How West Chester’s Joan Powell and Bonito Mussolini are one in the same: Understanding fascism based on real history

Whether she realizes it or not, Joan Powell’s core philosophy is very similar to Bonito Mussolini’s chief architect of fascism, the philosopher Giovanni Gentile.  There is a reason that politically left thinking people do not talk about the father of Italian fascism and attempt to use transference to distance themselves from all forms of Marxist European failures be it that of communism, socialism or fascism.  Gentile stated “everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state,” and he tried to implement those terms in Italy until the Allies landed and captured Mussolini.  Hitler immediately freed the fascist leader and was given parts of the German empire to rule where he immediately moved toward the socialist terms identified by Gentile.  As Dinesh D’Souza identified in The Big Lie, a book everyone should read that is in book stores right now, the story is told quite effectively of how the political left took the political platform issues that they were guilty of committing that were essentially right out of the Nazi and fascist playbook and have used their control of our education system and our media companies to erase history and attribute those traits to a bunch of slack-jawed Republicans who didn’t know how to defend themselves until Donald Trump took over the party.  If you know your history you would find that Bonito Mussolini’s political beliefs were essentially the same as Joan Powell’s.  Read her thoughts on her own website cited below.

People never reveal themselves as villains, but with Joan Powell we have her history as a Lakota school board member to use as a means to gage her performance.  By her nature Joan Powell is a big union protector, which is how she got into the race in West Chester as union radicals fearful of the ultimate reality of Right to Work in Ohio was discussed in a West Chester board meeting.  The discussion  about Right to Work of course was centered on trying to entice more businesses to locate in West Chester.  In many cases the high taxes from Lakota schools are enough to scare away business investment so the current Trustees have had to get very creative in finding reasons for business to think about making considerable investments into the region.   In the world of Bonito Mussolini totalitarianism designed to bring about a true socialist state as outlined in the 1919 document Fasci di Combattimento universal suffrage was established as a value.  When Joan Powell was president of the Lakota school board she led her followers to cut busing and sports programs to hold tax payers over a barrel until she obtained her tax increase.  That is aligned with the mentality of Mussolini fascism.  They also under fascism wanted to lower the age of voting to eighteen so they could access the youth freshly taught socialism in schools to give more power to the state.  Joan Powell did this by using the The Spark magazine at Lakota to inspire the children of the school system to go into the community and vandalize dissidents to the tax increase and fully exploited them in the media for the same end—not directly of course, but she did this through her minions—people I called latté sipping prostitutes.   Now to be fair to Joan, most public schools do these things because they are government-run schools and they teach school board members these methods.  Just Joan comes from that very socialist system and has been formed to it through her 16 years as a school board member.  She may not fully understand why she knows what she knows, but based on her actions, she knows it, and her mode of philosophic reckoning is socialism—specifically Bonito Mussolini style fascism.  Additionally it was Bonito Mussolini who championed an eight-hour workday, which became the unionized model that we have all had imposed on us in the United States.  This was an attack on the mechanisms of capitalism to begin giving workers management approval over productive output which led to eventual worker participation in industrial management and essentially the nationalization of entire industries.  During the Lakota levy campaigns Joan’s levy minions attacked private businesses that did not support the tax increase publicly extorting them with bad publicity if they did not fall in line with the totalitarianism of the Lakota levy tax increase.  It wasn’t Joan and her school board that was in charge, it was the radical LEA union that put Joan in place as their mouth piece and they used her to perpetually obtain step increases year after year mandating further tax increases on private property.  Mussolini would go on to propose that there be an 85% tax on war profits and had strong anti-clerical policies including no religious instruction in the schools.  Under Joan Powell’s years as a school board president there was a strict adherence to policies against religion in the school system for fear that state money might not come to Lakota by Governor Strickland if Lakota didn’t comply.  But perverts who were teachers who sexually abused kids were given a free pass and in many cases had everything covered up in defense of the school, and not the children as individuals—all of this in perfect alignment with Italian fascism in World War II right in West Chester, Ohio in the modern-day.

It was never anything personal with Joan Powell when she and I had many public fights through the media.  But I know history and I know what I see and understand how things became that way.  Donald Trump is the opposite of fascism, Nazism, racism—and flagrant socialism.  Joan Powell is a defender of all those things and she came out in favor of Hillary Clinton (a known criminal) during the last election.  Yes they played nice music on her ad for Hillary and she proclaimed that she was afraid that Donald Trump was too angry to be president of the United States.   But why are we so angry, even hostile at people like Joan Powell?  Because they keep messing with us and seeking to apply socialism through taxation and expanding government into all aspects of our lives—progressives are afraid of hostility because they don’t want it leveled at them when we catch them in all these lies and manipulations.  They would rather keep everyone dumb and subdued than to deal with an educated voting population who knows the difference about fascism and free market capitalism which is how West Chester has obtained so much success lately, because Mark Welch and George Lang have shrunk government, taken away a tremendous amount of tax burden and made zoning much more friendly to new business lowering their cost of compliance.

When Cathy Stoker and Lee Wong were the two to one vote on the West Chester Trustee Board before Mark Welch was elected a few years ago there was a lot of abuse with the zoning board punishing some companies over political affiliation.  If it became known that a company was affiliated with the Tea Party the zoning board would harass them until they eventually went out of business.   That was certainly the case with the Grand Ol’ Pub in West Chester.  They were constantly picked on by the zoning board and that direction came from the trustees Wong and Stoker.  Meanwhile, Willie’s across the street got by freely and was actually a meeting place for pro levy Lakota people.  In that place of business Lakota coaches and teachers would bend the ear of 700 WLW personality Bill Cunningham who owned the place, to lobby against my effective on-air campaign against them.  Bill tried to stay out of it but behind the totalitarianism of the Joan Powell led school board and the radical levy supporters he was convinced to come after me and a lot of controversy was blown in my direction—and it was Joan who was the one doing the blowing.  If I had been a normal person my career might have been over and the public shaming might have destroyed me.  But I’m unique, there is no such thing as bad publicity and it caused me to sell enough books to take my family on a nice vacation that year—so thanks Joan.   On my part I used the nature of Joan Powell to my advantage because I understood who I was dealing with.  Now I’m telling voters of West Chester—this is the person who wants to run your community.  Because if she gets elected and she has slack-jawed Lee Wong there as a second vote—Joan essentially wants to do to West Chester what Mussolini did to Italy—and that isn’t an inflated statement.  It’s based on a factual analysis of her actual behavior, and that is something that should concern everyone.

Rich Hoffman

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