Standing With Joe Arpaio and President Trump: Believe me liberals, RINOS, and ANTIFA thugs–you want the protection of law and order–those guys are your friends

It is extremely sad that anyone would consider the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio as “controversial,” or that they would think anything poor of President Trump for doing so.  We all knew at the time that the Obama administration was abusing the Justice Department as a personal ideological weapon that had become radicalized under Eric Holder and that Arpaio was the target of government aggression issued completely unjustified.  It was clearly a case then of government abuse of authority that was transitory only by the Obama administration specifically.  As a sheriff for over 40 years in Arizona Arpaio had seen it all and was committed to the law has it had been and he did the right thing to stand up to the radicalism of the Obama Justice Department.  What he did was much less severe than what entire cities are doing against President Trump now with the sanctuary city debate and the refusal to respect the executive orders on the travel bans.  All Arpaio did was continue enforcing a law which protected his community from the overwhelming force of one of the most dangerous borders in the world where on one side his constituents resided and on the other the most crime ridden nation on earth.   Here is how Fox News reported it:

President Trump granted a pardon to Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., on Friday.

Arpaio, 85, was recently found guilty of criminal contempt for defying a judge’s order to stop traffic patrols that allegedly targeted immigrants.

He had been charged with misdemeanor contempt of court for allegedly willfully defying a judge’s order in 2011 and prolonging his patrols for another 17 months.

At 85 years old Trump couldn’t wait until the end of his term to pardon Arpaio from a bunch of made-up charges—because the man would likely be 93 years old by then.  And the Sheriff has some more to give in this fight for justice and he can start by challenging the seat of Jeff Flake from Arizona. It wouldn’t hurt to see Arpaio primary out Flake so that a friendlier Republican could be elected to the Senate.   Who cares about the optics as they are established by a hostile media intent to overthrow our country into an abyss created by the previous administration.  Clearly the government was wrong in what it did to Arpaio but what is astonishing is that more Republicans did not come to his defense.  That is where Trump understands that part of the problem in Making American Great Again comes in weeding out the weak Republicans from the strong and Arpaio can still help in that process.  So by clearing the good Sheriff’s name now there is a good chance at pushing out a weak Republican in favor of a strong one in the Senate—and that’s where the real controversy stirs.  We’re not talking about law breaking or morality, we’re talking about the swamp protecting itself from Donald Trump draining it when we see that any discussion about Arpaio is “controversial.”

Anyone standing against the Arpaio pardon is part of the problem.  This is not one America right now, and in order to get there, tough things will have to happen and some people are going to be very disappointed.  Arpaio should have never been placed under scrutiny to begin with, which is problem number one.  The purposeful abolishment of our immigration laws to inspire more border violence and an erosion of American sovereignty was a tactical obedience to a domestic hostility that was unwarranted in our history which deserves conflict.   When a hostile entity challenges American happiness with deliberate incursions such things must be met with force, not a bunch of docile Republicans holding hands with insurgent Democrats just to keep the peace for the public eye.  We’re not just going to let these forces take over our country.  We’d be fools to do so, and speaking for myself, I’m not a fool.

I’ve always considered myself a Republican even in the Tea Party days where being a libertarian seemed to be the flavor of the day and people like Glenn Beck were pushing such things.  I was never one to throw my efforts behind Ron Paul or his son Rand.  There are platform things about their movement that I liked, but I could never fully get behind them as candidates for president.  The support of  recreational drugs and lack of global intervention are problems for me because with both come villainy that is often best defined through Christian lenses and someone needs to stop the bullies of the world—otherwise they end up on our doorsteps.  I see the Republican Party as the last great hope of mankind to advance to a new level of civilization and that all other forces from RINOs to communists functioning from the progressive Democrats are working to take us all back to the Vico Cycle through anarchy to the point of theocracy, aristocracy, democracy then back to anarchy every 2000 years or so.  Literally the Republican Party emerged and exists to challenge this endless cycle of human destruction and rebirth.  Republican ideas came to the human race to advance mankind, not to regress it.  It is through Trump that we have our best hope of evolving—and most current Republicans are not up to the fight—and they have always needed to be replaced.

Through the Tea Party many of us have gone to work at replacing weak Republicans and inserting strong ones. That is what happened in 2016 but it has been going on since 2009 essentially.  Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and many other Republicans have come about under the Tea Party flag to weed out weaklings like John Kasich, John Boehner, Eric Canter and many others in favor of more “Republican” representatives without losing our majorities in the House and Senate, and that process is continuing.  John McCain and Jeff Flake both from Arizona are a couple more Republicans that need to be removed so that we can have “proper” conservatives in our Senate and not weak-kneed pacifists who buckle before the hostilities of ANTIFA and other leftist groups with appeasement—strengthening domestic enemies against American concepts—personal freedom, integrity and innovation.

Given all that it is still amazing that there were Republicans who openly spoke out against Trump over the Arpaio pardon—Republicans should be extremely thankful that they have a person like Joe Arpaio in their party and that they have a president who will stand by him even when the liberalized media was intent to make the situation painful.  Courage under fire should be appreciated, and at least respected.  We know who the thugs are in our society and we’ve witnessed them obtaining public offices and abusing their power and we’ve managed for the most part to peacefully remove them from office and replace them with good people.  Trump in this case was the law and order candidate and he was inserted as a peaceful way to restore law and order.  Believe me liberals, ANTIFA thugs and other losers from the Left, you want the protection of law and order—because you don’t want a raw conflict with real conservatives.  Don’t come to my neighborhood with sticks, piss and bats and think you’re going to get away with what you do on the liberal campus of Berkley.  That’s not going to happen where you don’t end up in the hospital.  Trust me, you want law and order—it’s the best friend you have.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio has always been a man of the law and lawless anarchy came knocking on his door which he refused to accept. For that he was punished and threatened quite audaciously—and we couldn’t stand for that.  Part of the reason Trump was elected was because people like Joe Arpaio were being abused—let’s make that clear.  For people who do not stand behind this pardon—it is obvious what side of the battle you are on, and it is they who we must replace in the upcoming election cycles.  Because they are not working for the country—they are working toward the destruction of it.

Rich Hoffman

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