The Many Achievements of Trump: How you know the media has been lying

How do you know they are lying? Because “they,” the mainstream media—so-called—won’t tell you all the good things that Donald Trump has so far done as president which Sean Hannity so wonderfully articulated on his television show, seen below. Hannity also showed the extreme level of hatred that the same MSM showed toward Trump’s various speeches over the last couple of weeks. I watched all those speeches and I’m hardly a right-winged lunatic and there were only good things expressed in each of them. There was nothing, “unhenged” in the contents that showed a president unfit for office or bordering on insanity. That’s how you can know the truth, because reality does not reflect what a majority of the news outlets reported, and that makes it obvious that there is something very devious going on.

Obviously I was no Obama fan. But during his first six months I had hopes that he might pull back the regulations on stem cell research and maybe cheerlead the nation a bit. I gave him a shot really for the first year. Even as the storm clouds of decent from the Tea Party started to gather in 2009 I was willing to give the guy a chance, until he proved that he was simply an Alinsky change agent looking to overthrow America from a legislative perspective. I would expect the same treatment of Trump from the political left and he’s not getting it.

Trump hasn’t been in office long enough to make any real mistakes so the rhetoric exhibited by the political left in voluminous detail by the MSN is an obvious sign that there is more to the story than just political ideology in conflict. We’re talking about long-established plans toward a different kind of America that has been rejected by voters through Trump and are crumbling in front of their faces, and they are furious about it.
I’m here to tell you that if these people are this freaked out that there is more they have been hiding that hasn’t been yet revealed, and that means to us that we thankfully elected Donald Trump at just the right time. Already Trump has done more than most presidents hope to do in four years so there will be much more to cheer on soon. But the viciousness of the media towards Trump says everything about their intentions. It’s important that we stick with the president to undo all that these insurgents have planned behind our backs for over a century.

Rich Hoffman
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