The Liberal, Anti-business Big Spender, Joan Powell: Like a cockroach, she wants to loot off the good things produced by West Chester

Don’t be fooled by a person who has been doing it for years as a public figure at Lakota as money grabbing liberal.  Joan Powell is not a Republican, her behavior is indicative of a typical Democrat that has ruined entire cities with their tax and spend policies and now she’s at it again trying to get elected as a West Chester Trustee.  While she brags that she was a Lakota school board member for 16 years she neglects to say how divisive she was while serving in that role.  You can hear all about that situation because I covered her antics on 700 WLW.  That podcast is still available for you to listen to, so enjoy it at the clip below.  Like a typical Democrat, Joan attempts to use transference to impose on others what she herself is guilty of.  It’s not the current West Chester Trustees who are divisive; rather it is Joan the Hutt.  Click here to learn why I call her that—the name is quite appropriate.

Butler County, Ohio where West Chester has become one of the hottest places to live and conduct business in the entire country is distinctly a very Republican place.  There are of course a few bleeding heart liberals here and there who either have government jobs, smoke crack, or take on welfare payments who will vote for Democrats when they run for office, but the numbers just aren’t there to win—so one of the big challenges candidates have is that they often have to pretend to be Republicans so that they can get a fair shake at the ballot box.  Two of the people running for West Chester Trustee seats this year who are certainly Democrats are current board member Lee Wong and now his trustee sidekick Joan Powell, the beat up relic from Lakota’s past.  If they didn’t put an “R” next to their name, they would never get consideration in Butler County and Joan the Liberal Hutt knows that.  However by looking into her past you can tell—for instance she supported Hillary Clinton during the last election even doing a television ad for her.  While Lee Wong associates with people accused of being traitors providing secrets to China, Joan the Hutt was hiding from her many years at Lakota where she served as a union lap dog to the radicals who wanted endless raises for which she had every intention of given them.  When she ran out of money she turned right around and asked the public for more tax increases—which is likely her entire reason for running for a trustee seat.  Money has been tightly controlled under Trustee Mark Welsh who is up for re-election and George Lang.  The public sector unions want a third liberal vote on the board to dump more money into their pockets and Joan is their girl.

But what’s truly disgusting about Joan is her very Hillary Clinton-like election strategies.  Below I have selected three things that she has said on her own website about reasons she is running for this seat that deserve some clarification.   In these three statements Joan the Hutt proves that she is anti-business.  Pro-union—meaning she is willing to put on blindfolds to managing them—just as she did at Lakota schools where she jacked up the costs of payroll to the point where she consistently lived beyond  the budget provided to her by the community.  But worse than anything, she essentially put up Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign strategy against Donald Trump where she stated that one of the reasons she wants to be a trustee is to improve the “tone” of our community.  Here is what she has said about herself.

Joan is concerned about the tone of West Chester’s elected officials during the past year.  In order for our township to prosper, West Chester needs leaders that care about the residents – all residents – and their wants and needs.  The name-calling and disrespect is not the way local leaders should behave.  You can count on Joan to conduct herself with integrity and treat all with common courtesy.


Current trustees have done a good job with businesses.  But recently a trustee was cited in the media as saying:  “West Chester puts businesses first.”  Businesses are critically important to any community but residents are the ones who draw the businesses here in the first place.  They need a voice in the direction of the township. 


West  Chester needs leaders who are here to serve the township and its residents, not just their own political agendas.  The Right-to-Work movement that two trustees placed as their top priority for 2017 was not really about improving the business climate here.  It was about making their own political statement.

I always tried to explain to Joan the Hutt some basic economics which she never understood while at Lakota.  Like all Democrats she had no idea where money came from, how people got it and how it goes to work for civilization.  All she knew to do was how to spend money and when she wanted to use it to solidify her base she would raise taxes so that she could give more away to her groups—just like Hillary Clinton.   Without question there will be a sizable number of slugs who want less managerial control over their public sector incomes who will show up to vote for Joan the Hutt on election day not because they like her so much as Joan has a reputation of being very free with budgets in favor of labor unions.  That’s why two of her statements above essentially are talking points right out of labor union literature for which she is more than willing to rubber stamp for a chance to get elected.

But the worst thing Joan the Hutt said in her own literature is this Democratic position of being anti-business. What Joan never understood and obviously still doesn’t is that businesses are what build a healthy community.  It’s not the people first that do it as she suggests.  It is the value of what industry brings that builds a community.  Without jobs there is nothing to do in West Chester, no way to live, work, or pay the enormous tax bills it takes to run all the public sector jobs.   Without businesses West Chester would just be an average community in the country, but because of the wide variety of thriving businesses the people who have moved into West Chester have options.  People don’t move to places like West Chester to be near a sidewalk, or a public library like Democrats like to believe.  Lee Wong is certainly one of those liberals who have never understood basic economics.  When he gets pinned into a corner on any kind of debate on the matter he starts talking about how he was in the military hoping that people won’t further criticism his liberal attitudes.  And Joan is essentially no different.

I was in more than one meeting with some of the leading business people in our community when Joan was the president of the school board at Lakota and I’ve seen her disrespect for business up close and personal.  She truly believes that people just magically appear out of nowhere and start living in homes without some way of building a culture that lures them in the first place.   Joan the Hutt is one of those people who think the entire real estate market at West Chester thrived because of the good Lakota schools, but she’d be wrong. People like her used the schools to make easy sales on new homes which were built and brought to the area through business people.  But it was those people she turned on first when she wanted to raise taxes and they hated her for it.  Like I said, I was in more than a few meetings with those people and I know what they think of her.  That attitude would carry over on a much larger scale if Joan the Hutt were to become a Trustee.  Joan Powell is as anti-business as they get.  She’d be more at home in bankrupt Detroit or Chicago than in West Chester, Ohio.

Like all Democrats when they see budget surpluses, such as what we are seeing now in West Chester because of the good work done by Mark Welsh and George Lang, they arrive like cockroaches and other undesirable insects to loot off the excess.   Joan the Hutt years ago lobbied to make West Chester into a city because she’s a big government advocate who thinks all the answers in life come from more tax money extracted from the public and given it to an ever expanding government.  She is clearly not a Republican.  She has been openly against President Trump and supported Hillary Clinton, and she doesn’t understand basic economics into what makes a community thrive with an anti-business stance that is dangerous to a West Chester that has been very successful at luring in great assets for people to enjoy—which makes them want to spend a lot of money to live in a community that essentially has it all.  West Chester has been successful because it has kept the looting politicians like Joan the Hutt at a distance allowing it to thrive.  People like her will always show up to steal what she can as most typical politicians do, especially liberal ones—but it is up to voters to keep them in check.  That is why she calls herself a Republican when in actuality; she is very far from it.

Rich Hoffman

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