Why College Educations are a Liability: Those with a formal education are the last to see the obvious

I keep hearing the frustration coming from the political left that the typical Trump supporters are white people who do not have college degrees—as if they are stupid or something.  Let me say this, as an employer who does a lot of hiring—I look at a lot of resumes and job applications and I find that college educated people have a handicap these days, because many of them have been trained by extremist liberals.  I did go to college and I lived on the University of Cincinnati campus when I was younger and even back then I thought it was a waste of time—because the university system was more interested in shaping young minds into a static relationship with the world around them.  They were not interested in inspiring young minds into excellence and lifelong learning—which is why I have always thought college was a waste of time.  I never liked school basically because I hated waiting for people who weren’t so smart to catch up to what I wanted to do, so most of my years of schooling were wasted waiting on other people who weren’t so ambitious or personally gifted.  So my attitude has never been favorable toward college.  But over the last decade everything I thought was only confirmed to a much worse degree.  People are not coming out of the college experience in ways that have prepared them for life.  Those that do plow through it come out on the other side needing about 15 years of deprogramming before they can think correctly about things again.  They are liabilities to a productive society, not conducive to it.  The America Donald Trump is talking about in the below weekly address is one that most college graduates are not seeing because they are viewing the world through liberal lenses and are so filled with hate they can’t understand how to live in the world that is changing under the new administration.  So having a college education in 2017 is not a beneficial thing, it’s a serious limit—because the participants in that education system think incorrectly about most things.

What critics of the president are really saying when they declare that his supporters are not “college educated,” they are really expressing frustration that they have not managed to ruin the minds of those people with their liberal instruction.  Colleges are cesspools of liberalism which is fine if you are a liberal, but if you are a conservative who thinks from a philosophy based on tradition there isn’t much for those people in colleges.  If you aren’t learning to live in the business world of a capitalist marketplace, colleges are a waste of time which is why I have been so critical of them for such a long time.  Back in the 80s and 90s colleges still tried to hide some of their radicalism and parents still believed that you had to have a college degree to get a good job.  But honestly, all the college degree got you was your first interview.  Once you worked somewhere and showed that you were competent your work will always be in demand and most of the stuff you learn in college becomes useless.  So for the cost and the critical wasted time spent at college during the formularize years—college is a bad deal.  People who don’t go to college save time, money and the pain of having to endure a decade long process of deprogramming their minds back to reality.

The big scam from the beginning by the radical leftists was to create a false sense of urgency to get the masses to believe that they needed to send their children to college to get a good job—so they spent fortunes on these college educations feeding the old hippie college professors to live good lives as socialist instructors.  The parents then wonder why their kids graduated unambitious and stuck in their basements uninterested in getting out into the world and fighting for their livelihoods.  They college students had their ambition robbed from them in those schools and in many ways that is a crime.  Its one thing for liberals to freely destroy their minds knowingly, but it’s quite another to recruit innocent minds into a system that is intent on their destruction—intellectually.   By luring in the good kids of good families who were willing to pay those ponytailed liberals fortunes to ruin their kids and make them Democrat voters, liberals extended their voting base to influence the political system with propped up short-term socialism.

Trump was never supposed to happen.  By getting elected and deregulating so many industries, and bringing investment dollars back to America the new president has made college educations pretty much useless because employers are going to have to compete for workers at a rate that has never been experienced in this country.  As I said, I am an employer, so I know directly what is going on with this issue—in just a few years there will be three jobs for every employee—unemployment won’t just be low—as it is now at just over 4%, it will be at a negative number because the economic growth of our country will exceed the employees available.  Not only that but by cutting down on the illegal immigration and the amount of people flowing into America who offer cheap entry-level labor Trump will raise the per capita income of all Americans through natural competition.  By the time he has to run for re-election in 2020, Americans will be seeing more personal wealth than they’ve ever experienced before and college educated people will be at a disadvantage because they will be stuck to a very static way of doing things. Not only will they stay with a job too long because they are stuck to the rhythm of that static existence even though they could make more money elsewhere, but they’ll be the last to compete for new start-up jobs because the training they get in college is usually a decade old or more—and useless to a new economy.  These behavior patterns were quite obvious during the 2017 election where college educated people voted not only for the Democrat they were trained to like, but the static order of the old world while Trump represented real change and opportunity invisible to conditioned artificial intellectual limitations based on institutional parameters.

I think it’s nice that people hang with something to complete a degree in college because it shows that they can at least finish something—but what they learn is often a disadvantage to real life activity.  I think college is extremely helpful in fields like the medical industry and for legal work, but in most cases college holds people back.  Currently the best engineer I know is a guy who apprenticed at Boeing for many years but does not have a college degree.  Now he’s a senior level engineer who is great at solving problems and I think is a remarkable human being.  The worst engineer I know is a person who has over six years of formal education and is very static Theory X type who has a hard time understanding anything new.   It is terrible to try to communicate with a person like that because the mode of thinking is so static. And by the way, that person doesn’t like Trump—which tells you everything.   A college degree can be nice to have if it gets you a job opportunity, but other than that—I think it’s useless. There is no substitute for real world work and ambition.  College for the most part is a scam that delays a person’s development, it certainly doesn’t enhance it.  When it comes to Donald Trump, the people lacking a liberal formal education were the first to see how great Trump would be as president.  The last to see it are the college educated types—because they have been trained to accept static systems and inefficiency—aspects of liberalism that have nearly destroyed us all.  Luckily, those people are no longer in charge and will have less power a few years from now and for that we all have a lot to look forward to.  The last ones to see it and benefit will be those with the most formal education.  College isn’t a benefit, it’s a liability.

Rich Hoffman

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