Joan the Hutt: Lee Wong and a former Lakota tax and spend liberal want control of West Chester as trustees

I was watching Star Wars with my grand-kids the other day while catching up on some news in the print media and I noticed that the big spender Joan Powell from the Lakota school board was seeking a seat on the West Chester Board of Trustees.  I was astonished that she’d come out of retirement to run for such an important seat, and given her track record even desired to put herself up to the scrutiny of public office.  But it’s her life, and she asked for it—because there’s a lot to pick on when it comes to Joan Powell.  That’s when I looked up to watch the movie again and thought it was astonishing how much she reminded me of the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt—the vile gangster and villain from the old child targeted story about good and evil.  I know Joan better than most people do and I remember how she ran the Lakota school system like a thuggish gangster for the teacher’s union complete with back room deals and a tax and spend philosophy that was as maniacal as any liberal in America.  I know because I was part of a deal she was a part of way back in 2013 when a report at the following link came out showing that Lakota had declining enrollment and didn’t need a tax increase. Yet Joan the Hutt pushed for one anyway to give pay raises to the public employees she was supposed to be managing before she retired.   Read that report here.  The important parts of the report have been highlighted in yellow on pages 1 and 16:

Lakota Enrollment study

Watch this little clip from Star Wars showing Jabba the Hutt making deals and trying to destroy her rivals.  Hutts in Star Wars are hermaphroditic so the female designation is appropriate in comparing the fictional villain from Star Wars to the real life con artist from Lakota.

Now watch this anti-Trump ad that Joan Powell the Hutt did for Hillary Clinton during last year’s presidential campaign.  Take away the flowers and the references to grandchildren, can you tell any difference? I can’t.

For context let’s go back to 2012, a group I was running with several other people called No Lakota Levy had successfully defeated several of the tax increases that Joan the Hutt tried to implement from 2005 all the way up to that point in time.  The teacher’s union was Joan the Hutt’s network and they wanted a pay increase.  The Lakota school board had to get a tax increase passed to appease those government employees and they weren’t going to do that so long as I was the face of No Lakota Levy.  Joan orchestrated through her vast network of media contacts and feminist groups a hit job against me, not much different from when Jabba set a trap for Luke Skywalker to fall into the Rancor pit to be eaten alive.  Only in real life the terrible beast I had to fight was a bunch of tax levy supporters who were part of a vicious tax and spend cult ran by Joan the Hutt.   Like the fictional movie, metaphorically, the same result occurred.  I ended up in a blistering exposé meant to destroy me in every way possible because of my involvement with No Lakota Levy.  Joan wanted to remove me from the political scene so that they could pass a levy at Lakota.  Some members of my group sided with Joan the Hutt but little to their dismay I was more popular afterwards than before.  People appreciated that I stuck to my guns to defend them from the vile clutches of this West Chester liberal and her legions of tax levy supporters.   In spite of the extremely negative press, the Joan Powell led school board knew they couldn’t get a levy passed with my name in the papers every day so they had to try something new.

Behind the scenes Joan the Hutt wanted to make a deal with me using school board members I had been supporting and members of the No Lakota Levy group.  She wanted to negotiate a two-year ceasefire on the levy fight.  I thought that was a good idea so I did my part of the deal which was to not campaign against Lakota for that two-year period of time and Joan the Hutt wouldn’t attempt another tax increase.  Meanwhile Joan the Hutt and her legions of levy supporters went hard to work paving the way for a community consensus on a tax increase hiring a progressive firm to go around and soften up the voters for another levy attempt which shouldn’t have taken place until 2014.  Taking only one year off from the levy fight Lakota went for another levy in 2013 knowing that if that report referenced above got out to the public that people would never support a tax increase.  So they broke their deal with me and went for their raises for the teacher’s union in fall of 2013.

Joan the Hutt by that time had split up the No Lakota Levy group the same way she tried to split up Republicans over Donald Trump in favor of crooked Hillary Clinton so the tax increase just barely passed.  Joan the Hutt knew that if my group had stayed together that she would have never won so she used all the levers of power to do whatever she had to do—including destroying me if possible—to give her public employees a pay raise when it was clear from the report that Lakota needed to actually cut teachers—not giving them a pay increase.  Joan the Hutt has shown on many occasions that she can have a propensity toward vile conduct to achieve her tax and spend desires and to my experience what she did at Lakota was no different from what a gangster might do for a criminal enterprise.  The double-dealing, the vicious use of legions of blood thirsty supporters and a facade of a serene grandmother to hide it all when reality indicated a vile underground network of thugs for which she was the leader.

West Chester under the guidance of Mark Welch and George Lang have produced budget surpluses and low taxation for many years now leading to an economic boom that has been unique to similar areas around the country seeing much slower growth.  But with such great numbers come the thieves and bandits who want a free ride and to seize that growing wealth so they can pass it out to their criminal underworld.   There is a third trustee at West Chester named Lee Wong who you will find often trying to get a free meal who needs a partner in crime in West Chester to get a needed second vote to plunge the community into chaos.  Lee wants to pass those surpluses produced into that public sector underworld for which Joan the Hutt has such a vast network.  You might have heard of Lee’s name before as it is often associated with scandal and treason such as the efforts he committed himself to recently in defending a woman fired from her job for giving secrets to China.   People on his side think Lee’s a hero for standing up for a public sector worker, Republicans see an alarming trend in Lee that he seems always associated with scandal and bad decisions rooted in Democratic behavior hidden behind a mask of conservatives that he knows he needs to even attempt to win any office in Butler County.  Like most public employees what Lee shares with Joan is a love for attention, taking money from those who have it and giving it to people in their inner circles of power to keep them loyal and close.  Those two see an opportunity to have a two vote count in West Chester to get control of the surpluses that have been produced by good management so that they can expand their bases of power—just like gangsters do.

The thing to do would be to keep Joan the Hutt out of office and send her back to her supposedly quit life for which she indicated in her pro Hillary Clinton commercial.  The experiences I have provided are just one example of the way she operates as a person and you have to wonder about someone like her who desires to get her hands on the levers of power to even run for such an office.   But for people who just can’t help themselves the good efforts of Mark Welch and George Lang are too attractive to avoid.  For people like Joan and Lee those surpluses are ways to make friends and obtain more free meals around town, to get a respect they can’t give themselves through merit based work.  George and Mark are privately successful so their roles as trustees have been about as pure as anyone could hope politicians to be—and that is why West Chester has been successful now for a period of years.  The criminals who want a few more friends and a way to expand their influence can’t help but want to put their teeth into that surplus to work their maniacal plans for government expansion and double-dealing drama for which their naturally corrupt minds can’t avoid.   Yes, Joan the Hutt is back and she wants to be fed a steady stream of tax money to sustain her big dreams of a vast syndicate of liberalized activism hidden behind a mask of Republican Party affiliation.  Those kinds of things can be difficult to see in reality when people shake hands, but when you watch fantasy films geared toward children, like Star Wars, it’s easy to see that in West Chester we have our own version of the popular villain Jabba the Hutt.  And she wants to become a trustee in 2017.

Oh, and in that last video, do you know why dear reader that Lakota didn’t go for that levy in 2017?  Because Joan the Hutt retired from the school board.  Miraculously after she left the board, Lakota’s finances were straightened out.  Just keep that in mind when voting in November.

Rich Hoffman

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