Mitch McConnell the Underperformer: How the exceptional make the weak feel terrible

Mitch McConnell made a fool out of himself when he returned to his district in Kentucky to essentially throw Donald Trump under the bus for what the senator was not able to do in the Senate. As he said, Trump had unrealistic ideas about the way legislation works and had set ridiculous expectations of achievement—and that it was Trump’s inexperience that was at fault—not him. As he said that Trump was speaking to North Korea in a way that no American president never has where real threats are being made against our sovereign nation. I still don’t think North Korea has the means to attack America—but they showed the intent and that deserves an ass kicking all by itself—so Trump has some things to do. While congress went on vacation the President is still working and solving complicated problems around the world essentially spelling out the entire problem for all to see. Congress is essentially lazy and have grown accustom to doing very little but talk a lot and here was a new President that actually expected to accomplish things—and that was too much for ol’ Mitch—who has been in the Senate too long.

I understand this pushback because I get it all the time—in fact it was just this week where I had to explain to people who thought what I was asking them to do was impossible that it was they who were the problem. Speed and accuracy are equally important in all endeavors. I don’t just practice these things with my bullwhips and fast draw hobbies for fun—there is a deep philosophical necessity in mastering some aspect of speed and accuracy in people’s lives so that they can apply those techniques to a real problem in some regard. Any idiot can stand in front of a target and hit it with a gun, or a whip when time is not applied to create extra pressure. When we do our bullwhip competitions people who are very good technically have a hard time hitting their targets because time is a factor and the pressure often makes them miss. People who are good at managing their speed and accuracy obviously are the people who win the most while those not so good look terrible and incompetent. They may be very accurate and can put out a candle with a bullwhip if they have all the time in the world but they struggle mightily under the pressure of time.

That is why I love cowboy fast draw. My schedule has been too busy to attend a lot of the shooting events this year because most of them take most of a weekend to do, and I don’t have that kind of time to give in 2017—but I practice most every day and I’m currently shooting consistently in the .500s—which is pretty good. The really fast guys are shooting in the .300s which is just over a quarter second. I’m shooting in the half second range which consists in shooting at a 24” target from 21 feet away with a gun in a holster with a single action firearm. To perform the shot a lot of things have to go extremely right and it is quite an exercise to start thinking in fractions of a second.

Most people think in a way that a second is their idea of fast—so when they speak of things in matters of speed their point of reference is in seconds. But when faster than a second is needed to refer to speed, those people do not have the proper vocabulary, or context to comprehend the need. The same can be said of congress. Their unit of measure to articulate their accomplishments have not been based on performance, but purely on bluster. Donald Trump was elected to change the definitions and the people who are struggling with the new definitions are obviously uncomfortable. But they don’t have a right to refuse to act.

In our bullwhip speed and accuracy contests not only is speed a consideration by accuracy is equally important. For instance, for each cup missed on the target line there is a five second deduction. Also there is a line six feet away from the targets and you can’t put your toe on that line otherwise you could incur another 5 second penalty. Even if you ran through the 10 targets in 11 seconds, but you stepped on the line twice and missed two cups, your real-time would be up over 30 seconds which isn’t going to win shit. You have to be fast, and smooth and make little or no mistakes taking nothing for granted. It is possible if you are competent in that kind of endeavor. If you are not, or have drifted through life without being tested—then you can see why some people are very jealous of those with those who can do things accurately—fast.

Mitch McConnell’s “excessive expectations” comment about Trump is just that—a frustrated old legislator who has been exposed as a phone because he isn’t good at anything—especially his field of endeavor which is as a Senator. The only thing McConnel has been good at is deceiving people and getting himself elected year after year on empty promises. For all the time he has been in the Senate Mitch has never been able to find money for the I-75 bridge from Ohio into Kentucky even when the powerful Speaker of the House position was in his friend’s hands John Boehner in the House. Those two couldn’t have completed a shadow on the sidewalk under a hard summer sun at 5 PM on a cloudless day. They were simply lobbyists in waiting or facilitating the needs of lobbyists who fund their campaigns each term. They never planned to do anything but talk as elected representatives. Trump asking them to do anything is an “excessive expectation.”

People like Mitch McConnell are the type of people who always say, “slow down” so that we don’t make mistakes. They want all day to stand in front of a target so that they can hit it. They are the type of people who support a progressive society void of competition because they can’t compete. I always love it when the best bull whip artists come to our competitions. Some of them are the best in the world and have several world records and you bet it feels good to beat them on some of these competitions. We all win our share of things just being good at that sport, so we never get very serious about it. But I know people who hate it when I come to competitions because they fear they won’t have a chance to win. Instead of rising to the challenge they cuss about how it might rob them of a win just by being there. That is what Mitch McConnell is doing with Donald Trump. He wishes that the new president had never been elected because it makes him look bad in comparison and the game as Senator that he has been playing and making a lot of money off of has been exposed. Now he’s supposed to act, and he isn’t prepared. The drag assing hasn’t been working because Trump doesn’t understand the game—that everyone knows congress isn’t supposed to actually accomplish anything. They are supposed to pretend while the shadow government runs everything. Everyone makes their money and the public has been none the wiser. Only we have been wise to it for a long time—and we’re sick of it. That is why we elected Donald Trump. And we expect things to actually be accomplished.

Rich Hoffman
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