The Many Problems of Joan Powell: A person 10 years behind the politics of the day


Being serious about Joan Powell, the beat up old politician from Butler County, Ohio who is running for a much dreamed about trustee seat, she has a lot of problems.  Over the years she’s simply screwed over too many people.  It’s one thing to run for a school board seat that nobody wants to do, but a trustee position is a little harder, especially when Mark Welch and George Lang have done such a good job setting into motion the finances of West Chester so wonderfully.  Mark would have to lose his seat in the election, or Lee Wong for Joan to get a chance and that’s likely not going to happen even if nobody did any campaigning.  Joan’s campaign reminds me of when Jamie Green tried to come back after five years of being out of action to become a school board member at Lakota in 2011, which I spoke about below at a public forum.  A lot of things changed in the world in just five years and Jamie Green couldn’t overcome the scrutiny and for having a pretty sizable name had a hard time breaking into fourth place in a five person election.  Joan’s situation is similar now in 2017 in West Chester.

There is simply too much dirt on Joan.  On the surface she plays a nice old lady who has some grandchildren.  But, she’s been pretty ruthless when it comes to politics and her people aren’t in charge of anything anymore.  The world has changed under her feet and she’s on the wrong side of history.  Her act is old and tired and she clearly doesn’t understand it.  What she does know is that her friends down at the hair salon think she should run because poor little Lee Wong can’t get a vote in edgewise while he’s off showing tremendously bad judgment putting his name next to Chinese traitors.   The labor unions put out the bat signal hoping to resurrect Joan essentially because they want a weak negotiator at the table instead of Mark—and that’s why she’s running.  They talked her into it thinking that she’s their best chance of getting control of the West Chester Trustees again by gaining a positive vote count during future wage negotiations.

Her reputation at Lakota while she was a school board member was despicable.  Of course the public employees loved her—she constantly voted to give them more money.  Ironically the moment she left the Lakota school board that 8th largest school district in Ohio started learning to live within their budgets and they have not sought further tax increases.  Lakota has done a much better job of managing their business with Joan Powell gone than they ever did while she was there and now with a few years to analyze the situation, its clear Joan was part of the problem at Lakota and that is the best thing she has to run on in this 2017 election—is her experience at Lakota as a board member.   Her best achievement in recent years was a 2013 tax increase she managed to ride through spending many hundreds of thousands of dollars moving the vote count a measly 4 percentage points—and that was with the help of Sheriff Jones.  Likely Jones is behind Joan’s comeback here because he knows she is a tax and spend liberal and he has family on the West Chester police department who want pay raises at the tax payer’s expense so of course they want liberal Joan Powell to rubber stamp their contracts—but Jones can’t help Powell much.  He’s come out in favor of Trump and was a big part of the campaign to get him elected in Ohio.  He’s not going to be able to publicly hold her hand in the way she’ll need this time which will make it very difficult for her—because she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter masking as a Republican to get elected in Butler County, but the party has changed a lot over the last 12 months.  It’s not the same place.

Then there is the baggage, Joan has screwed over a lot of business people.  I plan to talk a lot more about that as the election nears especially in October leading up to the final vote.  Joan got caught doing a lot of double-dealing and she didn’t make any friends from the people who count most.  Sure, Patti Alderson talks to her socially but if anyone noticed at the annual party that the West Chester socialite has at her house where Republican candidates go to be noticed and ask for money for their various fall campaigns, the Party affiliation and objectives aren’t as clear as they had been.  Sure the Butler County Republicans have wrestled away control from Tea Party conservatives like David Kern in favor of never Trumper types who gambled that John Kasich would do much better than he did.  But now the Ohio governor is on his way out and he will likely be replaced by the Republican Trump supporter Jim Renacci who is making major strides toward a powerful candidacy.  He has the right people behind him and a message that is aligned with the current White House.  Whether or not Republicans like it, Trump is running the RNC and that certainly flows into local politics for which Joan isn’t in the picture.  Patti may like her from the good ol’ days, but Patti isn’t exactly part of the inner circle any more either.  She has money to direct into political pockets as she has in the past, but she doesn’t have the philosophical persuasion that she once held either.  When Joan and Patti worked out their public campaign against me in 2012 to get their tax increase passed at Lakota by 2013 they had to play some very dirty tricks which I’ve never forgotten only to have very moderate success.  And now just four years later the political landscape is much different—not in the favor of Joan Powell.  The game has left her in the dust and people like Patti are only able to hang on because of her deep pockets.  The Party is not as friendly to RINOs as it once was.

Because of Trump business people are in, liberal tax and spenders are out—and Joan is a long way away from her business background which she had when she was a little girl.  For many years now she has simply been a social activist from the school board with one of her biggest achievements coming from the failed attempt to shut down the entire school to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  You can see Joan dancing in the video below at the 7:16 mark which was a project the entire high school of Lakota East put on for the cause of Spina Bifida.  That of course was the cover story.  The real aim was to get national attention on Ellen’s show and using all the kids as a way to do it—which cost many thousands of dollars.  Joan as a member of management thought that was a good use of tax payer money and she was there dancing away at the event.  Her calculation was that the national coverage would put them over the top with public sentiment and get them a tax increase, but they failed to get on Ellen.  I ran into two of the people dancing with Joan in that video at a VIP event at the opening of Rodizio at Liberty Center in 2015 and I asked them who’s stupid idea it was to allow the entire school to make a music video with all the expense involved.  They blamed it on Joan—so that shows her decision-making ability—she’s certainly not a business minded person—and that’s what it takes to be a Republican these days especially at a trustee position.  People expect a little flamboyancy from liberal school board members; they’re more forgiving when it comes to children and social causes.  But managing how things happen where they live, that’s another matter all together.

While you can’t take anything for granted in any election—Joan will have her normal people come out to support her on election day, the union supporters who want a pay raise, the people at her hair salon and a few losers hanging out in the cracks of depravity, but she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter in a district that voted for Trump well over 10% the Ohio trend and the Republican party is much more affiliated with the new president than it was on Election Day 2016.  Joan’s record is terrible and she burnt a lot of people to achieve what she did.  She doesn’t have any people who matter in the current political structure who will go to the ends of the earth for her and Mark does.  Lee Wong doesn’t either—his biggest achievement is that he gets free meals around West Chester but he doesn’t do much else but support traitors and people who want to build sidewalks so he can walk from his house and mooch off people in the business community.  But Joan doesn’t even have that.  I’m sure she’s well funded by the old political power seeking to make a comeback, but it won’t be enough because the moment she opens her mouth people will know she doesn’t have an idea to stand on, and these days, that just won’t cut it.

Rich Hoffman

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