The City of Losers: Chicago’s demise into oblivion

Chicago is a disaster; by 2025 it will have fewer residents than it does now making any tax hike to pay for its staggering debt even less of an option.  They cannot tax their way out of the trouble they are in and even worse is the state that Chicago is in—Illinois, which is 15 billion dollars in the hole.  15 BILLION—that’s like the GDP of an entire country in some places in the world.  And now that bankrupt city is about to lose 3.2 million dollars in federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grants because Chicago has declared itself a sanctuary city providing protection for illegal immigration.  What a bunch of lunatics.

Granted, the budget in Chicago is a staggering  $9.8 billion—so losing a silly little 3.2 million dollars shouldn’t be a big deal, but the money has been slated to pay for new police cars for their beleaguered law enforcement officers—and when you are that far in debt, everything matters.  Chicago is the poster child for how a bunch of Democrats mismanage everything they do.  Chicago is so bad they couldn’t even make a deal with George Lucas to open the Star Wars museum on the lakefront even as Lucas tried to lay it in Chicago’s lap.  But the loser hippies and distrustful progressives fought the museum—which would have brought some much-needed new money to the city—and Lucas set the project up in Los Angeles instead.  There is no hope for them now and they honestly can’t afford to lose that grant money over being a sanctuary city.

But think about what Chicago is doing.  They are demanding money for breaking the law as their people virtually shoot themselves to death on a daily basis.  As of this writing there are 428 homicides in Chicago just in 2017, which can be seen below for an update.  You can’t tax people to pay for your debt if they kill themselves and scare away people from moving into their neighborhoods.  Aside for the immediate downtown area by the lake—more specifically the Trump Hotel area by the river—Chicago is extremely dangerous.  If you’ve ever flown into O’Hara flying over the downtown area once you get a mile or two west the place looks like a socialist capital from Europe with row houses and beat-up square street blocks  extending for as far as the eye can see.   And the people who live in those homes are largely welfare babies raised in single parent homes, drugs, and depravity.  The sun does not rise and set there as it does other places in the country.  The place is a dump and the crime in the area is indicative of any place maintained by low quality people—low quality because they have no appreciation for intellectual aptitude or human achievement–it has nothing to do with skin color–but attitudes.

So along comes Trump and the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions who seek to clean up Chicago of their gangs and drugs imported through smuggling channels that lead straight to Mexico and are hidden behind illegal immigration.  If you were in the leadership of Chicago such an effort by the feds would really help, because it just might make Chicago more attractive to new investments and residents. After all, what right-minded tax payer wants to live in such high crime areas but slugs, deadbeats and whores?  Bizarrely Rahm Emanuel is resistant insisting to protect those same gang members under the guise that they represent a group of well-intentioned immigrants.  Now why would little man Rahm do something like that?

Obviously the Mayor of Chicago has no intention to fix his budget problem and is following the entire state on a death spiral of economic viability that will not last into the future.  Literally for Rahm Emanuel is the sobering reality that Trump is president and the world isn’t going to come to the rescue of Chicago the way that progressives always planned.  The money just isn’t there, nor is the will.  Chicago has lost its place as a special place in the heart of America because people are sick of hearing about the excessive murder rate and hypocritical nature of its politicians.  Chicago used to be one of America’s great cities, but now it’s just a dying shell of old buildings and lost people.  Take a walk through the airport sometime and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Chicago filed a lawsuit against the DOJ to extract the money they think they are owed and people are watching.  Through the process of this public relations stunt by Emanuel even more people will become turned off by Chicago—as if the murder rate wasn’t embarrassing enough.  By taking on a big national campaign against the DOJ Chicago is insistent to scare away any potential new money that might flow into their economy—which is the worst thing they could do at this point.  It’s not about the 3.2 million in grants, it’s the big dollar new business that might be out there and want to set up shop in Chicago.  After all, that’s the only way they could ever hope to solve their fiscal crises.  Instead of nurturing more wealth to return to Chicago they are instead hedging their entire future on illegal aliens who flock to that sanctuary city from socialist and communist countries around the world in search of running water.  Those people do not, nor will they ever have money to pay for the massive debts Chicago has—so Chicago by their own actions is as good as over.  Only they don’t yet realize it.

Years ago the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed in Chicago and that was only in 1986.  Back then Chicago was pretty nice, the South Side was pretty rough but when people thought of murder in that city they thought of Al Capone.  In just thirty years Chicago has destroyed itself with massive debt, terrible public policy shaped by progressive politics and has attached their star to the a sinking ship pension system.  Chicago abused their beautiful city and its placement on the great lakes of the Midwest and they loaded it with a progressive philosophy which has not only destroyed the city, but have destroyed the lives of the people they proclaim to protect.  Wherever you go in the world you can see the depleted results of what progressive philosophy does—whether it’s in Venezuela, Africa, China, or Paris and everywhere you see slugs living off the state and barely living lives of any worth.  Chicago is certainly on that trajectory.  Today they are nothing like that nice city seen in that popular 1986 film.  The only place you can still have a good experience is downtown—and that is shrinking at a remarkable rate—essentially because they are broke.  Chicago killed itself way back in 1995 when they failed to get their legacy costs under control and kicked the can down the road until they ran out of road. Now they have no other recourse but to kill themselves.

Rahm Emanuel is building his case to save Chicago by actually breaking the law and turning away people who might save it in favor of the people who will guarantee its destruction.  As hard as it might be to take a hard stance against illegal immigration if you are looking to preserve something you can’t overload it with destructive elements and Chicago needs value not more depleted people.  It’s nice to have a city like Chicago have so much surpluses that poor people might have a good standard of living but you can’t have a majority of the people be poor and expect the budget to work out to support such a large population.  You can’t pay your teachers $85K per year, or your cops over six figures with unlimited overtime, and you can’t get upside down with pensions as your population decreases.  And by raising taxes more people will leave making the budget even worse. And thus we have a city run by Democrats under a progressive philosophy not rooted in reality—and the only thing they now have in their favor is that they can call themselves a sanctuary city—a place to hide from the law.  And that makes them all terribly pathetic.

Rich Hoffman

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