ProgressOhio and Other Radical Leftists Copy the Tea Party: Why liberals will always lose–they lack intelligence

To understand the situation that we see today you’d have to go back nearly a decade to when I was fighting school levies and the evils of public education on radio stations and television to a great effect. Now my warnings have come to fruition, many of those kids who were in grade school back then getting openly socialist propaganda in their K-8 classes are now in their twenties ripping down historic monuments and joining forces with communists across the world to continue the efforts of Karl Marx.  It was in fact really the third decade of that kind of public education crises when I was sounding off the alarm bells—but each year has gotten worse leaving our next generation children to be mush minded losers largely due to the broken home situation that they have had outside of the school and open socialist indoctrination at the government institutions of learning.  They really had no chance.  And now that Trump is president they are attempting to overthrow his administration with all the tactics learned in that little, easy to read book, The Communist Manifestro.   Check out these links to see what kind of activity is brewing in my home state of Ohio.  You can bet that the same kind of behavior is going on across the nation and were fully in place ahead of the Charlottesville catastrophe—which was induced on all sides by radical leftists.  The “alt-right” were leftists well to the side of socialism and not even on the scale of American conservatism.  Then of course were the open socialists and communists of the Black Lives Matter group and the group called ANTIFA which was just another rendition of the “Occupy” anarchists who are about as far left on the social spectrum as you can get.  These are the people organizing future upheavals in my state as they seek to end the Trump presidency.  You can read their strategies at these sites.

I thought it was funny to see my old rivals at ProgressOhio reveal their intentions so openly, and desperate.  I haven’t heard from them in a while and had been wondering what they were up to.  Their vision of the Tea Party movement is pretty funny and based completely on ignorance.  I was a very active member of various Tea Party movements in the Cincinnati area from 2009 to 2014.  I kept myself on the edges which is how I normally deal with group behavior—but I was certainly very intimate as a functioning leader in the freedom movement for quite a long time.  I know how the Tea Party won and changed politics pushing out people like John Boehner and John Kasich from power and replacing them with people like Trump.  Once it looked like people such as Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz were going to run for president in 2015 most of us in the Tea Party movement picked our guy and we broke off to help whoever it was which is why my activity declined in 2014.  I picked Trump and went hard to work for his campaign.  And now I am quite happy that he is president.  I worked very hard to get him there, just as he worked very hard to get elected and the concerns I wanted to see addressed he is currently dealing with.  However, if any of these Progress Ohio, ANTIFA losers think that I’m going to let them destroy a presidency I worked hard to help put in place—they have another thing coming.

Here’s the deal as I see it—which should have considerable weight considering my history—the biggest difference between the Tea Party movement and these various personifications of ANTIFA is that our efforts were based on education. The socialist radicals are based on threats and intimidation behind group assimilation.  If you check their strategy on those above links they think that the Tea Party was successful because of their mass organizations—which were actually few and far between.   The real work happened at Tea Party meetings where good people offered classes on the Constitution and on the Founding Fathers so that those people would be better voters who could see through the media circus and elect proper people in the Republican Party and wrestle away the progressive influences from what was.  It took a few years but the trajectory of success was obvious and it was all based on educating people to be more informed voters.  We weren’t threatening to rip down statues.  We never tried to assassinate president Obama or even alluded to it. When the IRS came after us—and I was personally targeted by this because of my relationship with the Liberty Township Tea Party—we didn’t storm Washington or stand outside vandalizing Lois Lerner’s house—we fought them in court and at the ballot boxes.   We had a heck of a fight in the 2016 primaries.  My guy Trump won, and eventually most everyone got behind him and here we are—doing what we planned a decade ago—and doing so quite effectively.

What’s missing from the plans of ProgressOhio and all the other Ohio based progressive activist groups is education.  Sure they are trying to study now how the Tea Party was so successful and they’ll try to copy it—but they won’t be able to because all they have is the threat of violence to advocate their position and people aren’t going to put up with that any more.  Let me tell you that much.   These liberal groups cannot compete on the battlefield of ideas.  They cannot do three hours of radio in the middle of the day and attract 15 million listeners because their political philosophy is old and crusty—and un-American.  It might fly in Europe but that’s not saying much because Europe is crumbling away with economic rot.  No sane mind in America is going to sign up for that socialist garbage except for kids coming out of high school with a communist education who don’t yet know any better.  Socialism is boring and is a philosophy for the lazy which makes it really difficult for people in Progress Ohio to recruit anything but idiots to their cause because the smart people are either working or put their efforts behind the Tea Party. Lazy people don’t have the energy to perform the kind of education it takes to change people’s minds at the voting booth like the Tea Party did.

And that’s the real problem that all the leftist groups have. The people in their organizations are stupid, lazy and impatient.  They don’t have a sense of history or of personal values which is why if a group like ProgressOhio tried to educate voters the way the Tea Party did their members would likely become conservatives by default once they had knowledge.  The political left relies on emotion and stupidity to survive where the Tea Party was about knowledge and thoughtfulness.   Before each meeting there was a prayer and always the meetings were geared toward knowledge—not telling people how to think but in letting them learn on their own.  It was that knowledge that led to the 3 to 4% swing in voting patterns within the GOP which has evoked so much change—not just in electing Republicans, but in determining the kind of Republicans which get elected.

The political left which is the foundation of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are progressives looking for socialism and in order for that to work people need to be stupid. Pubic education has been successful in turning off the minds of our youth.  Most of them are complete idiots by the time they are adults.  But when they learn—if they learn—they become Republicans which is why they will never succeed.  For Progress Ohio to work their supporters need to use rioting to scare people into submission because they can’t win an intellectual debate.  And if they can’t win a debate, they can’t get elected.  Nobody is going to vote for a bunch of thugs—which is their strategy.  It worked for years under the umbrella of union membership but that mask has been pulled off now.  They are exposed for all their ugliness and this will hurt them on serious matters.  Sure, there will always be two or three hundred stupid degenerates who will stand outside of a congressional office and call Republicans “Nazis” but what are they offering by way of knowledge to help voters see their side of the story—except—“we’re going to burn down your house, rape your wives and key your car until you see things our way?”  That is the difference between the Tea Party and ANTIFA.  The Tea Party read books, they taught each other things and pursued an intellectual approach that changed the dynamics of politics.   All ANTIFA has are drug addicts, losers, video gamers who want socialism so they can sit on their fat assess all day playing Xbox, and mentally challenged fools vacant of intellectual curiosity.  That is not a winning formula and they will lose miserably in the months to come.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “ProgressOhio and Other Radical Leftists Copy the Tea Party: Why liberals will always lose–they lack intelligence

    1. So they are that stupid to make it all one word. I was trying to give them the benefit of doubt. That’s even worse. No need for advertisements for Google, they are already into too many things. It would be smart to use someone else.


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