Thank You, Mr. President: Being bigger than life and the stories about it

It really is for me a dream come true. One of my favorite movies of all time is Sudden Impact the Clint Eastwood film about Dirty Harry confronting the evils of progressivism in San Francisco during the 70s and 80s.  In that film the character of the veteran homicide detective well into his 50s was at the top of his game and had no shortage of disrespect for the corruption that was taking over his city and he confronted it with a single-minded audacity.  That movie was and has always been a breath of fresh air for me.  I always hoped that such a real character would exist—but the Dirty Harry films are a fiction designed to appease our desires.  They might reflect reality in need, but certainly not action.  That was until Donald Trump stepped into the White House to give us something of a sequel to that classic cop drama.  But even better, every day in the life of Donald Trump is like a movie in and of itself and he has quickly eclipsed the plot of Sudden Impact just in social impact.  Every day is something new and exciting with this president and I simply love it. For all the reasons why just have a look at Trump’s very elegant public comments quick on his feet during the day of August 10th 2017.  They are better than any movie—and its all real.

Trump was not only juggling a potential war with North Korea but he was taking on the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his ineffectiveness during the last session, answering legal inquiries into the Russian scandal that for most people would completely destroy them all by itself. Trump also declared the opioid crises a national emergency and addressed several more large-scale topics as if he were swatting at flies.  Historically speaking, Trump was magnificent and each day he is in office things are changing around the world dramatically.

The change that I’m referring to for once is a good thing—its change back to in some cases of the motivations that we like most about the human experience—the strong masculine presence of self-determination that have often been granted to mythical creatures in the form of gods like Zeus, Shiva, and Hanuman. But what’s different in the way of change is that for once we are not looking to worship such people but are seeking to unlock that potential in other people for the first time in all known written history.  Trump isn’t seeking to be a dictator.  He simply wants to inspire other people to be more like him—or even better.  He is such a breath of fresh air into politics and world affairs that the effect will be permanent before he’s done.

I remember reading the great book Theodore Rex which was a biographical account of Theodore Roosevelt and thinking how great it would be if we had a president of the United States once again who had that much personal passion for life.  I didn’t agree with everything Roosevelt did—in many ways he was a flawed man running from his sickly childhood seeking refuge in machismo to fight back the many illnesses that were trying to gain control of his body all his life.  But generally, he was good, well-intentioned and passionate.  In his case the path to hell is paved with good intentions and what he ended up doing was create progressivism with a firm platform into American politics which still drags down our style of government to this very day.  That is the effect that such an ambitious and passionate person in the White House can have on history.  Donald Trump is likely at least four times more passionate and macho than Theodor Roosevelt and that will have an impact on American politics for centuries whether or not people like it.  It’s already cemented into our nation right now—less than a year into office.

Any one of those topics discussed during that very impromptu press conference would have destroyed any previous president from FDR to Barack Obama—just this Korean problem would have done it. But Trump slapped it away like an irritation from an insect moving quickly from topic to topic all of them taken separately could have been the plot of a new James Bond thriller.  Donald Trump moves so fast and with so much decisiveness that he made it look easy baffling the traveling reporters with him and the media struggling to analyze all the information.  In truth it was all beyond the scoop of their ability to cover the news.  It will take them weeks to digest it all.  The problem is tomorrow holds a whole new slew of topics coming at them far faster than they can manage it all.  That might frustrate them, but that’s not Trump’s problem and he is fully aware of it.

This is a government that I can finally get behind and root for. The way Trump is governing is what I have always expected out of our elected representatives and I wouldn’t care if we had 10 to 20 more like Trump moving into the House and Senate—and eventually into the media because I’m inclined to say that what is happening under Trump is the new mainstream.  It is the kind of America that the hard workers and passionate people unlocked by the freedoms of our nation produce and finally we have someone in the White House worthy of our trust.  To that effect I have to say thank you Mr. President and that is something I don’t do often to any public official.  You have done a great job so far and I look forward to each day that you are in the White House because boundless possibilities wait to be unlocked by your passion and vigor.

Rich Hoffman
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