The Cause of the Violence in Charlottesville: ‘The Big Lie’ by Dinesh D’Souza explains it all

This would be a good time to tell everyone to go out and read Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Big Lie—because it explains the terrible tragedy that has taken place in Charlottesville, Virginia quite well.  Before I explain why, think about what’s happening.  Liberals in that college town want to take down the long-standing statue of Robert E. Lee provoking a radical group of white supremacists to arrive with torches to defend it.  The next day the progressive advocates and communists behind the Black Lives Matter movement clashed with the socialist nationalists into a violent exchanged that killed several peopleand injured many others.  Shocked reporters on the scene described the engagement as a clash between the extreme left wingers and right wingers of our country and that is where they’d be wrong.  They just don’t know their history and misreported the situation in an embarrassing way.  But one has to ask, what did these leftist think was going to happen—they have been attacking white culture for a long time now and these people who still cling to the Civil War to articulate their social philosophy are tired of getting pushed around—so a fight ensued.  However I’d argue that the fight was caused by ignorance because they are all wrong about the state of history and if they knew better could have avoided a conflict all together.  When a fight gets this bad it’s because intelligence has left the arena and emotion is all that is left to govern.

Calling white supremacists “right wingers” is an incorrect term because I am a serious conservative and their values don’t even come close to my viewpoints.  They are all to the political left of me and it is the very good research conducted by Dinesh D’Souza which explains it to people who do not know their history very well.  Apparently the reporters on the scene in Charlottesville need an education and they should read Dinesh’s books.  Last summer during the presidential campaign D’Souza released the film Hillary’s America which explored the Democratic Party’s foundation of the KKK which over time became the white supremacist movement.  All of the hard-core Confederates during the Civil War were Democrats and racism  in America was fully endorsed by the Democratic Party.  Remember, it was Abraham Lincoln who stopped slavery—he was a Republican.  The Democrats played that game until the 1960s where they attempted to rid themselves of that history and pass it off like a hot potato to the nice Christian Republicans who were too nice to give it back.  Following the example of Christ Republicans took that burden of slave guilt on themselves in a hope to heal the nation even though they had never been guilty of that kind of behavior.

Meanwhile when Hitler wanted to unite Germany with his own supremacist movement  he looked to the American Democrats as his model for how to go about it.  It wasn’t Republicans who Hitler copied; it was Democrats who helped Hitler build the socialist party of Germany.  So talking about the Trump presidency as if it represented the hard right is to completely misunderstand history.  The idiots protesting in Charlottesville are all variations of the American left who founded the Nazi regime prior to World War II and who essentially cased the Civil War.  When you put all those people on the streets of a liberal college town what did anybody think was going to happen?  Nothing I saw surprised me.

The problem is that both sides of those various socialist philosophies have no connection to the average Trump voter in today’s politics which is why nobody in the so-called mainstream media understand what’s going on.  The MSM is functioning from the wrong definitions for our modern events because they assume that the political “right” is these socialist losers who call themselves white supremacists.  I don’t know anybody on the conservative side of things who think anything close to what the radicals in Charlottesville did to the extent where they were willing to kill people who wanted to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee.

Then there are the communist Black Lives Matters activists who continue to push the limits of assaulting police officers and imposing their aggressive tactics against “white America.”  They have enjoyed openly pushing the tempers of parts of society that they think are against them wanting their own civil rights crusade—and they pushed things too fast and too aggressively in Charlottesville.  Just as gay rights advocates love to push against social norms insulting Christian thinking people with great colorful audacity they asked for someone to smack them in the mouth by pushing emotional buttons of the other side.  They were as much at fault in Charlottesville as the idiots who called themselves white supremacists.

Always in the wake of these tragedies people wonder what it will take to become all one country.  I might say again, but I don’t think we’ve ever been “one country.”  We may end up that way under a Trump presidency, but I can’t say that at any point in history we were “one country.”  So what would it take to get there—well Democrats need to get their act together.  All through their history they have been a disaster of criminal minded people who are always associated with socialists, communists and drug addicts with addictive personalities.  They are a psychologically broken people who have inspired all the worst things we’ve seen in our country—from Nazi support to slavery.  It was Democrats who wrote the playbook for violence connected to red flagged communism, black flag anarchy and swastika flagged Nazi supremacy. Traditional Republicans were not in Charlottesville, only radical groups connected to the Democratic Party where there to conduct the violence witnessed on August 12, 2017.

If you want respect you have to give it and going around the south expecting to take down Confederate monuments to prove a point isn’t going to lead to peace and civility.  Stupid people don’t have much to believe in and when you take away everything they trust without replacing it with something positive you will push them to the brink quickly and that drove the neo-Nazi white nationalists from their hiding places and into a battle mode.  Taking down General Lee’s statue to the people around the city of Charlottesville was a hostile act and the Black Lives Matters people knew it—so a fight broke out and people unfortunately died.  But they weren’t from the radical right—both groups were aspects of the political left.  They were in facts brothers of the same mother of a Democratic Party who gave birth to all the violence, only with different fathers.  What we saw in Charlottesville was a bunch of Democrats doing what they always do—cause trouble due to their faulty political philosophy.  And if anybody knew anything about history they’d understand it, and we could all take strides to solving the problem.  The people who have the answers were not there—they are in the Republican Party and they typically go to church on Sunday.  They tend to be employed, and raise nice families.  Those were not the people who were at Charlottesville protesting.  Yet it is they who have the answer how to further prevent the violence we saw.  Somebody ought to be asking them—not the idiots who caused the trouble in the first place.

Rich Hoffman

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