‘What Happened’: Hillary’s new book is like her, boring, pretentious, and defensive


A lot of times you can judge a book by its cover, even though they tell you that you shouldn’t.  In Hillary Clinton’s case you can look at her new book, What Happened, and get the answer just by looking at it. It’s ironic that the symbol of the Democratic Party is an ass, because Hillary made asses of everyone she knew by even writing the book.  She has said enough ahead of its release to tell the entire story and it is a disgraceful one.  I’m sure I’ll read it when I find it at the flea market for 50 cents a few years from now when everyone has long forgotten the corrupt politician from Arkansas.   And I’ll read it while my wife is buying us some hot dogs for lunch, because books like Hillary’s are easy reads.  The book itself is like the politician Clinton, boring, defensive, and pretentious.  If the media didn’t carry Hillary Clinton so openly a book like What Happened would never get shelf space at Barnes and Nobel because even at the level of cover design, it looks like a child designed it.

Shockingly, what Hillary has revealed about What Happened is that everyone but her was to blame.   She can’t seem to fathom that people didn’t like her, and that her message was horrendous.  Somehow someone told her that all she had to do was show up as a woman and she’d be the president.  After all, when she quit the job as Secretary of State after the Benghazi trouble to preserve her run for the Executive Office everyone knew what she was doing.  Everyone knew when she moved to New York so she could run for the senate that she was setting the stage for an eventual run for the White House.  She went through all the motions just like she eventually did on the campaign and assumed that people wanted her.   What really happened to her campaign was that nobody did.  Nobody I know wanted to vote for her—and I don’t just speak to people who are conservatives.  Hillary was a bad candidate who committed crimes that we could all see.  Not only was she boring, but she was a criminal.  Those aren’t good ingredients for winning a vote that measures popularity at the ballot box.

The powers in charge of politics in 2016 couldn’t even hand her a win even though they sure tried. She was so unlikable and sick—physically—that even with the media at her back in extraordinary ways, she couldn’t build up any excitement for her message.   When she rented out the Javits Center on election night to show that women could break the glass ceiling of power using that place as a metaphor she showed then and there she had no idea what was going on in her own campaign. The values she had were not those of the American people, but of a small group of progressive American insurgents who craved something that too many people saw as dangerous to American ideas.

Yes there were enough brain-dead dope smoking slugs in the inner cities to make Hillary look competitive in any election.  But that doesn’t tell the whole story of the nation.  Try going to the big sky country of South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada and you’d be hard pressed to find a Hillary voter unless they were lost along the highway because they didn’t know how to change a flat tire.  Stupid people were Hillary’s supporters and there just weren’t enough of them—that’s what happened, and why she lost.  Only an idiot was buying what she was selling.

What’s even more shocking about this book is that she reveals essentially that this is the end of the line for her—her desire to do a tell all book slamming virtually everyone she knows shows that she understands this is it.  She has no fund-raising power any more.  The Clinton Foundation which was always crooked from the start has been exposed for what it was.  It will never have power and influence again.  What Happened may be a mystery to Hillary Clinton, but it was obvious to the rest of us when the book Clinton Cash was released in the summer of 2016.  Or the movie, Hillary’s America.    What Happened was that her past filled with criminal activity caught up with her and due to her high-profile during the election cycle all those things were dredged up into the light of day.  It wasn’t the Russians who killed her campaign. It was John Podesta and the stupid people who worked on her campaign.  It was her corrupt DNC which tried to rig the election to favor her, but got caught.  It was her FBI case for which the director even gave her a free get out of jail free card to make his boss Loretta Lynch happy—who happened to be a Clinton era appointee as a judge.  Even Fox News tried to set her up to be the president—they started covering her campaign literally in 2013 for her 2016 run.  She was on Fox News every day as the anticipated nominee for three solid years covered legitimately and she still blew it.

Like her book, Hillary Clinton is just a boring person.  The white and blue cover design in simple block shapes that look like a self published book made by a fifth grade ass kissing teacher’s pet—nothing risky or thought provoking—the font is even un-dramatic.   It assumes people will buy the book because “it’s her.”  Just like she thought she’d win that night at the Javits Center.   The book is like everyone involved just went through the motions, just like her campaign and the end product was convoluted mess, boring and pretentious.

Everyone knew Hillary was in trouble when she failed to stand up at a 9/11 ceremony in New York and had to be rushed to her daughter’s apartment to recover away from the media.  She was a sick old lady in addition to being boring.  What Happened was that she couldn’t take the heat that day, or the pressure of a tight campaign?  People had told her that she’d be a clear favorite and for some reason she was in a close race and she just couldn’t face her dreams being challenged by a business guy from New York—whom none of the usual dirty tricks in politics were working against.  She just couldn’t figure it out as her team tried desperately to put a stick up her pant suit just to hold her up.  The media couldn’t have been kinder to her yet she still lashed out at Matt Lauer because he didn’t cave enough to her needs and it allowed Donald Trump to look superior to her.  It never crossed her progressive mind that he just was better than her.  He was more competent, and people could see it, and given a choice, they went with Trump as president.

Being a progressive who supports giving out trophies in school just for participating, Hillary Clinton was never groomed to weather competition.  She was taught that being part of the political aristocracy that things would be easy for her—that’s why she married Bill Clinton and rode his coat tails to the White House the first time, and hoped that it would be enough to carry her to her own run to be the first woman in the Executive Branch.  She apparently never considered that being a woman wasn’t enough—she was expected to know things and to actually be competent.  Can you imagine dear reader what it would be like if she was president right now, with three hurricanes hitting the United States in three weeks, war with North Korea looming on the horizon and a hostile congress to deal with in a fourth quarter filled with challenges that would make most people’s heads explode with stress.  What Happened was that people could see that Hillary Clinton was a loser trying to use her sexual orientation to win the most powerful seat of power in the world, and they said no.  And nowhere in that new book does she deal with that problem—which is why she lost, and why she is now thankfully, out of power.

Rich Hoffman

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