Sea World Needs Your Support: Don’t let CNN, PETA, and other radical organizations destroy it

It is a shame that the same forces who are attacking this present Trump administration and the positive outlook he has for a thriving America are the exact same attacking the Sea World Entertainment.  The attendance in the many parks they have around the nation, especially Orlando are down and have not recovered from the CNN hit job created by the PETA film Blackfish which has played on Netflix for several years now and has taken a major toll on park optimism.  In the case of Orlando specifically, as the competition from Universal Studios, Disney World and many other attractions in central Florida where people have to shell out $100 a ticket and spend over $1000 on a vacation experience they have steered away from Sea World because of all the negative press.  People don’t go to amusement parks, which Sea World is to feel bad about things.  They want optimism if they are going to spend that kind of money and the PETA crowd and their liberal sympathizers in the media have taken optimism away from the Sea World experience and put the very good company that does so much good for marine research on their heels foolishly.

We all know what PETA is, it’s the crazy chicks that take off their clothes in public and put on ridiculous displays of extreme foolishness to make their point of saving wildlife from the terrors of mankind.  They are usually kids right out of high school or old pot smoking hippies who are part of that “Earth First” crowd that wonder why Al Gore’s new movie An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power bombed at the box office.  That movie was so bad that it only made $1,495,661 during its opening two-week period starting on July 28th. It was a piece of crap propaganda film meant to evoke the heart-strings of the radical capitalist hating progressives.  The movie bombed because it sucked and was essentially a movie of progressive evangelicalism making nature a god to be worshiped with the same kind of flimsy justification of scholarship that those same people make fun of in Bible thumpers.

Sea World however doesn’t suck—it’s a really good company that does great things for the preservation and understanding of marine habitats.  They do a good job of balancing the needs of scientific understanding using capitalism to drive research—which is how things are supposed to work in America.  I’ve been to many of the Sea World parks and have always loved them.  Their presence in Orlando enhances that city tremendously.   I love visiting the Orlando airport where all the amusement parks scream for attention.  I cannot imagine a Orlando without their buses and signs painted up with the images of killer whales.   With all the fantasy offered by Universal Studios and Disney, Sea World offers a nice blend of entertainment and science which heightens the intellectual experience of the entire Orlando area.  Unfortunately times have been tough in Orlando.  People are still spending money and visiting the parks there but Universal Studios has been literally killing it with their Harry Potter attraction and other very good offerings such as Kong: Skull Island which is simply a phenomenal experience worthy of a trip to Florida all by itself. Then of course Disney has their Avatar Land which just opened this year and the promise of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is coming rapidly.  Those parks have done a great job of staying fresh as the entertainment market for amusement parks has shifted dramatically in recent years to these “experiences.”  Meanwhile Sea World has had to fend off these crazy attacks essentially by CNN who has went on mission to literally torpedo the company to appease their PETA base of supporters at the left leaning cable company.   Instead of fighting CNN, Sea World should have been doing their own versions of those experiences and they are late to the party.  Finally they will have a Sesame Street Land in 2022 which will help, but that’s just too far off for them at this point.  They needed to be opening something like that in 2018 to maintain their market viability.  This attack on them really has not been fair to the good work they have always done in bringing marine life to millions of children over many decades.

To understand this “experience” trend in amusement parks and how big it is for market share it was obvious to me at my local park of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.  Their newest attraction is a wooden roller coaster called Mystic Timbers which has a kind of Indiana Jones meets the Blair Witch theme to the experience and it’s very effective.  Kings Island has done a good job of keeping itself fresh over the years and has really blossomed under the care of Cedar Fair Amusements which runs Cedar Point up in northern Ohio.  The benefit that Cedar Fair has is that their business is purely thrill rides whereas Sea World is actually about education.  Sea World has some great thrill rides such as the Kraken which reopened just this year with a major overhaul featuring a VR ride that is quite spectacular.  But the essence of their market is education based which is a tough sell these days with all the glitter offered to consumers with extremely short attention spans and not much money in their pockets from wage stagnation.

Sea World used to be a destination vacation experience.  When I was a kid we went to the one in Aurora, Ohio well before it was closed down and I looked forward to it all summer.   It was a big deal to me and I loved the Orca shows and learned a lot about marine life that is still my foundation for that topic to this day.  Now that I have grand children I want to be able to take them to the park in Orlando and give them a similar experience.  However, Sea World is falling behind in the competitive battle to stay relevant in a capitalist society because of these attacks against it which is a shame.  Clearly we are not all one America and so long as these radical losers exist in our society who would even think to attack such a good company then there will continue to be strife over every little thing between us—just as there is under the Trump presidency.  All this started when that other side felt empowered under the Obama White House.  Sea World had an accident that was truly difficult for them and is part of the danger of their business.  But instead of providing support the radicals attacked and sought to put the company out of business and that is just despicable.

I would say that if you are thinking of taking a vacation and are going to the Orlando area dear reader, or any of the other locations that Sea World has around the country, you should make a point to visit them and put some money in their pockets.  Sea World could use the help.  The work they do is too valuable to ignore and it costs a lot of money to run an operation of live sea creatures the way they do.  Disney World at the end of the day turns off their rides and powers down their attractions. Sea World has to feed all those animals so their expenses are much different from other thrill park attractions yet that is the market they must compete in.  I’ve never been to Sea World where I didn’t have a good time and learn something fresh—or felt that the cost of admission wasn’t worth it.  So if you love optimism, science and capitalism—then you should support Sea World.  They are the Donald Trump’s of the theme park world and are being attacked essentially for being good.  And we shouldn’t allow that to happen to them.

Rich Hoffman

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