Cool Kids and the Geeks: Why Republicans are wimps who grovel at the feet of the media

I remember when I went to John Boehner’s office to inspire him to impeach Barack Obama for some bad behavior the president had conducted under a congressional recess, which was a valid issue. It certainly deserved a rebuke from the Speaker of the House who happened to be my congressional representative at the time. Of course, Boehner did nothing and ignored my suggestions so to maintain order in the swamp letting Obama off the hook completely. He let Democrats know that they could do anything to Republicans and there would be no retaliation. Yet when the shoe was on the other foot and we had a Republican in office and the Democrats were looking for any little thing to impeach him Rep. Steven Cohen put forth a formal proceeding to impeach Trump over quite valid comments made in the wake of Charlottesville. Where the Republicans tried to play it above the fray with Obama, Democrats have no trouble throwing out the impeach word and that is the essential difference in why those liberal losers think they even stand a chance in this new civil war in America.

What? You didn’t know we were in a civil war dear reader? Well the signs have always been there and now they are extremely obvious. No, it’s not between the alt-left and the alt-right—those are made up terms by the media to attempt to put us all consciously into those two book ends for which both are a means to socialism. They’d have us all believe that we are all somewhere between those two leftist groups. But we aren’t, the real civil war is between those who had their educations before the liberalized media took completely over and those who have grown up under its far-reaching umbrella. It wasn’t that long ago that radio personality Matt Clark and I did several radio shows on how communists took over the media industry starting in the 60s and by the 2000s had infiltrated nearly every aspect of it. Now with financiers like George Soros gathering up his anti-American friends for the purpose of using the media as a hammer that thrusts by his funding the leftist influence of both the Nazi and the Russian communists are basking in the theater of debate as if they were a majority. But they aren’t—otherwise Donald Trump wouldn’t have won the presidency.

When polling comes out against Trump the samplings are usually all the members of the CNN phone banks for which the criteria is established. The same with CBS and ABC, especially NBC who are still angry that Trump left The Celebrity Apprentice tanking their leading show so that he could become president. They aren’t calling me, or my wife, or my neighbors out in Southwestern Ohio for polling—where the buckle on the Bible belt is large enough to deflect a speeding bullet. No politician could go to an arena anywhere in the country like Trump can and fill it up with enthusiastic people. And no media personality could either—as Arnold Schwarzenegger learned when he tried to step in and run the boardroom on the show Trump left. That’s what terrifies them. They know their polling is wrong. Trump has more than 50% of the country and they dare not let that information get out—so they are doubling down doing anything and everything they can to attempt to seduce us all away from the truth.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by an urgent report from my iPhone. The Hollywood Reporter was telling me that Tina Fey and Seth Meyers was going to return to Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” and that they were going to “slam” Trump. The 20-something reporter writing for that trendy publication couldn’t hide her hope that her progressive media celebrities might change the course of history with some crafty insults which might end a presidency. But to our sane eyes her enthusiasm was equivalent to a child thinking that they could pluck the moon out of the sky without understanding anything of the science of why it hangs there in the night. That same Tina Fey first really exposed this extreme liberal bias when she made outrageous fun of Sarah Palin only for being the first woman to run for vice president on the John McCain ticket. The former governor of Alaska was panned by every liberal activist in the media for a solid five years and the effect did take its toll on Palin’s family. Some of the meanest things I’ve ever heard from anybody came in her direction from people like Tina Fey who was protecting NBC’s social activism position on ever-expanding audiences through global communism. The same broadcasting company that ate out of the hand of Trump for his hit television show used people like Tina Fey to politically assassinate anyone who dared to stick their neck out against the trend. If Tina were to come out as a Republican the same knives would come after her as well. But so long as she was one of the “cool kids” as established by the group mentality of the orthodox media mechanisms—she will have success in life. So long as she does what NBC and the other MSM types desire—to destroy Republican no matter who they are, she gets to be a celebrity with all the frills that come with public acceptance. It doesn’t matter if they are women. It doesn’t matter if they are former stars of their network. If they stand against the tide of progressive liberalism—then they must be destroyed and it is the job of people like Fey to advance her network on their strategic advancement of social change.

This behavior reminded me of the root cause of all this evil. Our public education system after all is guilty of paving the way to all this insanity. People like Tina Fey and the Saturday Night Live comedians represent the popular kids in every school. They set the trends that all public-school cultures must adhere to—as part of the MSM for which The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, MTV and all of network television function driving the cultural trends of our society harnessed and communicated to the masses through group assimilation taught to us in our public government-run schools. I remember how it was to get on the school bus. Every kid there would have on a KISS shirt, or Def Leopard or some rock group that was popular at the time and they were invited to be part of the warm blanket of the group. I would step on the bus wearing my Han Solo shirt from Star Wars and I was made fun of incessantly. Unlike most people, I liked to fight and antagonize people especially in group behavior patterns so I did more of what caused all the ruckus. I’d make fun of them back and when they turned to violence to make me conform, I beat the shit out of them-literally, especially by the time I was in high school. But usually people cave to the pressure and that is how such things are communicated into our culture and that is clearly what is at play with the Trump presidency. Lucky for us, Trump likes to fight too—because that’s the only way to beat these evil collectivist slugs.

The impeachment suggestion is s sign of their extreme frustration on the political left, because the cool kids can’t use peer pressure for compliance of the individual to group assimilation. Obviously, all this is over the heads of most Republicans. John Boehner and his team thought I was out of my mind for suggesting that Obama be impeached. Most of our orthodox Republicans were in some way or another the cool kids in school—or they wanted to be and they are now paralyzed as adults to act against the MSM because what they want more desperately than anything in the world is to be considered one of them. And that’s how good individuals sacrifice their very lives to be marginalized into group behavior losing forever their personal ethics for the sweet delight of other people’s approval. But little do the political elites and the MSM know that the trend is changing and has been for a long time. It’s now cool to wear Star Wars shirts to school and to geek out at Gen Cons. The cool kids aren’t so cool anymore and personal individuality is more cherished than ever before which is showing up in that polling that everyone is trying to hide from the public. But Trump is the proof of it no matter what anybody tries to say. The results speak clearly for themselves.

Rich Hoffman

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