Democrats are Destroying Hollywood: A terrible August box office can be summed up by how out-of-touch James Cameron is

Something I’ve always done since I was a little kid was use box office receipts to measure the health of human culture.  I’ve been interested in this kind of thing as long as I’ve been able to read and its one of the first things I study each morning as part of my information tracking.  The reasons are complicated but you can learn a lot about what makes human beings tick by studying what they are willing to spend at a movie theater on a two-hour story.  I would argue effectively that studying box office numbers is a more accurate way to measure human endeavor than expensive passive polling.

With the exception of some Disney releases and Warner Bros this has been a horrendous year for movies produced lazily and pontificated with enormous amounts of liberalized messaging.  Shockingly even well-known Hollywood types like Ron Howard and Jim Cameron have been very active in protesting Donald Trump’s presidency for instance which says a lot about the people making movies these days.  It used to be that many of the top actors in the business were also hanging out at the RNC in California but not anymore.  Republicans have been pushed out of the business as the movies that have been green lit are largely financed by liberals who want to see liberal films communicating issues that are important to them.  Movies now aren’t so much being made to fulfill a market need, they are being used to communicate Democratic ideas and in a conservative America with a House, a Senate and an Executive Branch are all to varying degrees Republican, the movie studies have obviously missed a grand opportunity.  And it shows culminating in this disastrous upcoming weekend in August 2017 articulated by the following article:


WEEKEND PREVIEW: We are looking at what may be the worst August weekend in over 20 years with a top twelve that could struggle to reach a combined $50 million, something that hasn’t happened in August since 1993. In fact, while this will undoubtedly be the worst weekend of 2017 thus far, it could be the worst weekend for the top twelve since early September 2014 should Mojo’s current forecast hold. For more context, August is currently pacing 36% behind last year and expected to be the first August since 2000 not to have a new release top $100 million domestically.

That said, this weekend features a trio of new wide releases and several films expanding (or returning to theaters), but beyond that a lot of attention goes to Saturday night’s Mayweather-McGregor fight, which must be taken into account. Current projections anticipate nearly 50 million people will be watching the fight in the U.S. alone, and while this weekend doesn’t feature a debut the size of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is said to have been affected by the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in 2015, every little bit counts at a time when domestic box office revenues are down as much as they are right now

  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard (3,398 theaters) – $10.0 M
  • Annabelle: Creation (3,565 theaters) – $7.5 M
  • Leap! (2,575 theaters) – $5.2 M
  • Dunkirk (2,774 theaters) – $4.4 M
  • Logan Lucky (3,031 theaters) – $4.0 M
  • All Saints (845 theaters) – $3.3 M
  • Wind River (2,095 theaters) – $3.0 M
  • Birth of the Dragon (1,617 theaters) – $2.8 M
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2,122 theaters) – $2.6 M
  • Girls Trip (1,768 theaters) – $2.5 M

The box office shouldn’t be so weak to be effected so easily by the Mayweather-McGregor fight.  If there was a good movie released worth seeing, people would go see it then catch the fight in a sports bar after their theater experience.  The bottom line is that Hollywood ran out of releases by August from their summer season and what they did release wasn’t that hot to begin with.  Granted, a lot of these movies released this year assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to be president so they were in production while last year’s battle between Trump and Clinton was taking place.  If I had to say, I don’t think one single studio in all of Hollywood picked Trump to win, except for Malpaso Studios which is run by Clint Eastwood.  Sadly that’s the case and is the reason that the box office is so terrible.  The Democrats in the studio system don’t understand what people want and they haven’t been willing to listen.

This ignorance was on full display between two of Hollywood’s current great directors, James Cameron and Patty Jenkins who is the wonderful woman who directed this year’s surprise hit Wonder Woman.  It is important to note that Wonder Woman brought in nearly $500 million domestically which is quite extraordinary.  This led Cameron who has directed massive hits like Avatar, Terminator and Titanic to comment that Wonder Woman was just another example of a male Hollywood industry objectifying women and that it was a step backwards for the industry.  That says everything we need to know about the film business at this point when big time directors get it so wrong about what made Wonder Woman so successful.  I’ll make a little prediction about James Cameron—I say it right here, right now—the guy has lost it.  He hasn’t made a hit movie in nearly a decade and he hasn’t been able to follow-up on his hit Avatar quickly delaying his sequels for some magical time when everything lined up correctly for him.  Now he has studios lined up to make four sequels to the Avatar franchise as if he thinks they will be accepted like the first one was.  I have news for him—they won’t be.  The studios are going to be very disappointed to learn that there is declining support for Avatar because the concept is such a tree hugging hippie mess that audiences will come to reject the premise.  The first movie did well because it was new and visually very fresh technically.  Well, those days are over and new Avatar movies will have to stand on their story and that’s where the new age of Trump will have an impact on the Avatar franchise.

Cameron isn’t one who should be lecturing anybody about women—he’s been married 5 times and is quite maniacal on social causes.  His value is clearly in science, but when it comes to people he has always missed the mark except for in his earlier work with The Abyss and Titanic.  Under pressure Cameron has done his best work and even though he has featured very strong female roles he always had strong male roles to accompany them.  Let’s face it, people didn’t show up to see Linda Hamilton play Sarah Conner in the Terminator.  It was the Terminator they wanted to see. The female part of the role was something people put up with to get to the Terminator.  And that is the same deal with Avatar; people were willing to overlook all the hippie crap to see some spectacular 3D and some great battles.  But did Sam Worthington’s character appeal strongly enough to carry four more sequels based on passion for the work—no.  Those new movies will struggle once people find out that the plots are largely liberal propaganda projects by a mad scientist director who has lost contact with all reality over the years.  Success in Cameron’s case has destroyed what made him good and now that he’s a massive liberal he’s lost touch with his audiences—and that is truly sad.

The rest of Hollywood is no better off.  As a society of Democrats—because that’s what it takes if you want to make movies in the studio system these days—they don’t understand their audience, in many cases that audience has changed into a much more traditionalist base.  I mean someone out there thought it would be a good idea to make remakes of Ben-Hur, The Magnificent Seven and to make a sequel to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel—which made like five cents in movie theaters.  While the first film did well for a documentary, the second film bombed tremendously as people now largely have lost interest in anything connected to the falsified data of “climate change” which has gotten on people’s nerves.  It is theater owners who have taken the biggest hit with Hollywood’s failure to make movies people want to see.  With all the Democratic activism going on they are the ones with the real estate that has to exhibit the garbage Hollywood is putting out and they have been the ones to lose the most.

Hollywood is going to have to come to grips with Trump for their own preservation.  They won’t be able to destroy him because it was their movie audiences that made Trump to begin with.  Trump didn’t change the world; the world changed and made Trump.  Hollywood isn’t making movies to appeal to those people; they are making movies to appeal to their Democratic base—which is shrinking.  It doesn’t matter how visually spectacular the new Avatar films will be in the future because the content is what will determine success or failure.  Given Cameron’s comments on Wonder Woman—he obviously doesn’t know what’s going on now with audiences.  And that is because he’s only talking to crazy Democrats these days instead of the Republicans he used to know in truck stops when that’s what he used to do for a living—which was drive a big rig.  After seeing Star Wars Cameron quit that job and worked hard to become a film maker on his own –but what these modern filmmakers forget is that movies like Star Wars, and the first couple of Terminators were essentially “Republican” films about small government and decentralized power—not the Democratic dystopia that we see coming today from the Party.   Now that political views are known because they have been more vocal about it, audiences are much less forgiving of people like James Cameron than they were before.  And that is what is killing the American box office numbers—and is completely sinking Hollywood as an industry.   There are of course exceptions, but overall, the industry is in big trouble and the studios are slow to adjust to a world where Trump is president—and a good one at that.

Rich Hoffman

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