Don’t Discriminate Against Melania Because She’s Beautiful: Texas needed what the Trumps delivered

You would never know it from the news reports but people were very enthusiastic to see Donald Trump visit the hurricane zone in Texas. I watched Fox News most of the time that Hurricane Harvey was striking the Texas coast with historic rainfalls flooding so many people out of their homes. I thought it was extraordinary that most people held their cool and grabbed their fishing boats to rescue people from the rising waters. The people and their monster trucks, four wheelers and various aquatic craft that went from bored driveways into the action of rescue was far better than anything the federal government could do at that moment and it was private enterprise that was mostly saving lives. The National Guard and police departments of course were important, but in most cases when it came to quick action it was neighbor helping neighbor that essentially meant the different between life and death. When president Trump visited with his wife Melania they seemed to understand that fact better than anybody and they dressed to inspire those people. Melania left the White House in high heels and a bomber jacket while the President dressed as if he were about to be a test pilot for a new style of aircraft. Obviously, their approach was of defiance against the forces of nature that had inflicted so much pain and suffering, and for the people of Texas, it was the right approach.

President Trump hit just the right notes during his visit and the people loved him for it. For the media not to cover his visit in the proper context was very dishonest. Everywhere I turned for news on Tuesday 8/29/2017 it was all about Melania’s shoes as the mostly female journalists were obviously very threatened by the first lady’s grace and beauty under those tragic circumstances. I thought her approach was extraordinarily appropriate, when people are faced with misery and destruction they want to see hope and beauty. Melania went to Texas to give them that—and they loved it. Because many of the women reporting the news couldn’t compete they lashed out in hate toward the FLOTUS which was very unfair to her—it was discrimination on a vast scale. They are always telling us not to judge people based on skin color or sex—but here they were hating Melania Trump for being too beautiful. It was a new kind of discrimination that was utterly disgusting. Melania wasn’t dressing that way for the rest of the country, but for Texas. Just because there’s a tragedy it doesn’t mean we must sacrifice our style and grace. Sometimes, that’s just when such things are needed.

It was an act of defiance for the human race to build a city in Huston, and everywhere along the Texas coast. The whole area is a flood zone and will over geologic history experience many tragedies. To put cities there is in defiance of nature, not yielding to it, and people generally understand those things during tragedies. By Melania wearing those high heels on the way for the cameras to capture I took it as a reminder that part of being human is to defy nature and command it. Not to bow to it like a bunch of animals. Nature had bitten back at humans in Texas and the whole purpose of the President and FLOTUS in going there was to inspire them back to health for the long road to recovery that would be involved for years to come. Trump needed to inspire people to consider that doing such a thing was worth it even though at the moment the tragedy seemed futile. People needed inspiration more than money and that’s what Trump offered through he and his wife.

But the Left went crazy because there wasn’t enough sadness, there wasn’t enough drama to satisfy the Lifetime Channel crowd. And really, that says a lot about the people who stand against President Trump. They don’t like that Trump is a positive person who believes in selling why America is a good place—because they have dedicated their lives to complaining and selling how bad America is to them. They have expected that sour stance to solidify and destroy the last remaining superpower on earth with negativity. Yet Hurricane Harvey isn’t so much of a disaster story. Yes people died, about 20 so far, and yes, there are billions of dollars in damages that will take decades to rebuild. But look how people pulled together and faced down the villainy of Mother Nature pushing back with the hardy human inclination of survival. Think of the boats that took to the streets to rescue people as the riders ducked under street lights. It was a remarkable sight in part because many of those people had enough expendable income to buy boats in the first place—to have them just in case of such a crises. Trump didn’t do that, the people of Texas did. What they needed from Trump was an encouraging voice after days of hard work—and that’s what they got.

When Trump says that he thinks the media is the most dishonest element there is, this is what he’s talking about. The facts they choose are counter to the natural desires of the American public. Yes, people love a car wreck, yes, they love tragedy and soup operas—but they also love to persevere and they elected Trump because they wanted to feel great about their nation again. Not because they wanted to cry over every little bit of spilled milk. People want hope, they want to feel good, and they want to win. Even when a hurricane comes and destroys everything they’ve spent a lifetime building, they want to win and even strike back. They don’t want to hear about climate science and how we need to appease the gods of nature to keep such a thing from happening again. They want to dominate nature and use the human mind to overtake the sorrow in defiance of the circumstances.

That’s why it was important for Melania Trump to where those nice, tall high heels on her way to the flood zones. It is unfair to her to cast so much anger in her direction simply because she is a beautiful woman. Perhaps this is an argument against why we should have so many women in the news reporting business because if they can’t look at Melania and see the beautiful woman she is, inside and out—they can’t report stories like this. They don’t have a right to discriminate against her just because she’s beautiful. Texas needed her, and she went. That is the story and that’s what the Trumps delivered.

The hatred of Trump is pathetically small-minded and I am getting more and more resentful of that constricted thought pattern by the people committing the act day by day. As I’ve said for many years, I’ve put up with other people’s view points for a long time—and they have screwed up a lot of things. Now my guy is in office and I expect them to show him the same courtesy. If it doesn’t work out, then they can try again in some future election. But he deserves a chance to do a good job and his wife certainly shouldn’t get scrutinized just because of her looks. If Melania wants to wear high heels, then she should be able to do it. Some women love their shoes and as a fashion model I’m sure she has shoes that make her very happy to wear. Likely she needed to pump herself up a bit to have the energy to face such devastation and still put on a happy face. I know when I have to do difficult things I like to wear my favorite shirt or a hat. For her it’s probably shoes. There’s nothing wrong with that, and If I have to be honest, she looked great wearing them. She can wear them on the moon as far as I’m concerned. And that is honest reporting. Sadly, the media refused to cover this story honestly instead looking under every rock for some negative—and Texas or Trump wouldn’t give it to them. And they showed their ugly teeth in the process of something that was actually quite a good American story.

Rich Hoffman
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