Why the ANTIFA Terrorist Group are a bunch of Losers: Their tactical weaknesses and motivations

Look at this little bitch–this is what ANTIFA has as their field generals.


Here’s a little strategic analysis on why there wasn’t violence at the Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Around 2000 protestors gathered outside the arena where the President was speaking but there wasn’t a lot of nastiness between supporters and protestors mainly because the police and mayor addressed the issue before hand. Also, the crazy ANTIFA communists weren’t there in a very strong presence, and that is the real issue that we need to address. I have been watching the ANTIFA websites and studying what they are proclaiming about themselves. Clearly, they are a militant group intent on communism and they should be and probably will be declared domestic terrorists and enemies of all our livelihoods. They project themselves as a bunch of scary collectivists but in reality, they are missing a few things that need to be understood by weak-kneed Republicans looking to cave to these barbarians without a fight.

I didn’t pay much attention to ANTIFA until their activism at Boston recently where they had on their Twitter page a red Tea Party flag with the communist fist crushing the snake saying “We will tread on you.” Well, those are fighting words and it provoked me to change the header photo on my Twitter page to let them know as they scan through my stuff what is in store for them if they attempt such a thing. Just those words, “we will tread on you” implies force and a loss of individual sanctity and that is something to fight for. I can say for myself—I live peacefully and leave people alone—more than most people would. I’m a very laissez-faire individual. I don’t bother people even though I think much of what people do is disgusting and personally destructive. I usually leave them alone to do what they will so long as they don’t impose it on me. But if they do, that’s another story. I fight to win and looking back through my history I’d challenge anybody to find any wars that I’ve lost. Maybe a few battles here and there, but never the war. So I have a pretty good track record and given ANTIFA’s attitude, I really don’t think those stupid kids know what they are doing. But they are pushing to impose themselves on the American way of life of capitalism and individual freedom, so a clash looks to be imminent.


But here’s the thing, they were able to make themselves look big in college towns where population densities of stupid people tend to hang out, like Boston, and Charlottesville—and their villainy was only covered in these events by tragic deaths and serious injuries inflicted by a known hate group—the KKK and those types of left-winged radicals who dedicated their lives to the kind of socialism Hitler was so found of. Those nut cases from the so-called “alt-right” which is still the political left on the spectrum of philosophy covered the villainy of ANTIFA by being only slight worse and attracting the attention of a media looking for a mask for their political ideology. But ANTIFA is an organization looking for trouble in the same way that the Weather Underground used to and many who cheered the destruction of the Twin Towers during 9/11. It wasn’t just Muslim radicals who cheered in the streets—it was also members of the American left who hate capitalism. And you typically find large concentrations of those people in American universities teaching these young porous kids bad ideas that get them into trouble.

However, if you step away from the college campuses and the inner cities where people are addicted to welfare and therefore government assistance for their livings—the recruiting numbers for ANTIFA die down quickly. They can put out their calls to arms and promote their radicalism on their websites, but their activity loses steam quickly once they move out of their habitat zones. To try an insurgency against suburbia—where most Trump supporters live and the conservative movement as a whole resides, they lose their effectiveness due to a lack of participation. ANTIFA members can’t function very well too far from their Xbox units and the local Starbucks—so to engage Trump supporters at their roots isn’t possible. That reality was obvious in Phoenix where the ANTIFA booth sat empty most of the night while the president was talking. ANTIFA needs two things to be successful, they need large gatherings of young people and they need them to be stupid liberals not yet forged by the realities of life. Without those elements, they are clawless dogs all bark and no bite.

I watched them fight on television throwing their urine and feces at people, using sticks, shovels and even axes to inspire fear in the people they were engaging against. By displaying their lack of respect for the laws of our capitalist society then they won’t complain too much when we meet them with force as well. Surely, they don’t expect us to just sit and take it? People who live in cities are willing to put up with more than people who live in suburbia or the country. In fact I know people who live in eastern Ohio who would turn these kids into pretzels at first sight of them in a grocery store. ANTIFA would not be tolerated in the country—therefore they will have no impact on politics or policy. Their violence is purely for show and is needed for the television cameras to drive up their sagging ratings. Without ANTIFA the political left in the media don’t have much to sour the successes coming from the Trump administration. They can complain about the silly procedural things or the way Trump says things, but they can’t knock his results—3% economic growth, low unemployment, a successful standoff with North Korea—record setting stock market. ANTIFA is the media’s only hope, and they look scary on television but in reality, they are just a bunch of skinny, fat and otherwise docile millennials who will cry when the sun hits their blank faces. They can’t endure a real war. They don’t want what they say they want.

No little group of ANTIFA punks is going to tread on me, let me promise that much. If they do, they have big problems. And that goes in general for any strategy that might take them out into the countryside. It’s one thing to stage a demonstration on a college campus where their dorms and apartments are just a few blocks away. It’s another to face down a bunch of pissed off farmers or moonshiners in the mountains of West Virginia. Yeah, that wouldn’t work out to well for them—ANTIFA. Their reach isn’t very far and they aren’t tough at all. They are spoiled brats that want a free ride of communism to give them more video game time—so their convictions aren’t rooted very deep—making them easy to defeat. That was very obvious in Phoenix. They are a made-up media paper dragon that is part of an illusion of resistance toward Trump. But reality states that they are quite disappointing up close and even worse when taken out of their native habitat. As terrorists, their efforts will be short-lived.

Rich Hoffman

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