’t collectively make it so shattering that long-held government belief that democracies are the foundations of freedom.  No, it is the inventor who creates a new type of vehicle that gives individuals freedom of movement over vast spaces.  It is the computer programmer who writes a code that quickens the pace that human beings can think—therefore expanding their leisure time. It is the 2% who give the 98% their freedom through innovation and effort.  Not the other way around.

As I write this the Dow Jones is hovering near 22,000—which is stunning considering that just 6 months ago it was considered high at 18,000. That is nearly 5 trillion dollars of new money flowing into our American economy and that money doesn’t come from everyone.  It comes largely from the 2% who have worked so hard in life and thought out of the box to a large extent that they have the money to invest. They see in Trump a fellow 2% type.  With deregulation and a White House running more like a business, they are confident that the John McCain losers won’t have access to their money and that its safe to take risks.  The 2% don’t mind risks—that’s part of their nature—but they don’t like to have their backs turned toward looters like John McCain who largely represents the 98% people who struggle through life due to their inherit laziness.  Now that the 2% people have their own kind in the White House, they feel they can invest and act without the artificial restriction of looters always trying to steal their efforts for the 98% people to take the credit for.  There is nothing more deflating for a 2% person than to have the 98% people take the credit for all the hard work and risk through institutionalized democracy.  When that barrier is removed then all bets are off.

In that context I like to see all the firings at the White House and so do the other 2% types. It says that things are being managed and when something doesn’t work, this president is willing to keep trying until he gets what he wants.   And that is precisely what Trump will do in regard to healthcare.  It’s going to happen and if congress has to feel the pain and wrath of it, then so be it. It is nice to see all this for a change and now that people in the 98% see the results of a 2% guy in the White House they won’t vote the other way ever again.  The benefits are just too great and even many of the stupid people in that 98% can see that.  Firings are good and healthy and are done often by the people who are in the top 2% of the population.  Because decisive action is a fact of life in the context of Washington politics which has sought for so long to bend the 2% to the needs of the 98%.  Reality demands however that it is the real minority of the 2% which should always be respected for what they give the 98%–a life worth living and a freedom to pursue because decision makers and leaders fight for the purity of capitalism and the merit of competition which makes things wonderful for everyone.

Rich Hoffman

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