A Front Row Seat to History: Trump’s West Virginia speech and the implications

I know I write about Donald Trump nearly every day and there are so many topics in the world, but can you name one other thing dear reader, which is as exciting and game changing?  That’s why Donald Trump is the topic of the century.  Watching the President’s speech in West Virginia on August 3rd 2017 the same day that Robert Mueller announced a grand jury investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 election—and two leaked transcripts of phone calls with foreign leaders emerged in an embarrassing way—that the event was a testament of fortitude.  It’s something nobody has ever seen in human history before, the most powerful person on earth because of the power of the American presidency stepping out of the Washington drama and into small town USA to be with the real people who are really behind the country—to bypass the soothsayers, the lawyers and the phony lobbyists—the self congratulatory world leaders, the socialist media and the institutional swamp of the Beltway culture to speak to the nation while everyone else was literally going on summer recess.

That’s not all, so far in his presidency Trump has very quietly surpassed the amount of money Barack Obama raised for the Democrats during his first term and poured it into the Republican Party.  The Trump team is very good about sending out emails for donations to their supporters.  I get about two or three a day, which is what I’ve always been saying that Republicans should be doing, because the Democrats sure have done it.  And what’s the rule basically in business and in life—he who has the gold rules.  As rival Republicans and Beltway insiders plot and scheme the destruction of Donald Trump, the new president has amassed quite a lot of wealth for the Party which comes from his charisma and determination.  When the vacationing Republicans come back to Washington after Labor Day, Trump will even further embed himself as the leader of the Republican money and controller of the purse strings and that will certainly help his legislative agenda—especially as many of those House and Senate members start thinking about running for office again in 2018.  Trump is an amazingly positive force in American politics, no matter which side you may be on dear reader.  What’s happening now is the stuff of historic legends.

I realize that most people have no idea what’s going on.  They see his West Virginia speech and they make fun of the participants—but think about the theme of that speech.  Trump specifically said, “We didn’t win because of the Russians, we won because of you.” The crowd went nuts.  The silent Trump supporters aren’t so silent and have been unlocked and activated in ways that no demographic population ever has—in the history of the world.  We’re not talking about the desperate fanaticism of Hitler in 1935 Germany where depravity ushered in an era of evil, or a Roman emperor who conquered the northern realms of Europe to expand civilization into the distant corners of pagan monstrosities—we’re talking about a free people who have gathered behind an indomitable force—by choice.

I remember well when Trump came to the US Bank Arena just a few weeks before the big election and the event was a lot like that August 2017 crowd in West Virginia. Trump filled that place up and the crowd was extremely engaged.  It was for me an obvious turning point especially after all the controversies that had been released trying to derail his presidency.  I remember thinking at the time, “boy, if this guy actually becomes president, this will be a game changer just because of his positive attitude that is so contagious.” While Trump was in West Virginia at that exact moment my oldest daughter was at the Hans Zimmer concert at that same US Bank Arena.  Hans Zimmer is a major Hollywood star and one of the greatest musicians of our time.  What was strange to me was that as my daughter was sending me pictures of the concert on my phone, I couldn’t help but notice that the crowd was far less than when Trump had been there.  Zimmer was far from sold out which reminded me how amazing it was that people would actually show up for these Trump events to just listen to a guy talk.  What Trump does and how he goes about it is an amazing exchange of human emotion aimed at positive resolutions—and it’s simply remarkable.

Most people would have folded under the amount of pressure that Trump is currently under.  Heck, most people wouldn’t have made it out of 2015 during the campaign with the amount of trouble that was thrown at Trump.  As I’ve said often, I feel I understand Trump in a personal way.  Before he ever ran for president he was a very accomplished author and I’ve read many of his books several times.  I can’t say that I learned much because my personality type is very similar to the kind of people Trump is trying to teach people to be in those bestselling books.   For me they were positive reassurance that someone out there thought the same way as me.  One of my favorite Trump books is Think Big and Kick Ass which was published in 2007 after several seasons of The Apprentice had made him into a major celebrity.   In that book Trump covers an entire chapter dedicated to handling pressure.  All great people must learn to handle enormous amounts of crushing pressure—and that is something that essentially separates achievers from the rest of society.  Lots of people are smart.  Lots of people have good educations.  But not a lot of people can handle pressure.  Trump is someone who actually performs better under pressure and that is what makes him so much different from any other person to ever enter the political class.  And that’s why every day he is in office is a game changer for the direction of the country.  People know it too—and they are willing to defend Trump because they understand how unique this opportunity is.

The Beltway culture is essentially like a big high school where peer pressure has been used for centuries now to control the most ambitious and individualistic presidents to house themselves in the White House.  If anybody got too far out of line, peer pressure from their rivals would hold them to the mold of institutionalism and keep them prisoner so that they couldn’t do much damage to the mechanisms of aristocratic deception.   That has left the rest of us scratching our heads as to why we always had such weak presidents who seemed more concerned with being one of the cool kids than in being a figure that might one day be put up on Mt. Rushmore.  I mean if you are going to be president of the United States, why not shoot for a big memorable role?  The sad answer is that most people care only about fitting in with their peers, and that relationship holds them back in life so terribly much.  But Trump doesn’t care about his peers.  He expects to be the top dog—the trend setter who follows nobody and that is what is changing that Beltway culture day by day.  The media is aware of this and they are actually terrified that Trump might be successful.  Nothing they have been able to do has put a dent in Trump’s ambitions because the new president actually thrives under pressure—he doesn’t run from it.  That is a first in American history in a political position.  Most of those types of people have always stayed in the private sector only to die quietly on some mountaintop after the conclusion of their lives.   So this is completely uncharted territory and it’s very exciting to see where it takes us each day.  All I can say is that I’m enjoying each day of this president and am very glad that I voted for, and supported with more than effort, Donald Trump.  History is being made and I love having a front row seat.

Rich Hoffman

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