Dow Jones Hits 22,000: Donald Trump, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and video games

I continue to be amazed at how stupid people are. Of course dear reader you are not stupid because you are reading here, but most people have the intellectual depth of a gold-fish and are clueless about the ways of the world around them.  It was the great American novel Atlas Shrugged which clearly predicted what would happen if a hero from the pages of that wonderful classic were to be in the White House.  Donald Trump has only been president for six months and the stock market pushed up over 22,000—an unheard of amount of money flowing into the American economy—and why, well, it’s purely from the promise of deregulation and tax cuts.  Human beings were never intended to be held under the financial constraints and philosophic parameters of an aristocratic leadership—they were always meant to free themselves of that intellectual bondage and we are seeing it happen under the Trump administration in really spectacular ways.

I will take credit for getting this right from the very beginning. Donald Trump will be the best president we’ve ever had and our economy will bloom in ways it’s never before experienced because of all the reasons established in Atlas Shrugged many years ago by Ayn Rand.  Free people of the burden of an aristocratic government that wants to micromanage every little thing in their lives and you will see explosive growth economically and culturally.  That was essentially what Atlas Shrugged was all about and it’s an idea that could have only been invented within the United States of America and the capitalism that drives the most financially prolific nation on earth. Money isn’t just something that happens in nature where aristocrats can then distribute it to the people—it’s made by human beings out of productive output and is built out of thin air.  The economy of the Stone Age people who built Stonehenge in England is not the economy of our global culture today.  The wealth that some people experience is created out of ambition and hard work and that is how the Dow Jones ended up at over 22,000 on August 2, 2017—at the close.

Stupid people who have criticized Donald Trump’s presidency over irrelevant issues, and ironically are the same idiots who have criticized Ayn Rand’s novels can at least see that everything they have put their “faith” into is coming apart, just like at the end of Atlas Shrugged—the story.  People are getting a taste of what it feels like to have a Fountainhead in the White House and they like it.  They are opening up their wallets and investing big into a future that suddenly looks like it has unlimited potential.  All Trump had to do was show up and remove a few regulations and everything has taken off explosively.  As I watched the Dow close I knew the human race had just punched through an invisible barrier of economic development that was significantly larger than breaking the sound barrier.  Humans have been trying to do something like achieve 22,000 at the Dow Jones since the dawn of time—economic independence not controlled by a hierarchy, but rather a free and open market.  Trump is just getting started—there is much more opportunity to come—because our markets are hardly free—but they are getting better.

Those stupid people are that way because they aren’t intellectually curious about things—they tend to believe what people tell them—and when those people are Marxists in the media and within their schools, they are starting with a bad foundation to begin with. But many of those people do find pleasure in video games and within that framework they understand capitalism very intently.  The same anarchists who protest the Trump presidency and break out windows over Sea World’s Orca shows are the same people screaming at EA Games message boards that they are at level 100 on Battlefront and are looking for more in-game goodies to inspire them to maintain their subscriptions to the PS Network.  The video game industry is all about capitalism from their stories to the wealth they created from both actual currency and virtual currency. Money in any form it takes is about representing value, so when something has value, money can be said to represent it’s ethereal worth.  The best video games keep their players engaged for months at a time—or even years by continuously creating incentives to be productive in the game which then benefits the culture that emerges through the programming.  I mentioned Battlefront which is an EA game for the Star Wars saga being made under the guidance of Disney.  Like a lot of people who are still playing that two-year old game, I’m at level 100, which is as high as you can go.  I have more credits than I can spend on the game in a lifetime so what keeps me coming back for more?  Well—for me it is the competition and intense fighting that you can do there against people all over the world.  But already Battlefront II is about to come out and replace the old Battlefront and they are already trying to get me to pre-order it with all kinds of incentives to entice me to do so.  Of course I will because I’ll want a competitive jump on everyone else in the world and so will millions of other players—most of them are under the age of 30 and probably hate Donald Trump.  But they understand capitalism within the framework of the videogame industry.  Once Battlefront II comes out, I will likely play it solid for a full solid six months because there will be so many objectives to perform that it will be fun for me—even though in the real world none of it means anything.  I mean I can’t take all my Battlefront credits and buy a new car, or a house.  But I play because it is a free environment that awards competency and persistence—and that’s why video games are often better than reality.

Just think what would happen if our government just got out-of-the-way and let us all play at life-like we do in video games? That is essentially what Donald Trump is proposing and why those who like to play the stock market are blowing the top off the previous record-breaking ceilings.  It’s no question that since Election Day 2016 that just the promise that people could play at the game of economic development opened up the hopes and dreams of a lot of people and that has directly impacted our economy already.  For many years I have driven to work in the morning passed many businesses either going out of business or barely hanging on.  This morning on my way to work I counted 32 help wanted signs that were not there last month.  That is a lot of opportunity that has so far come out of a stock market that jumped from 18,000 to 20,000.  Wait until the results of this latest jump yields.  It is very optimistic to consider.

Just imagine what would happen if government got out of healthcare and the people in the medical industry were allowed and encouraged to make as much money as they could? Think how much wealth they could create.  Jeff Bezos is now the richest person in the world—he alone invented an industry that changed everything in  How do we find the of healthcare if the government is in the way of discovering it?  We won’t.  Government only makes it so that people don’t want to play at the games of life—and building wealth is a kind of game to the people who have the mind and resources to do so.  If they are overly restricted, they’ll sit on their money and spend their money trying to get away from government—or buying it off to keep them out of their pockets.

Atlas Shrugged answered all these questions many years ago yet people are still surprised that Trump has had this kind of effect on the economy so quickly.  And that shock will continue for quite a number of years until history solidifies the results so that the stupid people will finally accept it all as a reality.  Right now the stupid people want what they know, the selfish aristocracy that claimed to have mystical powers over religion and matters of money.  However, smart people know better, and they know that once people see how much fun life can be and how much money they can make in it—they’ll want to play too—and this global push for socialism will lose its audience—and Donald Trump will still be president and the Dow will be up over 30,000.

How much do you wanna’ bet?

Rich Hoffman

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