The Story Behind ANTIFA: Republicans are destroying Democrats in fundraising

I really think everyone should read D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie.  It’s not like it’s some fringe book from a crazy right-winged lunatic.  The real conservatives in America aren’t even on the political scale the media uses these days—the only politics they know are varying degrees of socialism which is explained clearly in D’Souza’s book.  Reading such books is the first step in understanding how anybody could justify a bunch of young punks dressed up in black masks and outfits—very close to the KKK I might add, in their public demonstrations—and make them out to be heroes rather than the anarchists that they truly are advocating Marxism.   These stupid ANTIFA kids are mostly a bunch of soft, fat-assed kids who spend too much time on the couch eating Doritos.  Their clashes with their brothers and sisters on the left—the White Nationalists, the KKK and the neo Nazi-s are being staged by the media to be like a Harlem Globetrotters game against a fake opponent who has already been pre-determined to lose.

If those stupid kids came out of those cities which Democrats control—and tried that shit in God’s country—the Red states that support Trump-they wouldn’t get very far and would be embarrassed immensely.  It’s all a rigged show that has nothing to do with real American politics–but everything to do with fund-raising.  The Democrats are drowning right on cue as I said last year at this time that they would be, and they hope that these protests will solidify their base—convince some candidates to emerge for the 2018 elections—and persuade the money men to give them some money.  The Republican Party under jus the first seven months of Trump is outpacing Democrats by double in fund-raising efforts and for the leftist political activists out there they are now desperate to do anything to stop the bleeding—leaving Tom Perez in a very bad, losing position.

Just in July of 2017 with all the bad news flooding the Trump presidency from all the media outlets, the Republican Party  raised $10.2 million dollars compared to the DNC who raised only $3.8.  The RNC is operating without a debt while the DNC is adding to it sitting right now at $3.4 million.  That for Democrats is catastrophic considering they have their mouth pieces at every movie studio these days, every news outlet, they have Facebook, Google, they own the government institutions such as the Deep State, the IRS, they have their radicals in the CIA, the FBI. They are everywhere but they can’t convince people who have money to give them some to fight on behalf of liberalism.  Why do you think that is dear reader? Because it’s all a big lie just like D’Souza so wonderfully puts in his new book with the same title.  Like I said Dinesh D’Souza isn’t some radical loser selling his books out of the back of a car at a flea market—I bought his latest at Costco.  As I looked around there weren’t any rival books by liberal authors—and it’s not because Costco favors conservative authors.  Costco is a pretty liberal organization themselves—they give money to Democrats—not typically Republicans.  The reason there aren’t liberal books at Costco on display side by side with D’Souza’s The Big Lie is because they don’t sell.  Nobody buys liberal books because half of the idiots in their party can’t read.  Look at those stupid ANTIFIA fat-ass kids; they are lucky if they can read a candy wrapper let alone a book about history.  Donald Trump is a very successful business person who made a hit show out of a flimsy idea where Mark Cuban and Richard Branson struggled mightily.  Running the Republican Party is a cake walk for him.  His message and personality are something that people feel they can invest in—look at the stock market.  This helps Republicans up and down the ticket.  Slowly they are learning—stick near Trump and money will come your way for elections.  Stand apart, there won’t be any money and you will eventually lose your seats.  That’s politics folks, and the Democrats are losing and that won’t get any better in the months to come.

Through August of 2017 as the frantic news outlets see what’s really going on; more money has flowed to Republicans under Trump’s administration.  They know their polling has been phony about the President’s approval ratings.  They know their samplings have been taken with skewed numbers of Democrats contributing as opposed to Republicans to make things look better—they know they have been lying to the American people and it’s just a matter of time that the truth comes out—which it is in their balance sheets.   The frantic attempts to destroy the Trump administration by encouraging riots in the streets with the ANTIFA losers and wall to wall coverage of some Russian conspiracy—or attempting to put Trump’s name next to the socialists White Nationalists that were creations of the political left to begin with can’t hide the fact that through August of 2017, from the time Trump took office just seven  months prior the RNC has $86.5 million in contributions while the DNC has managed to acquire only $42 million.  The GOP has a huge advantage in cash on hand also with $47.1 million as opposed to the DNC reserves of only $6.9 million.  That’s not enough money for Democrats to run one race for a dog catcher in most communities let alone a congressional seat or even a new federal senator.  The Democrats are going into 2018 broke and that won’t get any better for them and everyone in the know, knows it which explains their fanaticism every day on the news.

I used to wonder why Republicans weren’t better at asking for money in email chains and other online outlets like the Democrats were and I think it really came down to methods.  Democrats have no problem asking for money while most Republicans are too busy making it.  But since Trump has taken over at the top of the GOP I get emails every day asking for money and I don’t mind at all because that’s what it takes.  The Trump people know how to market and that is helping the GOP immensely.  These are the hidden little ways that Trump is dramatically helping the GOP brand.  He’s certainly not hurting it the way the liberal media wishes with controversial Tweets and wild press conferences that everyone supposedly hopes will be brought under swamp control by a firm Chief of Staff.  Trump knows what he’s doing and he’s playing everyone—and people who have money like the work he’s doing—and they don’t mind giving him some of it to fight on their behalf.  At this rate by the close of the year the Republicans will be in great shape to provide money to candidates to acquire more seats across the country while the DNC will be further in debt even with all the wall to wall media coverage they enjoy from virtually every celebrity.   Not even George Soros can help Democrats now.  The only tool they have left is to hit the streets and throw urine and feces at people from behind a mask harassing war veterans and burning American flags.  The Democrats are literally out of ideas and have nothing left but these intimidation games and that’s not going to convince people to give money to a bunch of anarchists who want to tear down history and harass people on the streets.

Personally I’m fine with the fight either way they want to do it.  We can do it the legal way which is what’s been happening.  We elect our guy, he beats the Democratic guy or gal and we run the country under the control of the GOP which we’ll keep honest among ourselves always searching for the right people. Or we can fight it out in the streets without the protection of the law to keep losers like these ANTIFA radicals above ground.  I mean if liberals are going to break the law to stay relevant as a political power in America then why should people like me not break the law to fight them?  If they can break the law, why can’t I?  What do they think is going to happen if they don’t have the protection of the police, or a court system to keep everything honest?  Do they really think they’ll come into my neighborhood and have success—on my turf?  No way.  There is nothing scary about a bunch of snot nosed kids throwing rocks and urine who look as out-of-shape as the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  I personally have the means of stopping thousands of them all by myself—and I’m just one of millions with the same capability out in the Red States of Trump Land.  Violence isn’t going to work for them, let me tell you that.  And traditional fund-raising isn’t any more either.  They’ve scammed everyone for decades and their reputation as thugs and con artists has finally caught up with them.  So what are they going to do?  Well, they’re going to lose—that’s what, and they know it.  The media knows it.  The movie stars know it.  They are out of time and money—and ideas.  But more than anything, Trump knows it and he is not afraid to go after their jugular.  That’s why people like me send money to the GOP.  We like to bet on a winning horse for a change.

For a fine example of what I’m talking about have a look at the Trump newsletter I just received in my email box.  I have no problem sending $20 or $30 to them at the link provided, because I like seeing my money at work fighting forces I know to be corrosive to the American style of life.  Feel free to pass this along to a friend and to pour on the thrusters and really give Democrats something to worry about.  For what they’ve done to us over the years, they deserve it.



President Trump’s heart goes out to all those affected by the events in Charlottesville last weekend. The President condemns in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. It has no place in America. No matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws, we all salute the same great flag, and we are all made by the same almighty God. We must love each other, show affection for each other, and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry and violence. We must rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us together as Americans. Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.

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President Trump held a workforce and apprenticeship discussion in New Jersey. Under this President, we began a historic initiative to expand apprenticeship and workforce training programs in all industries. But that was just the start, the administration is taking additional steps to expand apprenticeship programs, especially for women and minorities in STEM fields where these groups have been truly under-represented. In the past seven months, we’ve made enormous gains in getting Americans back to work. The stock market is at record highs. Unemployment is at a 16-year low, and manufacturers have never expressed more optimism about the future.

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President Trump is making veteran healthcare a priority of his Administration and has moved quickly to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system. When President Trump signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act, he gave veterans a choice in the healthcare they receive so they can receive the right care, at the right time, from the right provider. “In just a short time, we’ve already achieved transformative change at the VA—and believe me, we’re just getting started,” said President Trump.

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Vice President Pence traveled to Central and South America to meet with leaders from government and the business community to reaffirm the President’s commitment to deepening bilateral trade and investment ties with the region and to build on the good work that has been done to bolster our shared economic and security goals. Vice President Pence made it clear in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Panama that America first does not mean America alone. Our interests are aligned. Our values are the same. And the birthright of freedom belongs to both our people.

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President Trump is taking the first step to ensure we protect American innovation and the intellectual property (IP) of American companies. IP theft directly harms the American economy and American workers. Reports suggest that China has greatly benefited from the theft of American IP, in some cases forcing American companies to transfer their innovation to benefit China. President Trump is following through on his promise to the American people to protect their IP so they can benefit from their innovation.

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Infrastructure is a priority to the President and he took action this week to rebuild America by signing an Executive Order establishing discipline and accountability in the environmental review and permitting process for infrastructure projects. With regulatory red tape to jump through, major infrastructure projects are held up for years at significant cost to our economy. Crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, and railways gleaming across our beautiful land.

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President Trump’s plan to Make America Great Again is working! One million jobs created, unemployment is at a 16-year low, the stock market at an all-time high, and the military is at its strongest. Let our President keep doing his Job and watch our new campaign ad by clicking here.

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