Of course the FBI doesn’t want people to see the Clinton Files: They are guilty of hiding her crimes

Likely the same polling firm that thinks Donald Trump’s approval numbers are below 40% is the one that advised the FBI that there was no public interest in revealing the files they had on the former presidential candidate and government thug—Hillary Clinton. Because the FBI isn’t p of the Oval Office, and that they were hedging their bets for their own self-interest. We now know that James Comey purposely let Hillary Clinton off the hook during the email investigation to release those files citing a lack of ‘public interest.’ Well, everyone I know wants to see how the FBI colluded with the Clinton campaign to shut down the investigation into her email scandal—and let’s face it, that is the real reason that government investigative agency is hiding the information—because its embarrassing to them. They never conceived that Donald Trump would end up president and figured Hillary would be the next occupant in the White House so they altered their investigation into her handling of classified data—which was very important at the time since she was seeking a job for the American people who required great handling of classified information. In many ways thinking by means of competency—not criminally—the FBI investigation was supposed to show that she had problems and if the Democratic Party had listened, they would have still had time to try out another candidate. Instead, the villains of the system collaborated to unleash a massive conspiracy that was completely unnecessary only to arrive at this slow leak of detrimental information.

This information is detrimental because it shows that the FBI cannot be trusted—which many of us suspected. But all this just confirms the truth, which is disappointing. Regardless of their apprehension to release those files on Hillary Clinton Wikileaks has promised to release them anyway, so the public will likely get a chance to see them for themselves—and that will really be embarrassing for the FBI. What’s even worse is that given what we know now about the Trump presidency it is very obvious that the leaks which have emerged trying to derail his efforts have come from our intelligence agency—because the behavior of the FBI shows a much more systemic problem that umbrellas out over all government agencies supposedly doing work for the American people.

In many ways, this doesn’t surprise me and I wish it did. People often refer to James Comey as a Boy Scout with honesty to match and that reference has always bothered me because I know all too well what that likely means perception wise. I don’t talk about it much but the primary reason I write on this site every day is because I grew up loving westerns and part of me always wanted to be a sheriff when I grew up. I am actually too ambitious to limit myself to law and order because those things are defined usually by the efforts of politicians, which I think are half-baked people to begin with. While I enjoy simple people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio who live modestly and honestly, I always knew I wanted a more complex and dynamic life. But to satisfy my law and order side, I write so I can live the rest of the parts of my life the way I want. What sealed the deal for me was long ago when I was a prominent member in the Explorer’s community—which was an off-shoot of the Boy Scouts for older kids. I was in a high adventure group which was designed to train kids for occupations that involved “high adventure” like mountain climbing, global exploration and park services. But most Explorer Post groups were to train young people for fire fighting and police work.

Each year we had competitions at a camp just outside Loveland along the Little Miami River where all the Cincinnati area explorer posts competed with each other in various events, like obstacle courses, tug of wars, soft ball tournaments and other activities. We all showed up and camped in our respective areas and would compete and socialize for the entire weekend. I found the people in the fire and police Explorer Posts to be repugnant. They were power-hungry people—all of them—from the leadership down to the 13-year-old kids who wanted to grow up to be a police officer. They were not the good people who our society needed to believe them to be. I always understood that law enforcement was a necessary element to our society, but the people attracted to it tended to be insecure by nature and craving the power of the badge or they were using the role of the job to keep from themselves a tendency toward villainy. I learned a lot about people attracted to the law enforcement profession from my days in the Explorer Post and the impression was not a very high one.

Once I learned what type of people I was dealing with I had a lot of fun working their natures against themselves and the competitions during those summer months were pretty fierce. I took that feedback from them with me to the rest of my life. I understand the need for law enforcement but I don’t feel a need to salute them whenever I see them. They get paid to do a job, but they certainly aren’t gods on earth. They are extensions of our politicians and I don’t have a very high impression of them either, so it comes to no surprise to me at all to learn that the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security, and the NSA are filled with perverts, losers and power-hungry despots who craved those occupations not because they wanted to become the next Elliot Ness—but because they were fighting in their own natures the tendency to become Frank Nitti. Given the opportunity most people in law enforcement are too tempted to use the privileges to power that they have to act responsibly, and they are prone to bribery and political persuasion if they think doing such a thing will advance their cause.

James Comey broke the law by not prosecuting Hillary Clinton so to preserve her run for president. When she lost Comey and the intelligence community sought actively to undermine the White House of Donald Trump—right out of the gate. They hardly attempted to hide their hostility. And the reason the FBI refuses to let people see the Clinton files isn’t because of some poll. It is because they are guilty of crimes and they fear the retaliation from the public if the truth gets out. It would be foolish to believe that they are not corrupt because they work in service as law enforcement officials. They are more likely to be guilty of such things than most people in general. I/m not saying we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but we do need to always be cautious when dealing with them. Always keep your eye on their gun, because they are more than willing to use it—and it doesn’t matter what color you are. They love authority in law enforcement and will abuse it in a New York minute. Especially if they think they can get something out of it. The FBI obviously thought they were getting something out of Hillary—so they lied and hid the truth. And those files tell us so—which is why they don’t want us to see them.

Rich Hoffman

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