Making America Great Again with Hurricanes, Deals, and War: Only Donald Trump could handle it

The first step in making America great again is to do things at the presidential level that are, well, great. And that is simply what Donald Trump has been doing as president making deals with Democrats to push off some of the debt limit discussions and keep the government running while the country deals with two major hurricanes, maybe more—hitting the United States within two weeks of each other, dealing with a nuclear war threat from North Korea and still pounding the rock regarding Obamacare repeal and pushing through tax cuts—all at the same time. Additionally, his son Don Jr. is testifying in front of the Senate over a bogus charge of Russian collusion and the George Soros funded radicals of ANTIFA are conducting themselves on college campuses as domestic terrorists hoping to overthrow capitalism in favor of socialism. Never has there been a president who has dealt with so much and shown so much grace under fire as Donald J. Trump


A year before this writing I was working pretty hard for the Trump campaign hoping for just this kind of performance. Back then it was only a fantasy. It is refreshing to see it all happening as a reality. Most people in the executive branch would have collapsed under all this pressure, not to mention the hostile media that was clearly behind Hillary Clinton winning. If there was ever an example of presidential courage, Donald Trump is showing it. Most people won’t officially declare it, but the United States is presently fighting a civil war—we are not all one country right now united behind the flag. We have insurgents and they want to overthrow capitalism with that century long quest for socialism in its various forms. Those who are against Trump have already signed up for that type of nation. Those who support Trump are looking to restore the nation back to a capitalist country without all the socialist influence. In essence, that is the struggle of our times.

There have been presidents who faced major trials, Washington had to bring the country together after a Revolutionary War and the establishment of a Constitution, Lincoln, a Civil War, Truman, the end of World War II. Kennedy, keeping at bay a communist nuclear country in Cuba sponsored by the Soviet Union seeking to knock us off as a superpower while the KGB infiltrated our education institutions to inspire the teaching of socialism in our public schools, to ruin our children from the inside out. Reagan had to bring down communism from that same Soviet Union and now the remnants of all that hostility is unleashed and unorganized in Iran, North Korea and China. Because everyone literally kicked the can down the road it is all coming to a head in 2017. The hostile world leaders using chaos to plant the seeds of socialism have had to give up on the indirect path and reveal themselves for what they are because the American people elected Trump—so it has changed the whole game and now all the games are on the table for people to see—openly for the first time.

But two monster Cat 4 hurricanes hitting America’s southern border would be too much for most presidents. They couldn’t handle the pressure and in Trump’s case he personally has his “Winter White House” in the track of the storm just north of Miami to be concerned with. He has skin in this game, yet he is handling it all very gracefully and with the true signs of a leader under fire. Looking back through history I can’t think of anyone close to Trump—not even Teddy Roosevelt—the father of progressivism who drug the Republican Party toward communism with his natural passion but poor understanding of economies. In spite of that Teddy Roosevelt was an ambitious and courageous person and he certainly earned his spot on Mt. Rushmore. But Trump is much better, and much smarter. By the time his presidency is done, he’ll deserve his own mountain carving in South Dakota.

Even though much of it was for the cameras, it wasn’t phony to see Donald Trump loading up trucks with water in Texas after the hurricane that hit there recently flooded the area with record rainfall leaving people desperate for resources. Trump went down there to help with the relief efforts and people loved his hands-on approach. Trump the billionaire isn’t a ritzy, glitzy money grubber, even though he can play the part and often does for the sake of his brand. Deep down inside Trump is a worker and when work needs to be done—he does it. While congress was off for the entire month of August, Trump worked every day, seven days a week wearing down the media that tried to cover everything he was doing. When congress arrived back in Washington it was obvious that the President had been way out in front of them and had a stack of work for them to sort through—and none of them were used to that. Nobody has ever really expected congress to do anything, and now they have a fourth quarter lined up with more tasks to review than most of them have done in their thirty-year careers. That is all because of Trump.

All I can really say is that I’m grateful that the right guy was there when we needed him. Forget about political ideology, just think what a mess we’d be in right now if Obama or Hillary were our president. The appeasement of North Korea would only continue making them a much larger threat. The storms would soak up the entire news cycle getting congress off the hook for doing anything meaningful regarding taxes or health care. The DACA situation would just drift into uncommitted tyranny weakening our borders to the point that America would lose its sovereignty—which was always the point. America’s enemies—many of whom are within our country these days—truly want to destroy the last superpower on earth so that the world can be reborn under the various socialist flags. To the intelligentsia class in our educations institutions across the world they need to solve that big riddle of socialism in order to make it work–people won’t buy into it so long as capitalism keeps people well fed and in good homes. With options, out there people reject Marxism so all the socialists, communists and fascist out there will never unit into a global takeover of production—which is the ultimate dream of leftist radicals whom we find so abundant in our media companies.

How to sort through all this—Donald Trump as a president who can work any angle any time is the only type of personality that could possibly do so many things in conjunction—so well. He may drive ideological purists’ crazy, but Trump like hurricanes is not ideologically driven, but process driven and that makes him just the right guy at exactly the right time. A lesser president would simply be overwhelmed and all these problems would migrate into a further buildup of apathy yielding to the constant pressure of socialist insurgents. Making America great again looks just like what we are seeing and it looks wonderful to me.

Rich Hoffman
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