The Famous Trump Tower Press Conference: Protecting value from those desperate to steal it

As if Donald Trump didn’t already have my support as President of the United States he certainly solidified it on August 15, 2017 during that now famous press conference at Trump Tower.  After seven years of writing on this blog almost every day over that entire time publishing millions and millions of words—for free—because I passionately want to see problems fixed—FINALLY we have someone in the White House who gets it.  Trump understands the situation clearly and he can articulate it.  He has no problem taking on any one any time any where taking on entire ominous institutions in the process.  I’ve had a taste of walking in Trump’s shoes and I can relate to how tough it is to be him and face reporters who are hostile agenda driven maniacs that own the media and the public perception of you.  I know how hard it is to convince other people in your political party to stand up for what’s right and not to bite on the Saul Alinsky tactics and for many, many decades I have frustratingly preached and waited for other people to get it—and finally I can see that Trump does.  After the hounding he took from the media for two solid days after his comments about Charlottesville he arrived out of the elevator of the luxury building he created and pretty much flattened the media that greeted him there with an impromptu press conference that was just magnificent.  If there was a bunch of garbage clogging the drain to the swamp Donald J. Trump yanked it out with this press conference so the muck could flow again.

I couldn’t have said any of that better myself. Trump hit all the high notes—the value of preserving historical monuments, the agenda of the press, a defense of his timeline, condemnation for all the sides involved because they were all out for no good.  Trump did defend the moderates who weren’t parts of the white supremacists and the Black Lives Matter crowd.  He praised the grieving mother of the young lady who was killed.  He even promoted his winery that is in Charlottesville all in the same string of sentences.  It was truly magnificent!  Nobody could write a novel or a movie to capture this spiritual awakening that we are all undergoing through the Trump presidency.  The exasperated looks on the faces of the news commentators and print media was priceless.  Then to top all that off Trump put out a Tweet targeted at Jeff Bezos dodging taxes with his online store  The reason was because Bezos owns The Washington Post which has been a personal blog for the rival billionaire.  Talk about hitting back ten times harder, Trump did it and I couldn’t be prouder of him.  Not as a president of my country but as a fellow human being who is 70 years old and doing the right things for the entire human race.

Personally I like Amazon and Jeff Bezos, but I can understand where Trump is going. If I had to pick teams I’d pick Trump over Bezos any day but I always cheer for productive people.  And Bezos is abusing The Washington Post to instill a progressive agenda that suits him in a global way that I’m not interested in.  The battle that is currently taking place is like a plot from all my favorite stories all rolled up into one.  It is Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead and War and Peace spread out on a grand scale that is much more interesting.  As Trump gave his press conference news came that North Korea was backing down from their nuclear escalation threats which was yet again another victory for Trump—and for us all.  When was the last time a president told some maniacal country like North Korea that they were going to get their ass kicked and they actually listened?  Trump made it look easy—because in the hands of a competent person—it was relatively speaking.

The reason this was such a spectacularly relevant activity is because much of what Trump articulated is part of an unspecified menace that I have been covering for most of my adult life. I’ve always seen it clearly, but most people don’t, yet they suffer from it immeasurably.  As I’ve referred, I have had my own experience with this kind of thing and have witnessed very powerful people buckle under this name calling pressure that the terrorist types on the political left have always used to advance their cause.  Even though I know the tactics and have been personally unaffected by them the people around me have all too often fallen victim—and it always amazes me.  In my situation I witnessed the movers and shakers of my community, and the leaders of the Republican Party be completely frozen by this exact technique that is being used now against Trump.  In my case it was in calling me a sexist because a reporter strung together a bunch of things I had said in different places to paint a picture that provided a feeding frenzy to my political opponents.  I had no problem with the massive social pressure that was unleashed on me, but what did surprise me was how quickly my partners distanced themselves from me like a bunch of wimps.  I showed that I was willing to stand and fight doing whatever had to be done to win—in many cases on their behalf and they didn’t even have the courage to stand behind me.  They only wanted to cave in and ask for peace because they thought that was the way for them to achieve a protection of their bottom line—in a business sense.  I was truly shocked how cowardly they were in the face of just name-calling by those on the political left.

I said many times up to that point and many times since that the way to beat these crazy leftists is by hitting them harder than they hit you and letting them know that words and name-calling isn’t enough. Much to my surprise again, the masses just didn’t get it—those who were either business leaders or political leaders—or both.  They felt they had too much to lose to fight such a fight so their tendency was always to surrender to the radicals in their communities.  The reason was that they had something to lose while those seeking to destroy them had nothing to lose.  I told a bunch of them at dinner one night this cause and effect in a way I felt they could understand what was happening to them.  It was a nice dinner and I had a captive audience, so I said, “say you are a responsible husband and you work hard to provide for your family and are busy late into the night everyday during your income building years.  Your wife gets a little bored and wants attention and along comes some devil-may-care rock n roller who travels from town to town and meets your wife at the grocery where she thinks—this would be an exciting adventure.  So she starts seeing this guy while you’re off kicking ass making money.  You are busy building a life and you have a lot to lose.  But this little punk, the rock n roller, he has nothing to lose, only things to gain.  So in the relationship with your wife—he has the natural advantage leaving you vulnerable to her.  Now you could divorce her, but then she’s going to get half of everything you’ve worked so hard for—and everything you’ve put into her will be lost also making the relationship a terrible waste of time.  So what do you do?  The tempting thing to do would be to ask the guy to leave you and your wife alone and hope that he respects you enough to comply.  But if he doesn’t then it might pay to actually find a way to appease him so you can have your life back.  That is what the political left do to Republicans.  That is how they continue to beat conservatives time and time again.  They have nothing to lose and we always have all the assets because we work hard and save our money, living our lives in a way that is always vulnerable to insurgents who might want to steal off our efforts.”

They liked the story. We were all at Jags having a nice steak and the waitress was filling our glasses next to the fireplace as the snow fell outside, so I continued, “I’ve learned in my life, very early on, that the best way to get rid of guys like that is to—well–get rid of guy like that.  Make sure there is no way to trace him back to you when you do get rid of him.  Don’t give him what he wants.  Just erase him from the earth—and remember, he asked for it—right?  After all, you didn’t ask the little bastard to come into your life and threaten your well-being.  He did on his own accord in spite of the warnings, so you have to take care of that situation swiftly, and boldly.  That’s always how I function.  You can’t play patty cake with those types of people.  And if you give in to them they’ll be back next week asking for not only your wife, but your daughter—your car, and your guns.  You can’t take a pacifist stance on those types of people and those are who make up the political left—hippies, rock and rollers, drug addicts, college professors, anarchists, race baiters, moochers of every kind—just degenerate personalities who have nothing to lose and only to gain by taking something from you because you work hard and have things of value.  They are degenerates who function from a vast evil of collectivist philosophy and there is no reasoning with them.  The conservative philosophy that I function by and that is emerging with Trump as president expects to win.  We don’t do white flags of surrender like John Kasich, Rob Portman and Mitch McConnell.

Trump did well to stand against the tide and not to back down. He knows at least that people like me are out there supporting him and I know I’m not the only one.  Trump doesn’t get to see those people very often so much of what he’s doing he is doing it without the benefit of light to help him.  That makes all this that much better.  And I couldn’t be more proud.  Trump is doing what he is, things are changing forever.  We will always look back on these times and say that this is where things changed.  We went from a liberal society controlled by these terrorists through name-calling to a society that began to stick up for itself following the example of Trump—and it’s about time.  I am more proud than ever to call Trump my American president.  It takes a lot of guts to do what he’s doing and even more not to complain about it.  For that I am very grateful.  I’d be happy to do it if someone like him didn’t come along—but I’m very happy he did.  It gives me faith that the human race might not be so bad after all.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Famous Trump Tower Press Conference: Protecting value from those desperate to steal it

  1. SO TRUE!
    I live in this community of haves, ever mindful that people have given their all for our freedoms while so many haves around us lack the backbone to standup to oppression. I have contempt for them. They’re too selfish to see that they’re saying their lifestyles and lives are more important than those whose lifeless bodies floated on the shores of Normandy Beach. I have contempt for them. They are. made. of. Nothing. United We Must Stand .


    1. Good point. When people work hard to have something they always fear losing it, so maintaining that lifestyle blinds them to the real villains. You always have to trust yourself to throw it all away in a second because if you are really good–you can always bounce back. That is the way to live without fear of these vile people. You can’t let them make you afraid that they can take something from you whether its reputation, financial success or your own peace of mind by drowning you with guilt. That’s how they rule.

      It’s good to hear from you!


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