A Warning to the Deep State: Through peace or war–the swamp is getting drained

In regard to the Bob Mueller investigation of the Trump family all in the name of trying to find some kind of dirt that might end the presidency, a few things need to be made aware.  I’m not speaking for everyone, but I’m sure everyone of any sane mind is pretty much thinking the same thing.  This is kind of a note to the swamp so that they can know the law of the land—because I really don’t think they understand.  My support of Donald Trump was a last-ditch effort at saving our American republic without having to resort to violence and bloodshed.  Prior to the election I was actually planning to put together a militia group to impose an actual rebellion—a civil war.  Lucky for the world, Donald Trump is doing a fantastic job and if everyone would just shut their mouths and enjoy life a little bit, we could all have a prosperous life.  But, there isn’t any going back to the way things were.  A prosecution of Donald Trump on some made-up charges just to sag down his presidency with distractions won’t preserve the looting that has been going on for 200 years in the swamp.  That reality is something that people on the other side need to realize.

Saying that people might wonder, “oh no, you can’t say such things—they’ll come after you too.”  Look, I know the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and many other organizations have their share of idiots in them who watch everything I do and have plugged everything I have ever said and written into a computer to get a tactical readout looking for some weaknesses to expose.  I have dealt with threats of every kind before, so I have a good idea of what to expect—and I’m not worried.  I’m a pretty smart guy who has some well-defined skills.  Let me rephrase that, I’m a very smart guy—not trying to sound pompous, but at this point in my life nobody or organization is going to out think me unless I purposely let them think so for some strategic objective—so there isn’t anything for me to worry about from the knuckle draggers in these government swamp positions.  They could come with force and I can deal with it.  They can come with passive-aggressive legal mumble jumbo—and I can deal with that too.  I know that, they know that through their analysis of data collection—so we are all waiting to see how things turn out here—and they are a lot more worried than I am about that potential prospect.

Violence is only necessary if we can prove that we are not a nation of laws. For instance, I was supportive of the idea of moving on from prosecuting Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama until the ridiculous criteria was established in attacking Donald Trump.  Given that reality if the same rules were then applied to Democrats and the swamp of the Beltway, then there should be many prosecutions of the characters surrounding Clinton—but we know that’s not going to happen because we are dealing with a very archaic aristocracy of political culture that is using the power of government to break the law and preserve a dangerous power grab.  If the people of this nation are not protected by laws from such things then they must restore that justice with force.

I actually prepared for this possibility many years ago with written work, and with the voluminous work on this blog site to further reiterate my testimony.  If I were to be required to use my leadership skills and physical abilities to preserve the American republic from domestic enemies—and in the aftermath the courts would seek a prosecution of me—I have written two novels outlining my testimony for context.  My first novel, The Symposium of Justice was my way of displaying the need for action against tyranny—which our Beltway swamp in Washington D.C. is clearly obsessed with.  To fight back against them is one thing, but my novel the Symposium would be part of my testimony as a character witness to explain the needed actions to a potential jury.  Secondly, my novel The Tail of the Dragon further refines that point in defining justice between the needs of the individual and the needs of a collective mass.  With me there won’t be some nutty case like there was in Ruby Ridge, or in Waco—where government propaganda would be successful in making me out to be some lunatic.  Quite the contrary—I’ve laid out my case quite clearly and am convinced that a jury of my peers would be extremely sympathetic.  Those works are out there and would be a part of any case involving me in any way.  As I’ve said before, I’ve been to court so many times—I know how things work—and I’m prepared.

Since Trump has been elected the villains of the world have been beaten back and are on their heels.  Violence in inner cities is going down dramatically and the violent gangs associated with the drug culture are on their way in retreat.  That’s all very encouraging as I would hope that peace and prosperity could find everyone’s home in America so people could live and thrive under the laws of the land.  But clearly under people like Obama and Clinton the law was used to protect them as they committed crimes to preserve their political philosophy and a lot of people did get hurt, and killed.  Donald Trump was elected to put a stop to that kind of thing and so far it has been working.  I couldn’t be more proud to have a president like Trump in the White House.   He hasn’t been in office long enough to justify a grand jury investigation into anything in his life—and the fact that there is says everything about the hypocritical nature of this endeavor.

In the context of the grand jury investigation into Trump led by Robert Mueller and the Deep State swamp desperate to hold onto power with their constant information leaks which Jeff Sessions addressed as currently under investigation —I am as prepared today to lead a civil war against that Deep State as I was the day of the Election in 2016—which was historic.  I was relieved after that election that such a task might be avoided and many lives saved in the process, and I still am.  I don’t think this Deep State attack will amount to anything.  But I do want those idiots to know that if they would be successful, that things only get worse for them.  I will personally guarantee it.

I know I’m not alone in this, there are obviously millions of people who think the same way—as Trump’s West Virginia rally displayed quite clearly.  But I can only speak for myself.  The swamp is going to be beaten any way possible.  We are going to drain it and the insurgents that make it up are domestic enemies within America that must be defeated so to preserve our Constitution.   I have watched the flow of the law for years and witnessed how it has been used as a weapon of the Deep State to further their agenda—most specifically the way the IRS targets enemies of the State behind legal definitions while those same standards cannot be applied to the wrongdoers in the government—such as Lois Lerner and many other IRS employees.  We are not going back to that—and if I don’t have a president who can do such things legally through the election process, then there is no choice but to use force to take back our country from these malicious fools.  It’s as simple as that.   The arrogance that is driving the Mueller investigation is clearly corrupt and it’s not going to be accepted—certainly not by me—and I’m not the kind of person who makes threats loosely.

Rich Hoffman

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